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January 24, 2005


You might as well use your computer to be productive.

(Thanks to Ian Woollard)


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now that's what i call storm preparation!

kinda like what i do before a hurricane, only i stock up on beer. :)

Gee, I need rum for a hurricane.

TCK~ No worries. I'm back now.

But not for long. Got a managerial accounting quiz to study for. *sigh*


Yep, got rum.

All are welcome.

I think it's mandatory for teachers to act like that ASK....just so long as the students don't see it!

TC--the next time the words "just like a chick" come out of your mou....er....fingers, I'm gonna breathe dragon-flame on you. Then I'll stomple you with my boots.

*heads out to stoke the fires with an icy cold margarita*

geez, that sounds a lot like a dare....

*luvs smartASK some rum*

whoo hoo! hurricane party!

Yeah, TC, you know all the babes hate that!

the babes?!?

ok, where's el? i think it's time for a posse meeting!

Glad whoever said that pointed out that it was not me!



we cant say chick? or babe?


how bout mattress monkey?

does that offend anyone?


*pinches out lingering fire from the shirt of offending Kiltie (which has some VERY cool boot-prints on it) who is apparently not ASK though it looks an awful lot like him*

Nah. We don't need a meeting.

Oh, TC...you have SO much to learn.

I don't mind the word "chick," and I AM a "babe," and...well..."mattress monkey" is just weird, but...

Any time a guy says something that smacks of "All women do this thing"....

"Just like a....(fill in the designated feminine noun here)

"All (designated feminine noun) do/think/like/hate/want/don't want/whatever that..."

Well. THAT'S just downright de-humanizing! Takes away our individuality, you see...and that gets us a mite testy.

So pllllbbbbbttttt!

*zips in*

Announcement (sharon, I think we should have one but feel free to keep stomping until.

posse meeting in 20 minutes. This must be stopped. The usual spot.

Babes - not good
Chicks - not the worst
Mattress monkey?!?!? WTF? Is that how they talk about women in MT? That's the worst expression without the "c" word that I think I've ever heard.

Toto will be shunned pending further disussion re consequences at the posse meeting.

private pssst to posse, I'm a little disappointed frankly, I thought Toto liked women - *snif*

mattress monkey?


we're gonna have drinks at this meeting, right?

*tosses s-girl a cold one*

Yes, and it'll be catered, too. Do you prefer lobster, or steak?

Absolutely, s'girl. I think the hard stuff. :)

*Cautiously avoiding gender stereotyping*

What it is that makes educational professionals such easy targets for baiting remarks?

"Just like a....(fill in the designated feminine noun here)..."

So, it would be bad to say something like, "Just like a lady, Sharon sure knows how to make a point."

Just asking for clarification, mind you.

sharon - steak, thanks.

blue, how do you bait a remark? is it anything like baiting worms?

I think it's more like baited breath.

Oh...wait, that's bated breath.


*stomples ASK*

For clarification purposes only, mind you.

Got it - that makes things much clearerer.

glad you think so - i'm still confused

is it OK if i say "just like a mattress monkey"?

*clarifies butter in Kiltie kitchen*

Just like a chef.

*sees the bait, chomps, jumps in visually pleasing manner, fights the good fight*

Now, that's just like a fish.

*wonders if she'll get the hang of this*

*stomples something*

*snork* at sharon

sorry, ASK!

kay, did that "visually pleasing manner" include a hairflip?

*gives KDF "the hang of this"*

There. Now you got it!

Fish got HAIR?

*wonders if it breaks when the water freezes*



*wonders if it's safe to come back yet*


i thought ya were a damnyankee. ;P

i am :)

now doesn't that sound better than ignorant sexist redneck?

and also, safer?

Personally, TC...I thought your comments were HIGH-larious! Even though I stompled and breathed fire, I still snurgle-snorked.

