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January 24, 2005


You might as well use your computer to be productive.

(Thanks to Ian Woollard)


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Just 'cuz!

I don't know what lortabs are, but I thought the name sounded like some bad science fiction super villain...


Or some such thing.

*is buff*

Sharon's in the buff??

And fighting the Weevil Lortab?!

This ought to be good. *pulls up chair*


*and bows*

I kind of forgot that part.

Beware the Lortab.

I will not be on too much today. i got a wii. And I have a 5 page essay to write.
The best part is that I have a lot to write about. So I should be able to get in the 5 pages and have stuff left.

i'm on antizac myself...keeps you from feeling too good.


*wrassles the Weevil Lortab to the ground*

*tears his arm right outen its socket*

*beats the Weevil Lortab about the head and neck with his own arm*

*hangs arm from the rafters of the mead hall and awaits the treasure and many nubile young men that will constitute a just reward for victory*

Psh...Beowulf/Schmeowulf....no one defeats the dragon in the buff! MMWUAAAHAHAHAHAHAAA!

*bites tongue* naaah.

"yo, buffy .. try the decaf"


*runs away*

*leaves offering of slightly gnawed mailman for fire breathing dragon*

Yes *sa-moooch*

Don't worry cyn, you don't have to run...I only use my powers for good.

Well...usually. Mostly.


Really...ask anyone. Or....most anyone. Okay, only ask the people who like me, and they'll tell ya!

Anyhoo...while battling my demons, it's rather fun to be able to act it out on the Kilt from time to time!

n fun to read too! ya gotta know i wuz feelin wise*ss;) n i gotta take a buddy to the store.

Um....I DO believe cyn just complimented my ass on its wisdom while copping a feel!

*helps hapless mailman up and puts a scooby-doo bandaid on his owwie*

OH...and *SNORK!* @ the Buffy reference!

"That'll put marzipan in your pie plate, bingo!"

*snicker* *grope* *dash*

i'm here with six 12 year old boys, one of whom will be 13 tomorrow. it's raining, and everybody's stuck inside.

somebody pass me a beer, please.

no wait...make that tequila...

Sounds dreadful s'girl, maybe it's the boys who need some sedation quiet activity, maybe a DVD?

*loves s-girl a tequila*

*and a valium*

That should do ya! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY! to the s-guy who tomorrow will be a teenager!

My turn to go to the store....do you guys have any idea how much Purina Dragon Chow costs?? Sheesh.

*zips in after a three hour nap* WTD? Guess I must have been tired, I thought it was morning, because I went to sleep when it was light out and woke up in the dark.

Czech this out but prepare to be upset.
A Kilt wedding and the Kilties weren't invited. :(

I just read the article. Here's a summary:
Money marries money but they're such down-to-earth folk, they even invite the gardener to their parties.

I was wondering why you weren't there, Cookie! I'll have to speak with them about it.


Do you mean that y-, no, I can't even say it!!!

*zips out*

“I feel strongly that you never want to close any doors,” she said. “You never know.”

especially if he's the son of a senator and a member of the Mellon family...

Well that must have been an awesome surprise. Seeing so many rich people in kilts.
Was there a giant robot?

The giant robot came with the cow. I was amazed at how well they danced together.

Good morning, Kilties!

Beautiful day here. Blue skies, no winds, cold enough to skate outside. Who's coming over?

*digs through laundry basket for heavy socks*

*socks away snacks and hot cocoa*

*zips in*

GOOD MORNING to all Kilties, except Blue, who went to the wedding and did not take me as his date. :(

Did anyone else notice that the Times did NOT tell their ages, except for saying the Warner "kid" was in his 40s? Wedding stories in the Times always tell ages, it's part of the story. But I guess if you're a Mellon, you can dictate what they say about you. :)

I hereby decree that no one shall ever say anything bad about me.

That goes for me, too.

Honeydew is gross.

How rude!

i got the impression that the new mrs. warner was a bit younger...

I hear Casabas are hot!!!

I got the opposite impression, insom...

