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January 28, 2005


...Japan is forging ahead.

(Get it? Forging a "head?" Ha ha! Never mind.)


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a head- really funny

What an incredibly bad pun. I wish I had thought of it. No wonder I haven't won a major award.

Just what does the "SD" stand for?..lol

I want that alarm clock.*

*Sorry this is not funny.

"which also include built-in air fresheners and other civilized accouterments."
What, no magazine rack?

accouterments... why is that word so funny?

Tamara, I agree. The toilet is cool, but I was much more interested in the alarm clock.

"Hayat Benchenaa hanging alarm clock is a hanging ball suspended over your bed that lights and chimes to wake you up. To hit snooze, you just give it a little smack, causing the alarm to retract on its cord just a little nearer to the ceiling—forcing you to stretch more and more each time until you're eventually swiping at it with a broom, because you have 20-foot loft ceilings."

Sounds good to me!

Farmer Dickinson needs to contact ToTo

Alarm clock? Toilet?
Did you not see that KitchenAid??! Sweeeeeeet! :)

Ooooooo... I gotta do that to mine.

When I was little and having kidney trouble, my mother would hold my hand under the cold water faucet to help start the 'flow'. I think that this would be a much better solution.

Is there anything in a toilet that you can get a tune out of, and what RPM do you play it at?

This will open up a whole new world of song-packaging for the late night "Best of" ads you see.

Order now! Best songs to take a dump to!

Oh, and it goes without saying, so I will say it: That was a blatant invitation for bloglits to list the songs they believe are best for accompanying a bowel movement.

"Born to Run" - Bruce Springsteen
"Runaway" - Bon Jovi
"Still haven't found what I'm looking for" - U2
"You don't know how it feels" - Tom Petty
"Tusk" - Fleetwood Mac (the beat is inspirational)
"Hey Ya!" - Outkast
"The way you move" - Outkast
"Waterfalls" - TLC
"Flagpole Sitter" - Harvey Danger

Jeff - either way. "Splashdown" is nice.

"Oops, I did it again"

In fact, all of Britney

"I'm singing in the rain! Just singing in the rain! What a glorius feeling! Doing it all again!!!"
"Rain drops keep falling on my head."(why are they yellow?)
"Let the clouds roll by(and let the water start to fly!")
"It's not raining, rain, you know..It's raining violets!"

Can't seem to remember the name of the tune, but it has been in my brain all morning. Goes something like...
"Tell Laura I love her
Tell Laura I need her
Tell Laura I may be late
I've something to do, that cannot wait

for geezers - and who spends more time in the 'head'- how about 'The Weight' by The Band?

"Take a load off Fanny...and you put the load right on me.

*maybe this would be a song for the toilet*

"Under Pressure"

-David Bowie

"That Smell"
---Lynyrd Skynyrd

---Carly Simon

"Cuts Like A Knife" ---Brian Adams (?)


"Cute Georgia's 'Brown!"

Ooh, my head! (Richie Valens)

"Round and Round" --- Ratt

Showing a dog is no easy feat. Especially, if the dog is the family pet. Unfortunately, we made a pet of our American Bull Terrior before we started working with him for the shows. Mistakes!mistakes! mistakes!--When the judge leaned over and spoke to him in a friendly way, he just rolled over and acted like a great big puppy. She was furious because he would have won.

Ya, we never worried about showing our dogs, 'cuz one doesn't usually put family members on display ... except for Cousin Herb ... he's fun to watch ... but we like to watch the Westminster each year if we get the chance ... too much discipline for us, or the dogs in the family ...

My Dog's favorite song is,"Home On the Range."

"When the judge leaned over and spoke to him in a friendly way, he just rolled over and acted like a great big puppy. "

...and then...Roo Roo!!

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