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January 24, 2005


You might as well use your computer to be productive.

(Thanks to Ian Woollard)


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Things are looking up.

oh, and that link is surprisingly safe.

I agree Ado. i agree.
Back to couch

I don't know what happened Adonis, that made you stop flirting. You were *very* cute when you did.

neo, i told you that picture of me was not for public viewing!

but i since it was for Ado, i guess that's ok...;D

but damn...now he's seen me without pink hair...


And adonis...if things are "looking up" after seeing that picture, you can't be that sick. Just sayin'.



Now to go heinz ...

... still got the 'bot, tho ...

I think I'm coming down with something too.

Just sayin'.

... and ... apparently kilt the Kilt ...

... or not ... Hi, Blue .,,

*Waves feebly, with great effort*


Have you been maintainin' with your daily overdose of Vitamin C, Blue?

(Seems to help moi ownself, merely sayin' ...)

I believe my affliction requires the specialized care that only a nurse, such as the one linked to earlier, can provide.

Still just sayin'.

do you mean me? ;)

Yes, with or without pink hair.

I mean, with or without pink in your hair - but always with hair. (Not into the Skinhead O'Connor look).

I believe Blue needs a dose of Vitamin C

dang! I meant to say Vitain "See"

It's too early for this.

Oh. It's 10:00.

Wel, it's STILL too early.

*curls up under desk and takes a nap*

*Takes a Vitamin ZZZZZ and joins neo*

*loves a fluffy cuddly comforter and a pillow to neo and blue, and joins them under the desk for some zzzzzs*

*zips in*

Good Morning Kilties!

Busy, busy day for me - I'm cooking. OMG, why???

*zips out*

*rolls over and cuddles closer*
*sighs in contentment*

psst...kilties...El's "cookin"... ;)

*Hangs Do Not Disturb sign on doorknob*

(heh, heh, I said hangs, do AND knob!)

and "disturbed".

oh wait...that was disturb...

never mind!

It should read "Do not disturb the disturbed." ;-)

thank you, bumble. i think that's what i was gettin at.


wait a minute!!! i'm under that desk, too...are ya callin me disturbed?!? ;)

But, s-girl, we like you that way!


I'm disturbed, too. It's not an insult. 'Tis simply our state of being, brought on by the world we live in. Can't be helped.

Although, my disturbance level has been minimized somewhat by the arrival of my new scrapbooking toy in a big-a$$ box. Behold: The Making Memories® Runway Roller™.

I already own the matching tote (x-mas gift from my bestest friend), so now I can get all my junk organized. Yay!

But not right now. Right now I have managerial accounting homework to attend to. School sucks.

I *heart* being a prof.

My students rock. Not only are they smart and funny and creative and eager (well, most of them anyway, and the others do a good job of...well....occupying their seats), but they are so darned endearing with their views of the world. I absolutely LOVE that moment when you teach them something new....and not just new but something startling and unexpected that makes them laugh and glad to be learning. That moment when they realize that knowing stuff can be fun. I love being there for that.

So...I *heart* being a prof.

But I also *heart* cuddling, so move over, s-girl and make some room under that desk, please!

I would *heart* being a student if I were taking a remotely interesting class from a prof who didn't bore me out of my skull, but as it is...


*wanders downstairs for dinner (roast pork, mashed potatoes with gravy)*

There's balm in Gilead yet. :-)

*wonders if the "under-the-desk" remedy is working*

*chugs third bottle of nyquil of the day*

*wonders what happened at work today*

Oh, wait - I went to work today.


Guys, I knew computers got viruses, but I didn't know they could carry them between people.

*goes to look for more nyquil*

Works for me, ASK, works for me! ;)

(Of course, I wasn't sick, but still...)

for ASK.

and i don't know if the "under the desk remedy" worked for anything other than havin a bunch of kilties cuddled together under neo's desk.

which works for me. :)

Um, the under the desk remedy, not the nyquil.
*forgets that y'all can't read my mind*

pssst...neo...yes we can.


