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January 28, 2005


Because guys know how to dispose of a major appliance.

(Thanks to Claire Martin)

WARNING WARNING WARNING: Do NOT have the sound turned on if you do not want to hear bad words or are anywhere near somebody who does not want to hear bad words.


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Doh..! Websense blocked this one...see it when I get home

...or if you don't want to see anything at all.

"Damn. I forgot the incendiary softener."

Guys, what a species.
Big desert. Unlimited munitions. Time on our hands. What a great reason to go to war.
Try that over here(not hear) and some well meaning, but misguided activist would probably call base headquarters and raise holy hell.
Over there(Great song, by the way), it's "Hey Maytag man, bet you can't fix this!"

So THAT'S what they meant by "WMD" -- Washing Machine Destruction!

Guin: Excellent.

Dude, I want to blow up a washer. Did you see how hard it was for him to get the pin out of the grenade. And where is the drye...Kaboom!

Dang! Blocked by my network too! Anybody find this in a different location?

(And I SOOOOO love exploding anything!)

*slaps Cheesewiz with wet noodle for stretching the margins*

There are times when I really miss being in the military. This would be one of them. (Of course, neither I, nor any of my guys would indulge in such antics with live munitions, but slap flares and ground burst simulators could provide some serious entertainment!)

it didnt wanna load.... what's a gernade?

This is such a kindler and gentler military. The visions I recall of our "play time" involve M-60's and waterbuffalo.

I have to ask - is that why your name is 'Flash'?

That's a little vu jade...I once used a washing machine to blow up a grenade.

Nope, my "real name" is Gordon. However, it would have been an appropriate nickname, as much of my youth was spent indulging in "fun with homemade explosives". Wanna know how to make hydrogen, using common stuff you can find around the house, such as hydrochloric acid and zinc, with a (glass) pop bottle and a balloon?? Great fun!

I wonder why they've never thought about 'blowing up' Ford 'Pintos' before?

Don't have the right reader (it tells me), but with the description, I was taken back to memories of the days of my youth ... adolescence ... young adult male years ... older adult male years ... later adult male years ... geezerhood ... yesterday ...

How many Iraqis were in that washing machine?

DJTonyB: Remind you of anything?

I don't know....I think if the military is going to teach them how to use grenades, they should at least teach them how to spell it.

Gravy flavored toothpaste.

Beef flavored? or "tastes like chicken" ???

Definitely beef! But it does come in 'Chicken,' too! Everytime we visit our friends in Lawrence, KS. we watch every night after supper as our host brushes his large white shaggy 'buffalo' dog's teeth. Oscar is extremely old for any breed, but is still 'plugging' slong. (thanks to good oral habits!)


My first dog ever was named Oscar. He sang as well, and every time our hired man practiced the clarinet, Oscar would tune up and sound off with his best efforts.

Alas, he was never quite polished enuf to make it into the movies, which ended his chances at singing well enough to win a statuette of his namesake.

I think it is time to actively create a new vocabulary for what the Republican-Bush Party is and what the do and are doing. They have hidden behind classic words and phrases while in most cases completely doing and being the opposite of the words they use. I ask everyone who wants to, to start redefining the Rublican-Bush party with new words and phrases.

A long time ago, in a galaxy far away, I took college courses in propanganda analysis, and I have read English translations of "The Sayings of Mao Tse Tung" (The Little Red Book), "The Black Book" by Moamar Khadaffy, "The Sayings of Ho Chi Min", Misc. Writings of Enver Hoxa, Misc. Writing of KIm Il Sung, and Joseph Stalin's early 1920s writings on political strategies, controlling masses, and turning different groups against one another. Having recently seen, what I believe to be a copy of the "Republican Workbooks" for manipulating crowds, I would say "There ain't a dime's worth of difference among them."

So lets completely open this Pandora's Box , and sees what comes flying out from the realm where situation defines truth:

Please read, then add your own term or terms and definition or definitions and then email the whole thing on along the internet. If it goes far enough it will have impact! Please no swear words, hate mongering, porn, or goofy stuff, we want these words and phrases to get into popular usage! Happy writing!!! Chris

Here are some for starters:

The Theocratic Party: The current so-called Republican Party has no relationship to Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley, T. Roosevelt, and Eisenhower. ON THE OTHER HAND...they are to the Right of Elmer Gantry and William Jennings Bryan (who was on the anti-evolution side of the Scopes trial and fought against Clarence Darrow).

"The Nazi-Christian Coalition": The born-agains, Falwell, Robertson, Bush, et al obviously have no idea of what the Sermon on the Mount is about, nor the parables, nor the stories which clearly outline women's equality, nor his conversation with Pontius Pilate on the nature of Truth, and how (on this earth, there is a natural relativity to truth as is understood by all humans). ON THE OTHER HAND...The belief system of the Nazis (begun by Heinrich von Treitsche,Guido von List, Hermann Pohl,and Julius Steicher, and including the more recent Christian Identity Religion) seem to be a perfect fit into the form of Christianity used by such persons as George W Bush, Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, Tom DeLay, Karl Rove, and Rick Santorium.
Is there much difference between making it impossible for Jews to have a job and Gays?Lesbians to be legally refused medical service/treatment?

"Stalinizing the US Constitution": If one either studies the political moves of Stalin (from the Great Tiflis Bank Robbery through, the rationalizations for starving 40,000,000 Ukrainians to death, we see the same logic and emotion, uncaring attitudes. So why not call a horse a horse?"

"Vietnamized-Iraq": As of yesterday, most of the US high command has said that the US forces in Iraq will be there for "a long time", "many years".

"The Goebbels-Rove Continuum": The strong relationship between Rove's tactics and those so far written about Joseph Goebbel's tactics. [Analyzing Propaganda Techniques 101].

"Gay Chess": Use your KNight to block your opponent's Queen.

"Creationism": Out of our scariest unmentioned nightmares of our own mortality and insignificance, "We make it up, and You SHALL believe It".

"Un-Civil Union": Bill Frist trying to "marry" THE US Congress to the 700 Club.

"Revelations" : A Soap Opera with plenty of Supernatural Sex and no sequel

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