So come on out and play.

mattress monkey??!! *stomples the dawg(s)*

oh, wait.. i luv dawgs (`specially funny `uns)

*sigh* may i have a med rare steak n a large icy cold margarita?


it's not the middle of the nite yet...what are you doin here? ;)

*luvs cyn a steak and a margarita, with an extra shot of tequila*

mattress monkey??!! *stomples the dawg(s)*

oh, wait.. i luv dawgs (`specially funny `uns)

*sigh* may i have a med rare steak n a large icy cold margarita?


ty! (couldja make the drink a 32oz?)

channeling dylan

she works..just like a woman
and she *snorks*...just like a woman
and she looks...just like a woman
but she stomples just like a fire-breathing dragon with boots on!

*can't remember when insom last got *snorked*

*snorks at insom*

cyn, you want it, you got it!

I love it when we all play nice together. :)

Insom! That...that was....


....that was beautiful!!

*dabs eyes with delicate lace hanky*

Hiya, cyn! Hey, what's that behind your back there??


ducks are behind cyn's back?!?

*casually saunters backwards past SSA*

*snorks at dylansom*

quaffs entire quart ..... erp.. uhoh

"delicate lace hanky"? riiight. n i `spose ya had `em tucked into those dr. martins o beauteous am*zon?


No Doc Martens for me, dear cyn. I wear these.

I'm not disputing that whole amazon thing, though. Though I think I like being a dragon better!

way cool boots.

and low-heeled, so that even i could manage to walk in them without fallin on my face.


whoo.. *tingle* those are wolfie worthy!

*duct tapes duck's beak* *ssssh*

Hee hee...

Glad you like 'em...they're kinda my trademark, and pretty much the only footwear I wear.

*ducks the duct-taped duck*

nice boots - very 80's :)

(and i mean that as a compliment, in a very "i am not a sexist redneck, but i am a damnyankee" sorta way)

*ducks the duct-taped duck*

i can't read that once, slowly, much less say it three times fast!

I'll have a non-stompled steak; medium well. Lobster is not all it's cracked up to be.

I would've said "Lobster ain't much punkin," but nobody understands me when I use the old-time phrases I've picked up from my grandmother via my mother.

am i the only one who actually likes her steaks cooked? as in, well done?

and bumble, i've only had lobster once. it wasn't to my liking. i'd rather have craWfish, any day.

even, maybe possibly, craYfish. ;)

*feels left out because she's allergic to beef*

*whips up a pork dish, a chicken dish and a fish dish for Sarah to choose from*

Dig in and posse up!


yum. That is all.

Wait! How 'bout venison?

No need to feel left out...I didn't pick the beef. I chose the lobster. I LOVE lobster--it's one of my favorite things ever.

And s-girl...I'd rather eat my boot leather than a well-done steak. I think it would have more flavor, and it wouldn't be nearly as tough. If a steak isn't pink all the way through (not bleeding red, which is yucky, but pink), then no thanks.

TC--yeah, if you're talking 1880s! I mean...how long has the cowboy boot been around, anyway?


HA! Apparently cowboy boots were invented not long after the Civil War.

*does the "I'm a smarty" happy dance*

Tee hee...Bumble and neo said "pork"!

So did Mrs. Merriweather, but she didn't get the results she wanted when she said it. Judge Taylor got a laugh out of it though.

Name that literary referenece!

make that reference


"To Kill a Nightingale"


"Ode to a Mockingbird"....

Ah, hell. You know what I mean.

Too easy for a lit prof. :-)

'Night, all!

G'night, babes!

(I'll own it - at least I'm not a damnyankee)

(Tee hee...ASK called TC a babe!)


G'night Kilties. Wish me good sleep.

Too late to wish you a good sleep, but I hope waking up is better than THIS.

(Tee hee...ASK called TC a babe!)

aaahhh...an early morning coffee *snork*...

hi guys!

Blue, did ya bring beignets?

I brought some New York (read: damn Yankee) style treats for a change.

I call the garlic!

I brought cream cheese.

mmmmmm, creeeeam cheeeeese...

And y'all can borrow this DamnYankeeWithRebelTendencies's toaster.

Good morning!

Y'all talk funny up thar, eyah.

