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February 24, 2005


Judi informs us that this item is not funny, and we will yield to her maturity and judgment. If we had linked to it, however, we would have credited many people.


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Wise Judi

I hate people who abuse dogs.

I guess it could have been worse. The dog could have been debating a bill on the Colorado House floor.

Poor dog.

This is the first story that I laughed at in quite a while.

hmmm what does that say about me...? Damn! I don't want to go to hell.

I think someone needs to check this guy's coffee intake... I agree poor dog.

Y'all are missing the point here. Blind man, he can't see. Someone says "Hey! Hot dogs here! Get y'er hot dogs here!" He can't see what they're talking about.

What did you EXPECT?

Oh, my mistake. I forgot how I was just kicking my hotdog through the grocery store yesterday and I needed to just reach out and bite something...

orcel: handbasket to your left . . .

Editors must have smiled when this one crossed the desk.

Jeez, and I thought my boss was ungrateful.

You think that's bad..You should have heard the blind guy yelling at the poor dog..His bark was worse than his bite..

I agree ... not funny, however, we may be able to assume that the man was in a blind rage ...

You think that's bad..You should have heard the blind guy yelling at the poor dog..His bark was worse than his bite..


Sry for caps.

Thanks for tolerating me.


Bitten by the hand that feeds you.

Did you bite this dog?

I've never seen that dog in my life.

Shoot the bastard. Twice. And then let the poor, innocent dog have his dumb ass owner's genitals as a chew toy.

I agree with Judi

While a blind man biting his seeing eye dog may not be funny in reality (especially for the poor dog) I have to say it sounds like a mighty amusing premise in a Seinfeld or Curb Your Enthusiasm episode. If it were a seeing eye cat, I have to admit I'd be laughing either way.

you're right everysandwich...man-bites-dog is every journalist's dream...Of course it's No. 2 after covering an enhanced-ramparted Miss Chile

Thanks for the throwback, Blogfly. It was relative, timely and hilarious. High marks on all counts!

Number One reason NEVER to abuse your seeing eye dog- On coming traffic.

Well, Matt, it doesn't sound like he is impressed by guys in bikinis. And you offended him! You meanie - you are tho inthenthitive!!

Another one bites the dog.   -Queen

Dave, you really need to listen to Judi. NOT funny.

Oh, c'mon, Guin. A LITTLE funny.

This appears to be one of those largely gender based ones. The sensitive, caring gender thinks this is horrible, the beer drinking "guy" gender thinks this is a laugh riot.

And the Emeril watching gender wonders what the dog tasted like.


Oh sure, take the dog's side, people, even though I didn't see ANY report of what went on prior to the attack.

Blind Guy: Come on Rex, please just lead me home. Please? We haven't been home for two weeks.
Rex: Sure, here we go.
Blind Guy: But, this doesn't sound right, and it doesn't smell right. You're leading me to that field where you romp with all the stray dogs again, aren't you? I'm telling you, I can't take it! They hump my legs mercilessly! I need my medicine and some food.
Rex: Bite me, blindy.

while the funny quotient of this article is in debate, beside the article you will see a slideshow. Picture number 40 is a man who is squirting milk out of his EYE. If that isn't funny, I don't know what the heck is. Milk, hmmm, cereal, gotta go, I'm hungry.

Re: Road Kill Candy . . . Sweet!

Oh, and I think the blind guy dog story is funny. Even with XX chromosomes. I mean, just because the guy's blind, doesn't mean he'll be nicer than any other beer-swilling XY cretin.

Oops, are my opinions showing?


Lighten up, SPCA ... it's a joke ... I don't think it sends a message, let alone an improper one ...

Old joke:

What's the difference between a road-kill skunk and a road-kill lawyer?

Skid marks in front of the skunk.

Did I miss anything? Thought somebody mentioned my name...

I'm with Judi. Poor doggy :(

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