*grins* Apparently so!

me too???

"me too", as in, you can read neo's mind too?

or, "me too", as in ya wanna cuddle under the desk? ;)

and...what did you cook today?

Beside my fingers and the inside of my wrist, you mean?

A robust *giggles* vegetable barley soup with short ribs, potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, green beans, served with a bakery French Bread.

CG doesn't like soup (???) so I just gave him a bowl of the meat and veggies, in a soup plate, and at one point I saw him looking for something to dunk his bread in. I *snorked*. I should have told him the soup part was gravy.

Anyway, daughter asked me to make it and there's tons left and she's coming over Thursday, so it's all good. :)

Sounds delicious, cookie!

Great, fever and chills just came over to join their buddies at the party. Ash came home this evening and said, "well, crap would be a big improvement from the way you look right now." She's such a loving child.

It would make you feel better in no time, ASK. :)

Why is ASK posting that he's hot? Didn't we know that alread-

OHHH! I get it. He has a FEVER.

Good grief, what is wrong with everybody?

*sets up a hospital wing for all the sickos sick Kilties*

*loves lots of cold orange juice, hot tea with lemon and honey, warm chicken noodle soup and plenty of whiskey medicine*

*surreptitiously sprays Lysol liberally*

*wanders innocently into the Kilt*

*gets a face fully of surreptitous Lysol spray*


Well....at least now I'm germ free.

*apologizes appropriately*

Ash came home this evening and said, "well, crap would be a big improvement from the way you look right now." She's such a loving child.

Posted by: ASK, the very hot | 09:01 PM on January 23, 2007


Must be "abuse your family" day. When I got my new toy in the mail this afternoon, mom had a Freudian slip moment and referred to it as a "crapbooking tote."

(add an s to crapbooking if you missed the post about my new toy and are confused)


And not from the spray either...:(


*loves ASK a fluffy blanket and an ice pack, to be applied alternately, as needed*

*tries to figure out how to love self (and Self) some soup!*

Shoot. I like inappropriate apologies MUCH better.

*luvs ASK a hot whiskey toddy*

*intentionally implies inappropriate innuendo*

Dang. I can't seem to come up with the write terms. I think I am alliterate.

*sneaks a sip of toddy's whiskey*

My problem is (I think) not a virus ... it's more like an allergic reaction ...

tired, achy, inattentive, semi-clogged nasal passages, itchy and watery eyes, some minor difficulty breathing ...

Yup ... I'm allergic to werk ...

allergic to work?

easily treated - stop workin

also, take a shot or 3 a day of your favorite distilled beverage

chase with beer as necessary

there's no charge for that advice, BTW

i'm not really a doctor, tho i think i could play one on tv

Merely remembered an old (How old? REALLY old!!!) gag (choke, retch, puke) line from early adolescence ... the "theory" bein' that ... if it werked, the young male-gender types would get lucky ...

I'm a psychiatrist.

Lie down.

Oh ... and tnx, tck, fer the prescription ...

*Fumigates The Kilt*

No, not in the usual way, though that has been known to kill microbes as well as larger creatures.

All clear. You guys can come out now....

*peeks out from Kilt bunker*

Are you sure, Blue? Have you run air quality tests?

*waits in bunker for answers*

*also waits in bunk, checking "air" quality*

*Opens all Kilt windows, turns exhaust and inlet fans on full blast*

*Retrieves dead canary*

Probably should wait a bit after all.

WHY, WHY, WHY am I always the sacrificial lamb, so to speak?

How about using a parakeet next time?

*keels over*

You think YOU've got it bad!

Looks as if the canary took a tern for the worse ...

*peeks in*

Germs gone? Is it spring yet?

*makes an appearance*

*freezes solid*

Actually, I was waiting all day for someone to make a joke about my favorite bird.


evidently, this was a worse plague than i thought


And my favorite bird??


bird flu, then?

No ASK, it *ducked*.

Right before it *swallowed*.