Hey... you talkin' to ME???

*revokes Blue's cream cheese privileges*

Aaah, toast this!

i've never had a bagel, so i'll just go with this.

and i call the garlic! ;)

Never? ... had?.... a?.... bagel!?

Airlift time!! STAT!!!

Hey gang - I know that it has been awhile since I have checked in, and for that I apologize, but I ran across some sad news this AM - It appears that after a long chase, the Reaper has finally caught up with Art Buchwald has passed - I expect a tribute of some sort on the MB, but just thought I'd give a very sad heads up.
*dons his Black KILT, and wipes a tear*

Saw that too, Coast; waiting for a new thread to appear there soon.

Glad to see ya.

s-girl's never eaten a bagel? That is just... wrong. Who raised her? Wolves?

*shakes head sadly*

*looks to see if bagel assortments can be ordered online and shipped to cajun country*

*doesn't know who Art Buchwald is*

I've heard the name, but its significance I know not.

*hugs CR anyway*

Never? ... had?.... a?.... bagel!?

Airlift time!! STAT!!!

Posted by: Meanie the Blue | 10:13 AM on January 18, 2007

How could that be, s'girl? Don't they sell them in LA??
I think we should all chip in and send her a dozen.
But czech shipping charges FIRST. A while back I wanted to send wolfie some bagels and she lives in upstate N.Y.
So I went online to this great food place in NYC, and a dozen bagels weren't very expensive at all, and I thought "cool".

So I called to order and the shipping charges were - wait for it - $42.00!!!
For a $15-ish order.
Needless to say, no bagels were sent. :(

Here's an article about Buchwald - RIP.

I'm really sad too, but I like a lot what his son said.

RE: Art Buchwald - I strongly urge you to click on the "Last Word" video feature link that is embedded in the NY Times article that Cookie linked to above.

It is extraordinary.

Bumble, his topics would predate you for the most part, but Buchwald was a brilliant and inspiring satirist who is well worth reading.

s-girl never had a bagel?! I MADE bagels on Tuesday, super cheap (like 40 cents a dozen cheap) tasty and covered in cheese. Yum!

*zips out to toast a bagel*

I used to like plain bagels with plain cream cheese, but lately I've been all about the sweet ones at Panera. Cranberry walnut with honey-walnut cream cheese or chocolate hazelnut with hazelnut cream cheese. Mmmmm...

geez, guys...i didn't know i was gonna get y'all so worked up over my lack of bagel experience.

and no, bumble, i was not raised by wolves.


*resolves to haul s-girl to Panera by her ear and feed her a bagel if she's ever in my neck of the woods*

You've been deprived, s-girl. It's not your fault, but it needs to be corrected nonetheless. ;-)

ok, bumble, and if you ever come visit me, we'll be sure to go out for bananas foster. :)

but ya don't hafta pull my ear!

Good deal. It'd be tough to keep a grip all the way to Kokomo. I might wreck the car, then you'd die without ever eating a bagel. Horrors!

Of course, they might have them in heaven. If they do, I'll send one down, but don't let it burn. ;-)


Heaven has take-out and you can order in to H3ll? Who knew?

*SNORK!*@ the Angel of Peru.


bumble, that remark was totally uncalled for.

*tosses sock 'o nickels at bumble*

besides which, if i'm burnin, i won't be alone - i'm sure there'll be at least a couple other kilties down there keepin me company.

just sayin


*Wonders whom S-Girl might be referring to*

Not it
*places thumb on forehead*

*Adds thumb to Coast's forehead in a feeble attempt at pretending to understand what he means*

pssst, Coast... I understand

yes I do

*doesn't really*

Not one of the "whom"s S-Girl is referring

(although in all reality I already have a room reserved with a nameplate on the door)

Yeah, right next to mine.

That was the part I got, Coast. But the thumb-to-the-forehead deal went right by me.

I thought I remembered that bein part of the "Not It" ritual when I was a kid - although, when I think about it, I was a kid (physically) last CENTURY, so my memory may be a bit muffled.

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