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January 28, 2005


For the weather.


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New weather man, from New Alexandria, PA. Former owner of Climax an Adult Drive Through establishment.

This has got to be staged. Losers this big don't go on TV.

Oh, wait.

That was painful!!!

OH, Yeah!
What about Dan Rather.

Looks like a WWWWD (weatherman weasel war dance) to me.

I would guess that this is one of those studio tours where you pay to make your own 'news broadcast', similar to the CNN studio tour in atlanta.


Hey! Didn't that guy win American Idol last year? Only he was a black woman then, and much more talented?

No wait, that was an episode of 24.


Oops...one too many w's. Actually, I've been saying that since Nov. 2000.

Oooh ... is he single?

This is probably a broadcast from Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. I live in Ohio, and the weather has left me speechless more than once. It is a balmy 22 deg F today, and the wind chill factor is all the way up to 14 deg F! I'm thinking about going out shopping later or maybe sitting by the fireplace.

I see, Doug. You have a submission posted by Dave, and all of a sudden that entitles you to non-chalantly just sit there and say no more, and no less, than a mere and simple 'Wow'.

Repeat after me: F I R S T !

Now, is that not like, way better?

more fun when viewed with a group, invite your neighbor in the next cube to come see ya

Punky, could he be taken? And, how?

"FOX News - 3 hours ago
WASHINGTON - The US economy grew at a weaker-than-expected 3.1 percent annual pace in the final quarter of 2004 year, its slowest since the beginning of 2003 "

Perhaps “The fault, dear Brutus, is
not in our stars, But in this blog.

Punky, sweety. A guy like that, oozing sexual charm like he does, and having a television career?

He's gotta be gay.

He'd make a really good "Dead Guy #1" in the next episode of Alias, or 24, or ER, or Law & Order: Acronymns-R-Us, or CSI: Pick-a-city , or Enterprise, or Six Feet Under.

Thought you were forging ahead? What Whether.

Jeff! It's that kind of attitude that has kept the "glass ceiling" firmly in place all these years. How is a sista gonna get out from under the man when helium inhaling comments can be made in public forums such as this?

Besides, they probably humped the producer.

oh lordy! and i thought the dunderheads we had here were bad... were those the olsen twins sitting off to his right? how long did this bozo last on the job? and now, the ADHD Weatherguy!

I resemble your remarks christobol

I see that the HeadMaster, His Daveness is stealth posting. Checking to see if we are taking our Meds?

I see that the HeadMaster, His Daveness is stealth posting. Checking to see if we are taking our Meds?

Igloo, that's 2 pills every 8 hours, NOT 8 pills every 2 hours. Yeesh.
*rolls eyes*

Loved the train-wreck "Weather Guy." He clearly had never, ever been televised. Or spoken in public. Hurts so good...

I know math, young lady. In fact they have a new show about me called Numbnuts, er Numbers.
00001000 hours x 00000010 pills is 00010000 pills, just as 00001000 pills every 00000010 hours equals 00010000 pills.

Apology to the stealth blogger. The Numbnuts should have been obliterated.

Genesis 9:7, New International Version (NIV)
"As for you, be fruitful and increase in number; multiply on the earth and increase upon it."

Igloo, I don't think He intended that you limit yourself to multiplying. Division can also be your friend.

christobol ... you are so right. How did I not see that before? Man, the good ones are always gay! I mean ... look at how he dresses ... definitely gay.


But can't division lead to multiplication?

Punky, you were blinded by his charisma. Don't be hard on yourself, after all, you're only human. In some cases, resistence is futile.

I feel sorry for this kid, and they clearly are all college kids, and I think anyone who watches this broadcast to get a clear idea what the weather is, is like someone who reads the supermarket magazines to find out what's going on in Iraq.
*I'll be funnier later.*

I agree with Jeff - helium voices - and not becoming!

Igloo: I have no response to that.
[obscure movie quote]


We are struggling to gather information about a former colleauge of yours who is soon going to be our boss -- the famed investigative journalist Lisa Getter.

This is the deal. We work for a newsletter publshing company (www.ucg.com) that has hired Lisa to become the director of editorial content. So we split up into teams and our team (Intrepid) is scouring the known universe for any scrap of quirky information that we can. Yes, this is an odd request, but do you remember her at all? Apparently she worked for the Miami Herald with you? If so could you provide us with one of your patented, funny (and hopefully embarassing) anecdotes about her??

Hope this made your day! Thanks


my net connection's too slow...somebody tell me wat happens?

Damn, my web filter here at work said: "web category: "Tasteless" is blocked" so it must have been good. Will have to go home to check out.

It is very sad. Three newscasters sit behind the official News Desk--two female and one male. The two females give the guy a hard-on by feeling each other up in front of him just before they go to air, then the guy has to try to give his weather report. I think.

Damn, my web filter here at work said: "web category: "Tasteless" is blocked" so it must have been good. Will have to go home to check out.

how come the BBC never has sth like that?

