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January 24, 2005


You might as well use your computer to be productive.

(Thanks to Ian Woollard)


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Louis Jordan - Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens

One night farmer Brown,
Was takin' the air,
Locked up the barnyard
With the greatest of care
Down in the henhouse
Somethin' stirred
When he shouted "Who's there?"
This is what he heard:

There ain't nobody here but us chickens
There ain't nobody here at all
So calm yourself,
And stop your fuss
There ain't nobody here but us
We chickens tryin' to sleep,
And you butt in
And hobble, hobble hobble hobble
With your chin

There ain't nobody here but us chickens
There ain't nobody here at all
You're stompin' around
And shakin' the ground,
You're kickin' up an awful dust
We chicken's tryin' to sleep
And you butt in
And hobble, hobble hobble hobble
It's a sin Cyn

Is a busy day
We got things to do
We got eggs to lay
We got ground to dig
And worms to scratch
It takes a lot of settin'
Gettin' chicks to hatch

There ain't nobody here but us chickens
There ain't nobody here at all
So quiet yourself,
And stop your fuss
There ain't nobody here but us
Kindly point that gun,
The other way
And hobble, hobble hobble off and
Hit the hay

Is a busy day
We got things to do
We got eggs to lay
We got ground to dig
And worms to scratch
It takes a lot of settin'
Gettin' chicks to hatch

There ain't nobody here but us chickens
There ain't nobody here at all
So quiet yourself,
And stop your fuss
There ain't nobody here but us
Kindly point that gun,
The other way
And hobble, hobble hobble of and
Hit the hay

"Hey boss man
What do ya say?"

It's easy pickens,
Ain't nobody here but us chickens

*smooches too!*


for the `just a thot n not a very good one' file -
i hate house-werk

In case it wasn't obvious, those lyrics came into my head because Bumble was singin' a lonesome song. My slight modification was made to acknowledge that Cyn had appeared in the meantime.

I'll behave now (if I have to).

Nah, we're to smart to try getting a leopard to change his spots. Be however you want to be. :-)

Make that "too smart."

I'm smart; really!

*sticks a gold star on bumble's nose*

We know that, silly.

*blithely ignores accusatory glance and luvs cyn the number for Merry Maids*

*strews white roses, freesias, forget-me-nots and snapdragons (HAR! I SAID DRAGON!) around the Kilt*

You need some nemesia, too. They look kind of like snap dragons, but the blossoms are tiny. They come in white and different colors.

that should've said all different etc.

And that link was meant to work the first time, of course. Not that that matters to the computer.



I was just writing a whole long post about my favorite flowers -- hydrangea, lilies-of-the-valley, english garden roses, forget-me-nots, blahblahblah...

So I'm googling images of all of these to hot link in the post, getting all excited about spring and summer, thinking about my garden...

I go down my list (teehee, I said... oh, never mind.) And I get to forget-me-nots. They make me cry too, but because they remind me of childhood and my mom's garden. This, of all things, is what popped up in Images when I googled forget-me-nots, while thinking of my favorite Kilties.

Holy full circle, Batman.


And that's the first day I met you!!!

The forget-me-not link was posted by Adonis on April 15th at 9:23pm on the original Kilt...and TWO POSTS above that, KDF posted her first post to me! And she found it googling something from my post NINE MONTHS LATER!!!

*hears strange wooba-wooba music*

Wow. It's kind of funny (and fun) to go back and read our old conversations. We were really ragging on Tumnus that first day.

Upon solemn reflection, I was kind of mean to him. But don't tell him I said so. He doesn't heinz, so he won't know. ;-)


Bumble, I was just rereading the first few posts too... look how many of the first 10 - 15 posts of that thread were written by people who are STILL KILTIES!!!

And she found it googling something from my post NINE MONTHS LATER!!!

Posted by: sharon share-alike | 09:06 PM on January 20, 2007

Why do I feel as if I've just given birth?

