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January 19, 2005


Squid Movements

Update: Also "The Southern Calamari"


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"three year program to track the movement and spawning patterns"
"her team have already established squid populations...do not migrate."

Australian tax dollars at work.

and then there's that squid thing.

I thought Calimari was what they were called after being fried up in a restaraunt? Or else that funny-looking race in Star Wars.

Just a thought...

Sounds like the old joke about the water reservoir engineer who needed to study the strength of the dam and the ecology surrounding the reservoir. He had to go out on his boat every day to several key study points, taking water samples and taking samples of the fish to determine their health (of course). Then there were the daily hikes through the woods that led to the shore, to make sure there was no toxic runoff.

Yeah, it's a tough life for a dam engineer.

"southern calamari" Can we address animals as their "food" name. i.e. - Can I call a cow "beef" or a pig "porkchop?

So they just LOOK like they're spawning, but are they really? hmmmm......


DAVE: BIG BAD WORDS ON 24 comments from last night

actually, tracking squid movements is an important - and possibly life-saving - scientific endeavor.

we just haven't figured out how yet.

Gretta Pecl = Pert Cat Gel

I have squid living in my pants.

If only we could get them to sing as well as dance. Then American Idol contestants would have some stiff (oh, alright, squishy) competition.

Look out 24!!

Mark: Thanks. I'll attempt to delete 'em.

"Mercury Passage" Wow, i bet the Clamari from there tastes great.

Gretta Pecl...Sounds like a new kind of cement for your driveway.

Tyler, I, too, thought they were called calamari only on the menu.

Squid 1: uh-oh, this can't be good.

Squid 2: What?

Squid 1: Those guys following us? I heard them call us 'calamari'.

Squid 2: *ink*.

According to Oxford


Apparently, those researchers DID have dinner in mind.

Oops forgot about the registering.

Calamari: With pl. concord: squid as an ingredient in (esp. Mediterranean) cookery. Also with sing. concord: a dish of squid.

Look at Barbara!!

Now she's got some serious movements!

"The squid look like they're spawning over a couple of months instead of a couple of weeks as we previously thought," she said.

I hate it when that happens!!!!!!

"are you suggesting that squid populations migrate?"

"no, research has proven that they do not migrate**

**how'd they get here then?**

**could've been carried, they could grip it by the cuttle!"

**australian swallows don't migrate either!**

I would like to nominate myself for most random use of ** and "" of the day.

wtf was I doing up there?

I'm starting an acoustic guitar filet mignon watching movement.

Perks include, but not limited to: Possible musical explosions with a loaded baked potatoe.

Who's with me??

Yeah, I'm not sure I get it either.

*back to the drawing board*

Last time I spawned over a few months she took half of all my possessions.....

That's why I prefer to spawn over a few weeks instead...

"Can I call a cow "beef" or a pig "porkchop?"

Well, my grandpa raised a calf every year and the name was always "Soup Bone". You know not to get attached to him.

No wonder they're spawning like crazy if a bunch of scientists looking for "calamari" are following them. They're desperately trying to survive as a species.

I can definitely see why they decided to issue a press release about this particular issue at this particular time, as I had also erroneously believed that squid were migratory, and only got lucky for a few weeks a year.

Damned good thing we got that cleared up, then, right?

Now, back to the unladen airspeed of the African Swallow!


Researchers issue redaction of earlier squid movement tracking report.

Marine researchers have reported a redacted report of their earlier report, which they have now announced was "complete squid poo."

The original report, indicating discoveries about squid behaviour in waters off Tasmania's east coast, was considered an exciting breakthrough by those who concern themselves with what squids do all day.

The new report, however, redacts the original in its entirety, except for the words "Squid" and "report" in the title.

A new three year program to track the movement and spawning patterns of the southern calamari using something other than acoustic tracking technology will have to be started, now that it has been discovered that Squid can and do throw their voices.

Marine scientist from the Tasmanian Aquaculture and Fisheries Institute, Dr Gretta Pecl, says her team thought they had established that squid populations in Great Oyster Bay and nearby Mercury Passage do not migrate, "...but now, who knows? The bastards have been having us off."

Although it is not consistent with most standards of scientific research, Pecl announced that she has sent divers in to ritually kill a couple of squids in order to intimidate the others, hopefully stopping this childish behavior.