Brett said: Hope this made your day! Thanks

I wonder if that line works in bed?

(well, it always works with YOUR wife, ba dum dum) shutup.

Nice one, C-bol.

Heck, I never got past the photos at the top of the page with the blinking reminder, "Click on Member!"

I think the broads sandbagged him ... it hadda be a setup ...

Broad #1: "Bob, we need a third person on screen to balance the set ... you put on this jacket and tie we found in the dumpster last night, just stand there, and we'll cover the news."

B#1, to B#2:B#2: " ... and that's the local news, now, Bob will tell you about Ohio's weather ..."

Bob (who usually just sweeps out the studio) is [not surprisingly, panic-stricken, but hopes to make some time with these babes, so bravely -- if foolishly -- tries his unfortunate best ... and the rest, as they say, is history ... along with his chances of ever impressing any person -- male, female, weasel or gnus specialist ...

U.0., you realize of course that the young man was later able to purchase the Texas Rangers for a paltry sum and with the kind of luck you only find in a Horatio Alger thriller, later sold the very same Texas Rangers for an untold fortune.
He was so hapless on the program because he thought he was in Alabama at the time. Thus the map of Ohio, which does not resemble Alabama, left him in a confused state.
Later in his life he became a much beloved character in the European press.

Uh Scat, I think that is butt crack and it's one thread down.

Uh Scat, I think that is butt crack and it's one thread down.

OOOOPS! Double post.
Man, when the meth wears off, this posting can be tough.

Who is Nick Nolte?

What's the big mystery here?
That's what happens to me whenever I'm in the same room with two women.
*Scatch butt*
*Stumble around*
Its the power women have to cloud men's minds.

Thanks, Lab S.
I didn't know that Dave at the blog looked like that.

I'm going to try and 'pray' harder. I didn't know you were in such a 'state!' Lord, have mercy on Dave's liver! And his hair as well.

Dandy Candy - Click on member ... LOLTIC! (Does that mean a TV clicker will work better than Viagra?)

Well, my explanation/scenario got sorta messed up, 'cuz I got a phone call in the middle of keying it ... that's my story, and I'm stickin' to it ... besides which, Lily's my lawyer, and I wasn't there and if I was, they made me drive the car ...

I really like Dave's ... er ... Nick's shirt ... I've got one just about like it, but it looks better on him than mine does on me ...

Latka Gravas couldn't have done it better.

*VERY painful flashback to first on-air news report in college*

Damn! Back to therapy.

My mom insists that it's fake. She said that no one would keep the camera on him for that long. They'd switch to something else, or put the technical difficulties thing up. I don't know... it was pretty convincing, but she does have a point.

I know that 'Dogs' need equal time, but don't forget that wonderful site from Japan about 'Dressing Up Kitty,and take a photo on her birthday, too'
*I've never seen a cat show, but I have seen Barbara Wallers on TV.*

Well I, for one, will be very unlikely to even click on that dog apparel site ...

First off, IT'S SPAM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KEEP YOUR SPAMMY CRAP OUTA MY COMPUTER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Secondly, when someone exhibits a lack of education in fundamentals of language usage, I tend to shut them off ... when they become redundant, the off is quicker to arrive ...

I find it difficult to imagine how they think that spamming a blog site -- irritating or angering the bloglits, thereby alienating them -- will ever gain them a single sale ...

Too bad they never read this stuff ... I'm sure they just post and bail ... in a slightly different context than that which we usually associate that sequence of action ...

Oh, Mr. Language Person is back! What is the honor that has been bestowed on us?
When I got out of school, I swore I wouldn't have to go back and listen to some 'crusty' 'ol professor rattling on about 'heaven only knows,whatever'just because he loves the sound of his voice.


NEVER turn on the Food Channel when Emeril LaGasse is on.

This spammer is supposedly a "sales person" of sorts. In order to present the best possible image to the (hoped-for) customer, he/she/it should be as professional and accurate as is possible.

The spammer is not.

Lmd33 -

Whut? Yew don't like "BAM!" in your cuisine ever 10 seconds? Whirr is yore culture?

[Ya see, I'm not trying to sell anything ... and, I know proper rules of usage ... should I chews to not use -- or even violate rudely, on occasion -- those same rules, that is my prerogative.]

[Besides which already, I've always been willing to admit that I have a radio face, and a typewriter voice ... which is why one do not (not knot) hafta either see nor hear moi ownself ... that's one on the plus side of using the written word ...]

... or, one could always enjoy opening all the spammer's links ...

Remember, Matt Lauer is an Ohio University grad!

You don't have to turn on the TV to get 'Gasse.' Just don't ever light a 'match' around yoreself!

OU Grad,
I took my daughter on a cruise for her Grad. present from college. On the trip were four grads from the U of O on one long 'toot' After the cruise, they 'ran' their jeep into the Gulf at Tampa. (they just wanted to see what it was like riding the 'waves.')

Weather reports go way too fast in Columbus, OH.

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