Ah, sorry, can someone please tell me what dimension we are in? I seem to have gotten a bit disorientified, what with the past popping up saying it doesn't wish to be forgotten, which I hadn't planned to do at all, but it seemed so insistent about it that I must have given some indication to that effect that i can't remember, so it seems that I might have forgotten some of it after all and ...

*is swallowed into black rhetorical hole*

We are in the "wooba-wooba" dimension, Blue.

*luvs Blue a forget-me-not*

S'all you need.

And *SNORK!!* @ KDF.

Clearly, we have a new Kilt symbol to add to the list.

*zips in*

I'm just reading and somewhat skimming Kathy's link.

Summary: We were hilarious!!! ROFL at us!!!

*zips back to more giggles*

It was kind of a "getting to know you" time, wasn't it?

note to self: try to finish thought before posting.

AND, Adonis was already talking about his PopTart!! Too funny!!!


And Betsy's guided tour was beyond hilarious - is she still around?

And Ado is sooo cute - with his capital "A".

I love all of us. I'm going to read it to the end, even if I have to finish tomorrow.
Kathy, it's so cool that you came across it.

*goes back to read about Ado's poptart*

Update: KDF called me a b!tch in the original kilt. I had forgotten that. :-)

I was downright bawdy!

*is properly horrified at self (not Self)*

Huh. I was part of the original poptart conversation; I even leveled some threats about toasting at it. How did I forget that?


whoo. i dropped by at about 9 to see what was shakin', clicked on KDF's link n *whooooosh*
it's 10:30!
good times, good times.

whatever happened to betsy n daisymae?
n yeah, bumble.. i miss ado's huge poptart.
wonder if he still has the mink body piwwy

I can't quite remember the original Kilt stuff. Usually there was so much, I would just post a quick comment and then comment on another one.
We hit 1000 so fast. Like a weekend or something. I felt like I had helped out with some great thing.

I didn't realize that I was one of the First 15.
And the post was way cool. Other places that have kilts, and Alfred.com

*shuts book* Assignment complete. Only one more to go, and it ought to be manageable Sunday afternoon.

*feels greatly satisfied*

Ok, well, not "time to go smoke a ciggy" satisfied or anything. But it feels good none-the-less.

Goodnight, Kilt.

Just checking in. YAY! for remembering the begining!!

(and there are links to all the old Kilts on the Y, in case you ever want to read them)

Cool, Cookie thinks I was cute!

The poptart had started about a week before that, but now it's imortilized.

It's a good thing I'm all alone right now because I cracked up remembering the mink body pillow.

Dude, I was a goofy doofus back then. And kind of precoshus (because it's early and I can't remember how to spell it, okay?). Anybody remember how slow that thing would load at the end? And when it exploded and covered everything with strikethrough? Remember how elated we all were to reach the first couple thousand posts? And all because dave and judi left us alone for two days and we all had to post at the same place. And now look at us. I tell you what, I work overnight tonight and I will get an accumulated post count for us. It'd be interesting.


Y o e l w of fe ris y, and then, e al jo de ck, it or not.

Isn't that hilarious? HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!

Posted by: KDF | 10:57 PM on March 18, 2006

I still don't get that. Please 'splain. Please.

I dunno. I've long suspected Adonis only blogs from the computer in the detention room.

Posted by: Tamara Rhymes With Camera | 04:07 PM on March 22, 2006

So true, so true.

Hey sarah! Good to see you!

So far in Kilt history, this will be the 31184th post.


I think Cookie is the expert in other long winded posts, so I have a question: Do we win?

(Also, I would like to point out that one of the Kilt reincarnations was not in the archives. I had to count 823 posts myself. Not fun.)

You know what? I have had to take and dispatch over 40 calls on this overnight. That is FOUR TIMES THE USUAL CALL LOAD!! You think you like your job? Try to do four times the normal workload by yourself in an empty building with no backup.

You know what's even worse? I still have two hours left in my shift.

See ya guys, and it turned out to be 5 times the usual call load.

Adonis, thanks for the post count! Wow.

Bumble, I called you a b!tch?? I don't remember that, but I'm sure it was tongue in cheek, my little Bumblechen.

