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January 27, 2005


We're gonna fix us a batch of blended cane toad skins.


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sounds like some kind of weird "Fear Factor" for animals


Fear Factor would be worth watching if it incorporated more Cane Toad Death Smoothy eating competitions.

Enough Rock Band names in that article to populate a Cher Once and For ALL Final Rock and Roll Tour.

Left off the last sentence of the article:

"...until they DIE."

Sad! Poor little reptiles, being fed poison and made to run the deadly toxins thoroughly through their circulatory systems as they slowly flounder from the paralyzing effects of the blended cane frog skins.

A moment of silence for the poor little creatures, please...

"We put them on the ground and they usually just run away from you," said Mr. Smith.

Well, YEAH! Forcing your test animals to sprint, then recapturing them to force-feed them Cane Toad Smoothy ("No cane sugar, please, I'm on a diet."), and forcing them to run wind sprints again -- tough way to earn your doctorate, eh, buddy?

Reminds me of the Far Side where the humans are kept in little jars by the aliens for study.

He got that idea from watching Dan Aykroyd on Saturday Night Live, I'll betcha.

He got that idea from watching Dan Aykroyd on Saturday Night Live, I'll betcha.

He got that idea from watching Dan Aykroyd on Saturday Night Live, I'll betcha.

name for a band: "The Sprinting Dead"

I wouldn't fare well with the repeated sprints. I also prefer to choose my own toxins, like bourbon, which has surprisingly little toad.

In fact, I think my diet is pretty much toad-free.

I'm a No-Toad-itarian.

James Smith says he has fed blended cane toad skins to goannas, frill-necked lizards and saltwater crocodiles as part of his PHD study.

This is nothing more sinister than the isopropyl alcohol we'd douse snakes with before dropping a lighted match on them.

It was all in the name of science.

WHY do I always have to read these types of articles in the morning as I am about to enjoy my bowl of oatmeal? Icky...

I think I'd like a diet rich in Cane Toad

I second that EWWWWWWW

neophyte, the swizzle stick was a nice touch.


It's 7:30 a/m/ here - much too early for this - yuk -

I will not be returning to this thread today.

That is all.

I'm now going to use my blender to make a smoothie!

They omitted a few phrases in this article - "..after a few beers.." , "..seemed like a good idea at the time.." and ".. made a bet that..."

reminds me of the scientists trying to study dinosaur running (from looking at footprints) , having no real dinosaurs for comparison (Jurassic Park being 'down for repairs') they used ostrichs.
The film of these paleontologists trying to get ostrichs to run in a straight line was priceless.
(and then they ate them... no, just keeeding!)
(but ostrich is tasty)

I hope the cane toad research isn't sponsoring by some black-ops group trying to determine the exact amount of cane-toad extract you can slip in someone's guarana-flavored beer before they a) taste it or b) keel over.

No, really, it's OK. Alberto Gonzalez said we could...

What is it with academic types and blenders?!? I will never forget the day in Nutrition 1010 when our professor told us about all the fun hours she spent making sh!t shakes.

I'm just glad I use Verizon instead of Sprint. They might be aggravating sometimes, but their not poisining me or reptiles (that I know of).

I can just see it now ... those reptiles are going to get FASTER! And blended cane toad skins will be the enhancement of choice in 2006!

Announcer: Holy Cow! Bonds put that one into shallow orbit! What a rocket! He took that 3-2 inside fastball and just launched it!

Color Man: Frankly, I think he's on blended cane toad.

stop calling me Frankly.

Just another substance the International Olympic Committee... and of course baseball is going to have to test for: PETS or Performance Enhancing Toad Skin.

'Saddistic little 'bastards' at Darwin U.' The Humane Society in U.S. would have their 'heads' their 'skins' and their 'pocketbooks!'

Oh yeah? Well, stop calling me Holy Cow.

hahaha, 'PETS' will be approved for recreational use in california soon:

"Have you eaten your PETS today?"
"Honey, could you stop on your way home and pick up some PETS for the kids?"
"Tragedy earlier this morning when local news anchor Todd Woobal was killed by PETS"

Waitress: May I interest you in a TOADarita?
Customer: Yes, I'll have one Cane Toadarita without so much toad in it, please.

is a cane toad sweet, because of cane sugar? why am i asking? nobody's TASTED this, have they? ewww.

Charles Darwin University. That is hilafreakinarious!

So in other words, all the animals in this experiment die, right?

"Cane Toad Death Smoothie."

Here comes the wee-wee of mirth.

Just wait 'till PETA gets a hold of this one. Then the fun will start...

Those ain't goannas ... nematoads ...

I just clicked on your link and got "The web category 'tasteless' has been filtered by 'Websense.'" Tasteless? Well blended deadly frog is tasteless? Cheez. The things the Feds dissaprove of.

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