*wide-eyed innocent look*


My car broke down. Again. So I drove dad's car. And it broke down. Again. Also, I don't understand managerial accounting. Or the Korean version of it, anyway. It's been a long day.


*goes to bed*

Was that *snorks* or *storks*? We haven't heard anything about the blessed event in a couple of days now. *giggles and runs away very fast*

*runs back in*

Anybody know where I can find somebody who knows something about writing? *looks around meaningfully and hopefully* We're studying editing.




......nope! No idea.


*looks even more meaningfully around*

*looks so hard that her eyeballs pop out of her head and bore their way through a certain someone's innocent act*


neo' ...

best advice I can give y'all (based on a combined 30+ years of teachin' about language and then writin' moi ownself ... is:

Write short.

You can always pad it out later ...

and ...

Speakin' of all the odd birds hangin' around here, I'm rememberin' the old tale about the time (not Thyme) the Avian World Series wuz happenin' ...

There wuz a Wise Old Owl and chief umpire, and various other species in the logical roles ...

I think it wuz a Crafty Old Raven that had the Concession concession ... and he hadda figger out how to schedule his werkers for the best possible sales results.

Finally, he had his schedule set. He's tellin' all the other birds whut jobs they've got.

"Billy Blue Jay, y'all are gonna be sellin' Cider, Beer and other liquid refreshments ...

"Petey Pigeon, I think y'all would be best at runnin' the popcorn sales ...

"Sammy Seagull ... um ... Jeezely ... it looks like hot dogs are all that's left, so I guess we've got the Tern for the Wurst ..."

*ducks and dodges popping eyeballs*


pssst....email checked and responded to!

*eyes empty mailbox speculatively*

Oh wait. I forgot. My eyeballs are bopping and popping around all over the floor.

So how do I check my mailbox?

*fingers it*

*ambles by*

*notices a duck chasing eyeballs*

oh, yeah. i need sleep. owl see y'all later;)

*gooses kilt*

Good morning, Kilties!

And especially for my dear friend Sharon, just because today is the day after yesterday, I wish you a Very Happy New Day!!!


*scurries off to get a haircut*

*maybe even all of 'em*

*hums as preparing to head out to campus*

...these are a few of my favorite thiiiiiiiings....


Thanks, sistah.

*Adds to cheerful day's wishes for Sharon*

Neo, we know a chick with your savvy is not gull-ible enough to buy the innocent act.


I need to stop and get petrel on my way to school today.

Thanks for reminding me, Blue (footed-booby)!

*also hugs sharon, just cuz*

morning kilties!

Better than a Blue-boobed footie, I suppose....

*puts on some theme music*

Another full-circle, karmic, wooba-wooba music episode (see my 10:18 am post):

July 06, 2006

  Good times at the church festival.

  Posted by Dave on July 6, 2006 at 09:21 AM
  Blue-footed booby.

  Posted by: sharon share-alike | 04:38 PM on July 6, 2006

  better than a blue-boobed footie I suppose.

  Posted by: CoastRaven | 04:41 PM on July 6, 2006

Word for frickin' word! (And by the Bird, yet).

ok, i think it's time to stop with the bird references.


Anyone in the shower?



Speaking of birds, I saw two bald eagles out by the reservoir a couple of weeks ago. They’ve been in this area before (my parents saw one a couple of years ago) but that was the first time I’d ever seen them. In the wild, that is. Saw one at the zoo once, but it was really cool to see them out there sitting in the trees.

Does anybody ever get a feeling of déjà vu?

Does anybody ever get a feeling of déjà vu?

neo - over and over again...

*zips in*

Seems like I've been here already....hmmmm :)

I have to go check with Yogi Berra about this - he lives on my street.

he lives on your street?

blue, can't he afford a house?

*SNORK!*@ S-Girl.

All I know is that he saw a fork in the road and took it. He probably got lost.

He'd better wash that fork off before he tries to eat with it...who knows where it's been??

And *SNORK* at the wooba-wooba moment. And with my favorite Bird of all, no less!


er...I mean *swoons*

I'm sucha loon.

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