Y o e l w of fe ris y, and then, e al jo de ck, it or not.

Isn't that hilarious? HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!

Posted by: KDF | 10:57 PM on March 18, 2006

OK, Adonis, since we've made it together to the 20th Kilt, I'll level with you. You and Alfred were posting stuff that didn't make any sense to me, which was making me laugh, so in the midst of my giggle fit, I made that up. It was completely meaningless. I was messin' with ya. :D


I never claimed I wasn't evil.

Good morning, all! I'm off to the gym.


You were being sarcastic, Kay. :-)

OK, evil and sarcastic. Check, and check.

*smooches and runs*

*zips in*


I read Kathy's link all the way through til the strike out stuff happened.

I must say, Adonis was quite the flirt, wasn't he? Yep. And a cutie, to boot.

*wonders what to boot means*

We were all very clever, as well as hysterically funny, IMO.

Really, what happened to Betsy? Did she just move on or what?

And TRWC had just met the Brazilian and now she's married to him. *snif*

Sharon must have been LTTG because I didn't see her there?

Anyway, it was great!
Thanks, Kath. *smooch*

*boots Cookie with boots and stuffs her in the boot to boot*

Well...you wanted to know!! :)


You, my dear Cookie, invited me to the Kilt on April 15th, so I'm down there in the strikethrough area.


Thanks so much for doing so.


*wonders if he should heinz more often*

psssst - bumble - you mighta been kinda rough on me, but i might of had it comin - maybe

*wonders if she'll ever have time to heinz the old kilt*

no worries darlin, i'll fill ya in

i was bein a perfect gentleman, as always, but the posse was bein horribly mean to me (other than you, or course)

you should feel sorry for me, really


you'll fill me in?


*doesn't feel sorry for tck*

*just feels him, instead*

*evil grin*

even better :)

*eviler grin*

Hmmmm....methinks I sense a wee bit of pervieness upon the Kilt today.

*pops popcorn*

*grabs a cider*

*lounges back on the Couch 'o Voyeurism to enjoy the show*

a wee bit?

hmmmm...TC, sounds like a challenge...are ya up for it?

*evilest grin*

and pssst...sharon likes to watch...


*puts the videocam in a hidden place, turns it on and sits down next to sharon*

*pours a big ole' bag of M&M's into a bowl, and *fwoonce*s down on the couch between Sharon and El*

So.... what're we watchin'?

Ooooh, The Kiltie Channel™. Excellent.


What's with the moving and no forwarding address? I had to pay a private eye a fortune to track you down!

So, what are you watchin?

The Kiltie Theater proudly presents Telluride and Southerngirl, exploring the boundaries of what a "wee" bit of perviness means.

{{{sly!!!}}} There's a link back there, I just failed to follow up with an official, bolded "Moving Announcement."

I'm sorry!!!

*hangs head in shame*

That's OK, KDF. You've had a lot on your mind, what with the baby and all.



Just checking in after an exhausting weekend. Josh turned 9 today and has been going full-speed since early this morning.


my son will be 13 on sunday.

i'm not old, am i?!?


sg, that's my baby brother's birthday, too. Except he's turning 36. :)

Happy birthday to the little ASK-chen, and a future happy birthday to the no-longer-little southernboy, and a special happy, happy day of bitth to the newest little Kiltie! What did you name her, K?!

(I can't stop snickering)


KDF....crowned this year's Miss Conception.

ok, i've already said i don't much care for sweets...but "snickers"?

yeah...i could go for one of those...

sweet, yet nutty...perfect! ;)

and kay, my baby sis, my godchild, in fact, turns 30 on the 27th.

i am so gonna mess with her that day!!!

Happy b-day to all and sundry kilties and kin!

Hey....there's that sundry guy again. It must be his birthday, too.

Okay....KDF said I have to tell you guys this, even though I said I didn't want to bring down the Kilt. But she twisted my arm and pinched my ear and said that I should share this with the people who care about me. But I warn you...anyone who shows any pity gets stompled!