Which reminds me of a jury instruction that begins something like:

Two reasonable people can see/hear/read the same thing and have diferring opinions, blah, blah, but that doesn't make either one of them an idiot - or something like that. :)

*ogles Cookie's casabas*

(heh, heh, I said ogles)

i'm just bad at gauging ages, too... the article does say mr.warner iv is 44, but nothing about her age. it does have her say something about "it was wonderful to meet someone like that , especially at our age" which would imply rough equality but she could still be younger and being diplomatic about it.
how long before the pitter-patter of little "warner v's"?

Wow, Giant robots and cows dancing hand to hand. I thought I would never see the day that horrible grudge match would end.
And it was all brought together by a guy that digs kilts.

any pics?

*Chooses the high road and avoids remarking on anyone's melons*

Anybody got some nice ripe peaches?

And cue the Presidents song.
"Millions of Peaches, Peaches for free."

Blue is high again?

So where do we get reimbursed for the 5 minutes we spent reading that drivel?

Sorry if that came out a little mean, I'm in a lot of pain.

Like a birdie in the sky. A blue birdie.

*watches Stepford Wives*

Is it just me, or is Christopher Walken perpetually creepy?


What's wrong?

Really painful ear infection. They gave me heavy antibiotics and Lortabs for the pain. Even Lortabs don't totally kill it all though.

Check it out; in the ER on Thursday night, Friday through Tuesday I have to work. Friday and Saturday were overnights.

How awful. I hope it clears up soon.

*sigh* Doggone it, I fight it and I fight it, but the mothering instinct will NOT be suppressed. Ado, try a hot water bottle or a heating pad on the ear; sometimes heat helps.

If the ear drum is not perforated, sometimes you can get a doctor to give you an oil that has a numbing agent in it; you warm it up and put a few drops in. The numbing agent is quite effective, but the oil itself helps, too; an old wives remedy used to be to heat olive oil and put a few drops in the ear.

However, I guess it is a real mess to see through when you go to the doctor and they try to look at the ear drum, so only use oil if your doctor recommends it.

I hope the antibiotics kick in soon. Ear aches bite. And not in a good way.

*smooches Adonis in a motherly way*

Ado- I know what you are going through. Because of some really bad times on my mission, I ended up with a really crappy right ear. I have to be so careful around the cold now.

Starting to see Elvis. Going to be.

*Removes lock, rolls up Kilt shutter, turns sign around to display "Open" side in window, gets coffeemaker going*

*Waits patiently for pervie jokes about open Kilts*

*Hopes Ado had a sleepable night at least*

*Wonders what other visions Alfred is/will be having*

*zips in*


I'm sorry that Adonis has an ear ache. I've never had one,knock wood, but I hear they hurt a lot.

But if it was my article that he called "drivel", my feelings are hurt.

*zips out to brush her teeth and compose herself*

Cookie, please let me know if this works.

Is that an audio link, Blue? If so, I have to wait about a half hour to open it.

El~ It was some kind of natural remedy labeled "composure."

Thanks, B

I opened it and it's just what I need.

Thanks, Blue...:)

Apparently audio links are like swimming....you have to wait half an hour to open them after brushing your teeth?

I, too, have never had an earache or ear infection...though I have enough of a hearing loss in my left ear that I have to watch movies with the subtitles on, 'cuz I have a hard time hearing the dialogue through the music and other background noises.

*wonders if Blue is still waiting patiently for his pervie joke about open kilts*

you can get "composure" in a pill?

wow, who knew?

i mean, i've had hyper in a pill, mellow in a pill, it still hurts but i dont care in a pill, even invincability in a pill

but never composure

TCK~ Ever take a chill pill? Same thing. :-)

Chill-edrin™, available at most pharmacies.

*Godot was quicker than you guys*

patience, not withstanding;)

Never had an ear ache or an ear infection? Never?!

I didn't know that was possible.
*peers at the invincible eared ladies in awe*

Let's just say I had my fair share when I was a kid.

as a veteran of many childhood trips to the emergency room due to ear infections, i can say with the voice of experience that ear infections suck

that is all

I don't think I've ever had them either (if I did I was too young to remember) but according to my mom, my oldest sister had them all the time when she was growing up.

So did my daughter but after we had her tonsils taken out the ear stuff stopped, when she was about 6 or 5,but I always had "mom sympathy pains" because I could tell how much it hurt.

