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January 20, 2005


Give it up for: Shrieking Frogs

(Thanks to Christine Robertson and reddsuss and ABOVE ALL julietine, who sent it in YESTERDAY)


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And I thought I was the only one who shrieked during sex.....


Personally I like the name The Coqui Frogs.

Hey Dave I sent this to you YESTERDAY!!!!..And I get no credit????.....

"..."ko-KEE, ko-KEE" chirp." Sounds much like some of the banter on South Beach. I guess all they need is a small spoon or a straw.

Mayor Kim is looking for $2 million ...
Yeah, so am I!

"I kick myself in the back every day for not getting started more aggressively," Kim said.
Here, let me help kick you.


Mayor Kim: I kick myself in the back every day for not getting started more aggressively.

Gov. Lingle: I wish you'd aim a little lower.

I, personally, would pledge to kill at least 100 of the little buggers in exchange for free airfare and 2 weeks work of lodging...

"The Night of the Shreiking Coqui" wbagnfabad s-f movie, no?

"ko-KEE, ko-KEE"

Are they sure this noise is the frogs and not the Kona high school cheerleaders practicing????


Wasn't someone canning little Froggies a few posts back? I think we're looking at a win-win situation here.

HEY! What about MOI? I sent it in last night, too! ;)

Having spent a good bit of time in Puerto Rico near Humacao (pronounced Who-mah-cow), I'll say that the little buggers don't exactly shriek but they are annoying. The male ones chirp "co-qui" and the females "co-co-qui". One reason they are so prominent is that there aren't any snakes present on the island of Puerto Rico... so maybe the Hawaiians just need to bring in the cottonmouths... or deal with the little guys. They are cute.

"...breeding heavily in Hawaii"

Well, don't we all?

That's where I went on my honeymoon - and let me tell you - there was heavy breeding going on CONSTANTLY!

hey, this story sounds familiar. I once lived in a duplex. The girl next door was named Kim and she was also harry, oops, I mean hairy. She would easily mate and my quiet nights were shattered with the sounds of her shreiking. yuck, bleh. Makes me want to spray myself with citric acid just thinkig about it. She was one hairy Kim.

Hey Higgy, TMI. Watch that. (You too, klynn.)

Way to go, julietine! That'll show Claire whats'ername.

He must be pretty flexible to kick himself in the back...

I think he kicks himself in the back when he's done something wrong

and pat's himself on the butt when he's done something right.

Must be dyslexic.

Anyone else see that and immediately think of The Princess Bride?

Yes, qetzal, "That is the sound of the shrieking eels..." That was why I went to the article, and then immediately emailed it to this blog yesterday, but someone had read the news before I did, or my email is lost in cyberspace, or Dave has redirected my mail to his SPAM or junk mail folder. I need to spend more time hunting down weird news and less time cleaning house and caring for my kids, I think.

i live in hawaii and i've never heard anyone use the word "shrieking" to describe the coqui's call. it isn't a shriek, it's more of a whistle like that of a bird. pretty when coming from a single frog, but annoying when coming from thousands of frogs all at once.

El -

Yeah, mebbe so, but I thot we were farther away from the high school @ Kona, so it musta been the frogs ... or the geckos barking ...

sly' - lysdexic?!?!?! FOOCL!

*freaking shrogs*

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