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January 28, 2005


We were thrilled to receive a "Sexiest Plumber" calendar in the mail earlier this week, but now we realize that, tragically, the true winner was not included.

(Thanks to Drew Harchick)


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Hold on, I need to go clog my toilet.

Does the phrase "Roto Rooter" ring a bell.

Uh, Dave, What part of Drew Harchick?

Now I understand "butt cleavage." But I wish I still didn't.

*weeps for lost innocence*

A waxed moon!

That gal's risking a hefty fine from the NFL.

Do you think she's impressed by the usual things that impress plumbers?

"Wow, you really clogged this puppy."
"Yeah, it must have been all that bran."
"You sure you didn't use SuperColonBlow?"
"No ma'am."
"Da-yam! As soon as I get my arm out of this toilet I'm going to have to jump your bones, sir."
"I figured as much."

I don't get it...am I missing something???

I hate to admit it, but only after the fourth or fifth veiwing, did I notice that she has a weasel or a mongoose on her head.

No, julietine, your not missing a thing. She is. It appears that her trendy Dr. Dentons is missing a flap.

If you will notice the large white bare area on top of the head running towards the back, she could certainly use some Rogaine, and quickly, I suspect!

Now I know where she keeps her car keys.

" 2005 Fall/Winter collection"
I can here her next winter when commenting on her outfit...
"This cold weather just chaps my a**!"


I'd like to plunger.


I see...I am slow sometimes..

Julietine, I have to apologize for assuming that you query involved the picture, not something of a personal nature like...
missisng out on that promotion due to your slavish devotion to this blog.

Your Boss

I finally figure out why my computer wasn't showing the blog (it thought it was a pop-up advertisement or something) and this is what I get to see when I come back?

TopNotch, Jeff.

Er, Jeff, more like BottomNotch.
Apologies to all.

I wonder how she got a picture of my face stuck to the back of her pants?!

Give knew meaning to the phrase "wardrobe malfunction"

And if the regular plumber can charge a service fee plus $65 an hour, she can charge? (ends with Gazillion)

Tall and tan and young and lovely
The girl from Ipanema goes a-plumbing
She shows off her ass, each drain that she passes goes 'Glug'!

A crack dealer.

Now that's a version of Crack to which I could say "yes" ... "yes" ... "yesyesyesyesyessssss"

[Barry FS - I had that thot before I saw your post ... honestly ...]

now wonder her hair is sticking straight up... her butt is cold.

wouldn't you, as a passerby, have an overwhelming desire to stick something ... like a straw or a pencil... in that crack and see if she notices?

Oh great, another place that they need to shave before they can go out in public.

When I wake up with hair like that, I pull on a hat.

I guess she figured, "eh feck it.... everyone will be watching my ass."

sly' -

eh feck it.... ??? eh feck it.... ???

I give my dog table scraps every day in addition to his dried dog food. The scraps consist of steamed vegetables. A vet here told a dog owner that a lot of the dried dog food contained corn that was unfit for human consumption because it contain toxic chemicals causing cancers on the dog. The blend I use contains 'rice'.

My daughter's Dalmatian choked to death on a turkey bone when she fed him table scraps ... just sayin' ... after that, we never fed our pups anything but controlled menu ... no bones ...

If you had read the statement about table scraps you would have seen that they consisted of 'steamed' vegetables, not bones!

We saved the 'bones' for 'ol Geezers to pick!!!!!

Besides which again already, the spammer (professional salesperson that he/she/it supposedly is attempting to be) has a misspelled word in that post above ...

Pick a little
Talk a little
Pick a little
Talk a little

Pick, pick, pick,
pick a little more


Professor, That kind of woman doesn't belong on any committee ...

She advocates dirty books!


Yes, And luved every minute while reading Chaucer, especially. My professor, Dr. Robert Campbell, was the most renowned authority on Chaucer.

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