Someone once told me that she had never had a headache, and I was awestruck and exceptionally envious. As neo said above, I didn't know that was possible,

*wishes for a headache-free world, or at least, faster-acting meds*

i've never had an ear infection either, but my oldest daughter has had tubes put in her ears for same, 7 times.

yeah, ya read that right...7 freakin times!

Does she have tonsils, s'girl?

HELLO!!! HELLO... Hello... Hello... hellllooooo...


*pounces on the nearest kiltie*

*pounces on the bed*

*snuggles under the covers*


Blitzpouncing. Impressive!

Wake up! Wake up!

*runs through banging pots and pans*


Ahhh, I know the right alarm clock.

*walks through gently tapping a swizzle stick against a cocktail glass*

THAT ought to rouse them.

Oh, and why am I waking everybody up?

I'm doing homework and I want company.

Ok everybody, let's talk about the cohabitation laws in Illinois, and public policy! Oh boy! Won't that be fun?!




Ok. If you can't lick 'em (and believe me, I've tried!), join 'em!


...Wha??....whozzat? What? Huh?

*blink blink*

Okay...who woke me up? And why was I dreaming of a giant swizzle stick that was trying to impale me and squeeze me like a twist of lemon into a very large martini??

...NEO!!! I should have known.

*very quietly paints a mustache and soul patch on neo's face*

*in permanent ink*

*sneaks in n dips neo's hand in a bowl of warm water*

*smooches sleeping kilties*

*runs off with the rum*

*Grabs a coffee, places shield over monitor and keyboard, and waits for the madness to escalate*

(from a safe distance)

zzz... snork! (and not in the good way)

huh? I was dreaming that...

uh-oh. *blush* *runs to the Kilt ladies room*

[There follows a long, drawn out sigh of relief, followed by a toilet flushing. We hear water splashing in the sink followed by a loud shriek and a thud]

[the background music from Psycho begins to play]

[After a few moments of tension, Neo appears]
*cues laugh track*

Luuuuuuuu-cy! You got some s'plainin' to do!


Shh! I'm on the phone.

Oh great. I can't get even get in to the Kilt looking like this! I had to try three times; the guard robot doesn't recognize me!

Tough luck, kid.

I shall have to speak with the oaf of a bot running that site.

I also dreamed I was a time traveler. Elvis was supposed to be this great scientist that would save the world. Until I introduced him to japanese punk rock. heh. Sorry about that.
And of course, I dated the guard bot.

er never mind. I meant the bot that demands numbers. Not the gaurd bot posting now.
Just noticed the Guard bots real name.

By that I meant. I don't date guys.


You wouldn't date Blue? Why on earth not? ;-)

Oh; I see. Because he's a guy. Makes sense.

I'd date Blue though. If he weren't married, that is. And old enough to be my daddy. ;-)

Bumble, ever heard the phrase

Sugar Daddy? ;)

Blue's preggers?!


Why am I always the last to know these things?

Any advice, KDF?

Congratulations, Blue! But I'm confused. Who's the father...er, mother... who's the other party responsible?

Is it the Bot, Alfred, Bumble, or KDF?

(heh, heh, I said party, and it must have been QUITE a party if you don't know who is responsible!)

I'll be at the party just as soon as I finish my grooming.

*gets ticked* Ok, guard bot, so you move for no man, but I'm a WOMAN despite my hirsute (but soulful) expression.

I won't rest until I find out, Neo. And then I'll let you know.

Wait, why am I assuming it's not you who's the mother father parent?

BTW, just in case anyone is wondering, there's no chance of my image winding up on a slice of toast and being sold on Eb@y, IYCMD.


*snork* @ everybody

Cookie~ Yes, but I just couldn't find it in my heart to do that to Mrs. Meanie and the bluelets.

A toast! *lifts glass*

*peers at image on toast* Whoa! Now that IS a miracle.
*wraps toast in plain brown paper wrapper*

*note that I'm denying nothing*


(Oh, look! A leer is MUCH more effective with facial hair!)

When in doubt, blame the bot.

*wraps paper in plain brown toast*


I DO believe that when I first joined you fine folk, that I had the dubiou.....er, I mean high and grand honor of being Blue's blogmistress.

*sigh*...how soon they forget. All those lovely lists we made together....


*toasts the plain brown paper wrapper*

*snickers at neo's facial hair*

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