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January 21, 2005


South Africa


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"You can look for weeks for a snake ... you don't get to be that big without being clever"

Maybe he should dress as livestock?

Filling in for Marlin Perkins (who, I believe, may or may not be dead) Dr Brady Barr will encourage "Jim" to fight the giant snake beast in it's hole.

Marvin, to this critter, we're all livestock!
I think 'Man-Eaters of Malawi' wbagnfapf (porno film).

"You can look for weeks for a snake..." Especially after swimming or during a cold snap.

Marlin Perkins died in the mid '80s - I don't remember the exact year. He was like... 80 maybe? I grew up watching his show. It was great, wasn't it?

What about Austin Stevens? Everybody watching the "Snakemaster" on Animal Planet?

US snake-catcher to look for Gauteng's monster reptile

Gauteng: "I don't have a reptile?"
Snake Catcher: "But, I heard you have the world's largest 'trouser' snake"
"You can't have it"
"I am the greatest snake catcher in the world!"
"You don't know what a trouser snake is do you?"
"I have his skin"
"That's latex"
"A condom?"
"Why would a snake be wearing a condom?"
"Not exactly National Geographic material"
"What, but nude pygmies are ok?"

Dr Barr needs to get laid

5m+ snake is missing AND growing!?!?


julietine - that's exactly what I thought when I read the article!!!!!

I never would have guessed that a herpetologist was a specialist in reptiles and amphibians

Anyone know who Jeff Corwin is? Animal Planet reptile specialist and all-knowing biologist.
His idol is Jim Fowler of Wild Kingdom fame. As a kid he watched Marlin send Jim off to wrestle rhino and take down wildabeast. He said someday he'd be that crazy animal-capturer. And now he is. And- he's crazy good lookin' ta boot.

C'Bol, do you really have your own blog? If so, please do share the url? Pleee?

TargetGirl, I love Jeff Corwin. He's zany and fearless.

Key quote: nearly 992.07 pounds ...

Well, all right, but is 992.0699 pounds really a record?

(Too bad I messed up the other link/post ... forgot to ditch my crib notes ...)

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