"I'm trying to learn more about these critters so that I can save them from going extinct, and I'm not going to let them stop me, even if I have to kill every one of them," shouted Pecl, as she tossed a grenade into the water.

The Premiere of Tasmania was unavailable for a lapdance at time of printing.

What this story needs is a good video presentation. Something like:

Calamari Researchers in 30 Seconds, With Bunnies

Higgy, go for weekend-spawning!

MUCH safer to the stereo and tv.

When my calamari moves south, I don't think anyone wants to be around to witness the "migration".

BTW, I am actually eating calamari RIGHT NOW. Yum. And raw fish too. Mmm mmm, thats good stuff.

Klynn, pass the sashimi, eh?

*adeptly mixes soy sauce and wasabi into well-blended happy stuff*

Mmmm, and ya gotta love a good tuna hand roll.

Redacted to exclude mention of the suspected "suid pro quo."

TG, yep, I try to partake of an excellent sushi bar close by about once every week or two. After today's extra wasabi-enhanced soy sauce, my sinusesses ought to stay clear for at least a week.

*** correction *** "sQuid pro quo."

**grumbling to self**

Stupid midwest...no good sushi places....grumble, grumble....love sushi....stupid Cincinnati....wish I was back in LA.....grumble...

Hey, has anyone ever gotten the sushi platter at Costco? Just wondering if it's worth the risk.

"Russell Johnson (yeah both names reference the love muscle)"

I'll bet there are more that do than don't.

Exclusive of female names of course - "I've got a Melissa for some sushi!" just wouldn't quite get the idea across.

Those calamari have no squid-up-and-go.

I enjoyed Dave's dicription of "flagrant tentacles" and how he nearly barfed at a sumo match after chewing on one.

A local Japanese grocery sells sashimi grade hunks of fish that you can take home and slice for a fraction of what it costs in restaurants around here. One day I was able to score this enormous tentacle, nearly two inches in diameter at the cut end. I had so much fun chasing the kids around the house with it that I almost hated to eat it.

nice spelling. *description*

BTW "Flagrant Tentacles" would of course, bagnfarb

or 'Fragrant Tentacles'

Mudstuffin said: " I had so much fun chasing the kids around the house with it that I almost hated..."

Do you have ANY idea how often those very words have appeared in a criminal's elocution in court?

Well, me neither. But I bet it's a LOT.

"C'mere, kid, pull my tentacle!"

calamari sounds so much like mata hari, one cannot but think about double agent squids

now THAT was funny!!

-amari, where the squid are from Great Oyster Bay!
Where the deep sea swells,
And the squidfolk dwell,
And oceanographers like to play!

You know we belong to the deep
And that's where we live,mate, and sleep!

We don't mi-graaaaaate *yow!*
aye yip-a-yo, we mate
We're only sayin'
We're lookin' fine, Callimari
Callimari, OK!

oops, my bad, sorry. c-a-l-a-m-a-r-i

You rock, Jeff. Thanks. And did you see the picture?

It Should Be Called 24 Cell Phones

24 relies as much on the use of cell phones as a technical prop as Star Trek relied on the transporter. Bauer can go from Washington to Los Angeles, to a moving car, a tunnel, a forest, Mexico...with a flip of his phone. In one episode of the third season, Bauer is a hostage in Mexico. After winning over the ' good Mexican wife' of the 'bad Mexican drug King ', he asks her to get him a cell phone, not a gun. Bang, bang...you're busy.

... fragrant tentacle, indeed, mudstuffin ...

Tracking squid movements does sound more exciting than those poor, brave, cold, Canadians, busy counting cow burps.

Inquiring minds want to know if there is any chance to get a grant to count squid burps?

"Inquiring minds want to know if there is any chance to get a grant to count squid burps?"

*jumps up and down eagerly*
Pick Me!!! Pick Me!!

I need to get my hair dyed anyway...

Bauer can go from Washington to Los Angeles, to a moving car, a tunnel, a forest, Mexico

I have not seen this show, but from what I understand, one season = 24 hours; one day. And in that day, he goes from DC to LA to Mexico AND saves the world from certain destruction?

Now THAT'S just unrealistic!!

I thought a couple of those headline teasers on the sidebar were interestingly juxtaposed ...

Bushfire smoke poses Perth health risk

Global Poll shows Bush makes World more dangerous

(El - if the option were available, I'd think spawning for a couple of months would be preferable than spawning for a couple of weeks ... hours? ... minutes ?)

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