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January 24, 2005


You might as well use your computer to be productive.

(Thanks to Ian Woollard)


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I wouldn't be concerned about where that fork's been, it's cassowary might put it that frightens me.




I'm suffering from pun inferiority complex. Is there help for me anywhere?

maybe, maybe not...

but if it makes ya feel any better, you can join me on the Couch of Pun Inferiority™

and we can drink mojitos whilst laughin at all these loony birds. ;)


Best I could do, Cookie.

Don't worry, pun inferiority is a mynah failing in the grand scheme of things.

You're sharp and witty just like all kilties. Punlessness is only a small disparroty.

You all are raven loonatics. Not that that's a cardinal sin here or anything....

*snorks and grabs another mojito*

Now we're just robin previous puns. Sparrows.

(okay, I'll give you that last one. I was thinking "spare us.")

Toucan play at that game!

Kiwi take a break for a bit, it's time for my ride home (not in a Falcon)?

sharon~ You're cuckoo all right. But we really must stop crowing about our pun abilities. We might egret it later. Are you heron me?

Blue~ Thunderbird?

Yep, heron you just fine, Bumble...and tit for tat, I think our pun abilities actually give great joy to many people. And if you put two people together, our puns would cause a......



Well, since you're so eagle to continue...

*digs out wildlife fact-file and turns to bird section*

Just don't be puffin up too much. You never know when someone might decide you're a cocky, unpheasant coot (yes, that's a bird) and try to send you the way of the dodo. Particularly if they find out condorscending. Then you'll have to make like a roadrunner and fly like a kite. Or something.

I meant to type, "particularly if they find you condorscending."

Now I'm the dodo.

I'm done like a turducken. My bird-brain is all out of puns. I'm going to head for my nest and hatch a new plan. ;-)

I hate all of you!!!

In a loving way, of course.

I thought of parrot and tried to think of a sentence. :(

Did I say that I was up from midnight to 3a.m. watching tennis? I was.

OTOH, every group needs an audience, don't they? Yes.

Don't hate us because our plumage is beautiful. ;-)

♪♫♪ We’re birds of a feather... ♪♫♪

Please quit grousing, Cookie. Vulture expect us to do, give up punning altogether? I wouldn't, avian if I could, beakause we all must pigeon what we can based on the unique talons that we each possess. You contribute in different ways, and you needn't feel awkward, nor try to emulate others' styles.

He has a point, Cookie. Maybe you could -- I dodo -- *flap in* and *flap out* or maybe temporarily change your name to "Cuckoo."

*fears she has laid an egg*

*feigns broken wing*


Blue gets the prize.

Cool! A (Blue-footed) booby prize for me!

You're all brilliant!

I'll just enjoy the show, OK? :)

*kilt group hug*

*flits back in*

*gets squeezed*

*fluffs feathers*


*Feels bad for hassling Cookie. Did really mean to harrier*

OK, I know, that was ostrich....

NOT.... did NOT


{{Blue!}} Your "good day wishes" worked, thank you. I had a good day.

{{Kilties!!}} You people are wonderful.

And now I need to go out and get some air. Canary places really help mind and body? I think so!

Time to tern in. G'night, Kilties.

I know I've shared it with many other people, but did I ever tell you all one of the first words I learned in Arabic? The word "air." It is a slang word for pen!s. I think Sharon's got the right idea.

I have no pun, but as this birdie day draws to a close, I would like to say that one of my favorite birds is the Ovenbird. It builds a cool nest.

"And that's all I have to say about that."


'Night, kilties! Bis Morgen!

Definitely good for mind and body!!


I thoughtyou were out for kind of a long time, Sharon.

Mornin KILTies!! Finally looks like I may have some KILT time this day - minor heinzing and seeing Neos post verifies what I have always known and why it makes sense that air is a slang for p&n1s - Sex and air are much alike... you dont know how important they are until you arent getting any!

*smooches* all around (and up and down)

mornin kilties!

*waves to CR*

good to see ya!


nudidity makes me breathe funny...

*snork* at radar.

hey, where's klinger and the gang?

*zips in*

I thought I left a message last night after Blue's *apology* but I don't see it here.
I hope it's not on some errant thread somewhere.

Good morning Kilties. :)

Well, I went out to pet Herr Mewller a few minutes ago, and he let me pick him up, so I presented him for mom's inspection. Due to the lack of anything obvious between his legs other than his tail, we're forced to conclude that he is, in fact, a Frau.