Wednesday would have been my son David's sixteenth birthday. That's why I chose this thread for the move...because he was born and died on Januray 24th.

So to answer your question, s-girl....NO...you're NOT old! You can't be if your kid is only turning 13.

/downer post

How 'bout, instead of pity, we just tell you we love you? Empathy isn't pity, you know.

Love you, Sharon!

Um. That works.


Love you back.


i have no pity for you, (and i'm not sayin that cuz i don't wanna get stompled, or cuz i'm a'scairt of you, or somethin...),only pity for KDF...cuz she...she...

what's this about her twistin your arm and pinchin your ear and such?!?

i'd kick her @ss for you, cept for one thing...

she loves you, and so do i.

*smooches* and *love*s sharon, without any sympathy whatsoever*


You can't kick KDF's ass in her condition!!

*hee har snork!*

But I appreciate the sentiment.

*smooches* back.

(and yes...I realize the perv factor of that statement!)

Well, I've been gone all day between visiting my friend Ann and working all night.

It appears that, in my absence, we have formally adopted the little gray kitty who's been mewing under our porch steps all week. Mom had been feeding it tuna and muttering about taking it to the pound, but there was a flat of cat food in the kitchen when I came home, and the little kitty's head was peeking up at me from a box of rags she fixed up for it, so I guess it gets to stay. I have dubbed said kitty Herr Mewller, though I've yet to determine whether it's a Herr or a Frau.

Morning, all!

Awww, a new Kiltie kitty!

*wonders why ass hurts*

*also wonders why KDF's ass hurts*


morning kilties!

Sometimes you'll have that after childbirth and all.

One of my favorite parts of the whole baby saga: Sharon (here) and I (on MB) referred to me as "Miss Conception" one minute apart.


Kinda toying with the idea of just going with it and posting Tamara's baby pictures post-delivery (June) and claiming them as my own. Doesn't matter how many times I clarify... I'm sure there are many who now will think of me as with-blog-baby.



Coffee. Yes.

*zips in*

Kathy had a baby and didn't tell the Kilt.

Good morning Kilties!

WHAT, Kathy had a baby and didn't even tell the posse?? Can we still give her a baby shower?

For Kathy's baby and this and to put on the crib.

Happy Birthday (plus one), Josh!

*Sends a night light for kdf and KDF.*

Blue~ Didja see my kitty name? :-)

OK... moving on, please...

Ja, Herr/Frau Mewller ist süss.

And it's living up to its name. It's out on the porch whining away for breakfast. :-)


*dashes off to school*

hi guys.

it's cold and rainy here, and i don't want to be at work. i wanna go hoooome! and take a nap!

we're allowed to whine here, right? ;)


Yes. :)

Yes. *sneaks a fluffy cuddly comforter and a pillow into Southerngirl's work*

*thinks for about a minute, then sneaks in and curls up with Southerngirl* I need a nap, too.

*thinks for about a minute, then sneaks in and curls up with Southerngirl* I need a nap, too.

I apparently need new glasses, 'cuz I'm seeing double!

aaaah...a fluffy cuddly comforter, a pillow, and neo to share a nap with.

much better. :)

now, if we could just get rid of that pesky werk thing...

and that pesky school/homework thing...

Just finished grading!

*crawls under the fluffy, cuddly comforter with s-girl and neo*

ahhhhhhhh.....that's better.

*yawns and stretches*

it's been nice napping with y'all, ladies, but my family is on its way home, so the hecticness is about to begin.

catch y'all later!

heh. I was just taking a nap myself. Over near the " I can't be sick, I have way to much to do!" Couch. Very rarely seen couch, I can understand if no one saw it.
It kind of jumps up at you when you do find it though.

Yeah Alfred, I have been sitting on that couch. I never noticed it before now, but it's handy when needed.

Thanks KDF I get it now. You are evil.

Yeah, Cookie I was a flirt back then. Man, what happened?


Being sick sucks. That is all.

*loves chicken soup to Alfred and Adonis*
*and a nurse to make them well*

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