In one week he’s (or rather, she’s) gone from being a hungry little beggar who would eat anything to a discerning connoisseur who thinks the dry food isn’t good enough, and prefers a double helping of wet to a mix of the two.

*comes to*

Boy....I was out for a long time.

*waves to Coast*

....wait a minute. What am I doing??

*launches self (not Self) at Coast, tackles, and smooches*

That's better.

*is glad to know that it's sharon's self, and not Self, who's tacklin coast*

*thinks Self (not self) would be glad to hear it*

Oh, cool! We haven't played with the Kiltie Launcher™ in forever!

*launches self at Self, because he's bound to be around eventually*

kay, what're ya tyin him up for?

what? you said he was bound...;)

*launches self at Self, too, just cuz*

*gets up and dusts self (not Self)off*


mmmmmm - Sharon's sharin smooches!! YAYY

Good to see ya Coast - sure beats the bird watching from the past coupla days!

Doc put me on codeine cough syrup again. I always tell her that codeine does odd things to me, but she just says that isn't possible and that I need to stop the cough before it stops me, and so I take it. So, last night, I dreamed that I was piercing my ear. When I woke up this morning...you got it...my pillow was gone. No, wait - that's when you dream you are eating a giant marshmallow. Anyway, yes - I had really done it. All previous piercings in the left ear, awoke this morning to find one in the right. Glad I didn't dream I was getting circumcised.

Oh my gosh! That's so freaky!

But *snork* @ the circumcised thing.

How on earth did you manage to pierce yourself? Do you have a piercing gun, or did you just jam a stud through your ear? That would be painful, not to mention messy.

*codeine-propelled *snork* award for circumcision humor*

Hey! I dreamed last night that I got an e-mail about ASK piercing his ear. Dang freaky!

The weirdest thing that ever happened to me in bed whilst I slumbered was that my nightshirt somehow ended up on the floor, and I woke up clothed as the proverbial jaybird. My only explanation for this is that we didn't have an air conditioner in the bedroom at that time, and it was really hot that summer.

Um....I don't think I'm gonna take part in this conversation.

......No, seriously. Such stories are NOT for public consumption.

(and boy, when I first wrote that, I made a VERY humorous pervie typo)

Let's just say that apparently Sharon on morphine is a rather amusing, uninhibited thing to behold and leave it at that.

Bumble- I like the name of the cat.

ASK- You should be glad. I once dreamed I was a sheep herder, and woke up in England surrounded by sheep.
Not that it is a bad thing to be in England. But I sure wish my car had worked better.

I have to drop a class. I really liked it too. But I missed a day, and then found out it was a test. Only 4 tests, and the teacher decided to not give me a retry.

this is exactly why i always take my codeine with beer...

well, i guess that's actually got nuthin to do with it

i just like the buzz :)

i once woke up in jackson hole, wyoming in the back seat of a camaro

Alfred~ Thanks. And that stinks; sorry to hear it. About the class, I mean. Not England. :-) I have a class I hate. I wish I could drop it, but it's necessary for my degree, and if I drop it, I'll have less than 12 credit hours, which means I won't be considered full time, which means I'll be ineligible for financial aid.


*contemplates going back to working on cash flow statements (which suck rocks, btw)*

*wonders if Bumble would be shocked to know that...er....some people (not to name names or anything) sleep in the buff EVERY night.....*

in the buff?

as in, with nuthin on?

not even the boots?

*brain explodes*

My room mates admit to this all the time.
I believe one. He is a clean freak. When he cleans his clothes, he cleans all of them.

Bumble- Yeah, it drops me down to 10 credits. Which makes it so much fun waiting for financial aid to get out of this entire mess.

TCK- I once woke up in Laramie and didn't know where I was. Luckily my grandparents assured me that I was not abducted by aliens. I was at there house.

Funny, I woke up today and didn't know where Alfred was either.

I suppose that would be a strange thing if you did.

"i once woke up in jackson hole, wyoming in the back seat of a camaro"

tc, i gotta ask .. didja own a camaro at the time? ;)

Oh, don't get too comfortable, Alfred. We're always watching you. :)

no cyn

no i didn't

beer time

later kilties

some people (not to name names or anything) sleep in the buff EVERY night.....

*starts hyperventilating*

*puts head in paper bag*

OK big news.
Apparently a friend of mine tracked me down through the kilt. He googled himself and came to our part of the nets.
I haven't seen him in 10 years.
So I get this phone call, I swear I thought it was a phone sales guy. He wanted to ask questions. He knew who I was and everything. Apparently he is quite capable of tracking people down -honestly it is no surprise to me here, we did once..... Never mind- And he wanted to talk.
One of you got an email about all of this, asking about me and stuff.
Anyway, we had a big conversation. We decided to call again the next day -cheaper on cellphones- and said goodbye.
And then this Mormon cussed in absolute surprise.

Seriosly, It will be tough to get back into the swing of conversations with him. I hope to keep practicing.
My Day just took on a whole new color. -Beige?-

Or red hot, Alfred? ;)

sharon~ Oh, I've slept naked voluntarily before (again, on hot nights. and I mean literally hot, you pervs.). It was just kinda disturbing to wake up naked when I hadn't planned on it.

*staples fingers shut*

*snork* at poor radar

*wonders about the rest of the camaro story*

KDF~ Um... why?


Hmmmm... how best to explain this...

Bumble, you know how a last minute dinner out, or a gift for no reason, or a spontaneous compliment from someone you love pretty much always beats a planned one of any of the above?

Same thing. :)

um, i thought we all slept in the buff...

sorry, radar, but why did ya think we all so enjoy cuddling under the kiltie quilt™?

*hands radar another paper bag*


*still doesn't get it*

*wonders if she's incredibly dense*

*also wonders why insom is radar now*

*takes a bubble bath*


Spontaneous nudity is the best!!

'Cept when it happens in public. That can get a mite embarrassing. But, like I said before, I'm not going into any of those morphine stories.

(and spontaneous nudity is soooooo often followed by spontaneous combusion (known in certain circles as *FOOMAGE*), which is also a good thing!)

Cookie- Red Hot is a good color. But it needs some blue to show happiness.

Bumble- Enjoy your nakedness.

Radar- Oreilly? Hope I don't mash up my words with you.

KDF- Hope the staples don't hurt.

Sharon- Might Morphine Power Stories.


*refreshes kilt while clothed only in a towel (yes, it's fuzzy and blue)*

Thank you, Alfred. I will.

*picks up candle, book and bath salts and trots down to the bathroom*


No towels in spontaneous nudity, Bumble!

*nictitates at TC*

....and no boots, either!

*spontaneously boots staples*

*launches self*


*is squeaky clean and appleicious*

*still doesn't get it*

*looks up kippers in wikipedia*


No red herrings here, Bumble!

pssst....there's really nothing to get...we're just pervie playing!

pssst, Bumble... really, no red herrings... we're just saying that sometimes the unplanned things are the best :)

*snork* at the red herring simul


Right then. But I don't plan on involving myself in any unplanned nakedness anytime soon. Just sayin'. :-)

I also don't plan on eating any smoked fish with eggs for breakfast. Ick. Brits are odd. But funny. Have you guys read the book I linked above? Hilarious.

Bumble.....you mean you PLAN your UNPLANNED activities???

Geez! You're much more talented than I am.

*hugs Bumble*

*schedules next *FOOOOOOOM**


Y'all know that was intended as one of them there jokes, right?

*puts on jammies and music*

*organizes scrapbook stuff*

1) *snorks*

2) *showers*

3) you know...

alfred, thank you for not letting my *MASH* reference go unoticed.

merci. :)

*also snorks*

*DOESN'T put on jammies*


Lortabs are kind of fun. Gotta be careful about moving your head too fast, but still fun. Of course there is the possiblilty that the problem is self-created: I did take them on an empty stomach.

lortabs are definitely kinda fun, especially when paired with a nice cold beer or several.

mornin kilties!

How come medicines these days sound like they came out of a Dr. Seuss story? Lortab, zirtec, prozac, etc. I'm not sure this is a comforting trend.

*Buffs Sharon*

Oh, and SNORK at Radar. I love him on the O'Reilly Factor.

*zips in*

Good morning, Kilties!

I think I have a problem with my sprinklers. I turned them on yesterday after leaving them off for a month due to rain, which seems to have stopped, possibly forever.
But the street is wet all the way across the street to my neighbor's so I don't think they were *sprinkling* in the right direction.

*snork* at Blue for O'Reilly factor!

and you're right...those med names do sound seuss-like!

I have the internet again!! YAY! for having the internet!!! Grrrrrrr at having super-sucky landlords that refuse to upgrade the equipment (I don't know what) so the internet shuts off all the time and the internet company has to come back and reset it so it goes back on!

(because who knows how long I'll have access today)

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