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January 24, 2005


You might as well use your computer to be productive.

(Thanks to Ian Woollard)


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heeheehee...you guys said "staff"...

Well, for one thing, Great Ruler Of The Planet, she keeps an eye on your staff....

And yes, she would hire more staff if she needed more....;)

Cookie wants a post?

As chief of staff???

Would she spare the rod?

*obviously is not rising above her baser instincts*

HAR! RISING! Get it???

Sure wish I did.

.......Okay, I'm done now.

Is my Thumper being pervie without me?
And El too?

I'm hurt! I will require much sucking up (or on) and several gifts of the chocolate variety.

*awaits aforementioned sucking up-age*


*tackles wolfie in big ol' dragon-hug*

*outfits the shadow-slinker with mojito, hammock, cabana boy, and fuzzy bunny slippers*

No suck up-age from me, though, since I wasn't on your list.


For wolfie.
You know what they say about the green M&Ms. I hear it's the same with these. :)

*strokes mustache*
*flourishes remote control*
*activates super-stealth-secret Bunny Slippers of Doom Revenge*


*watches with Glee(TM thingy) as Bunnies seemingly come to life, forcing Wolfie to dance the Soft Shoe*

*does double take*


Noooooo!!! It's supposed to be SHARON!!

Curses!!! Foiled again!!

*sheepishly turns off Bunny Slippers of Revenge*

Sorry, Wolfie. It seems you were a Wolfie in dragon's clothing.



*wanders thru suckin seductively onna green blowpop*

s'okay. as long as it wasnt the macarena.

*wanders away*

TCK~ My first stop was at Olive Garden for lunch. They had a new dish I've been wanting to try. It was okay; nothing to write home about. I did eat gelato for the first time, though. It's tasty.

My second stop was for gas and gum.

Third stop was at my destination.

I didn't have the need to slow for any scampering critters, but I did whimper a little when I saw a black and white doggie who'd been squished pretty bad on the side of the road. :-(

My darling niece greeted me by breaking me in with a healthy dose of spit up as soon as I picked her up, but she was forgiven b/c she spent the rest of the evening grinning and cooing at me. :-)

*wanders off to see if baby fell asleep yet*

Btw, my waiter at Olive Garden called me sweetie pie when he first came over to the table to take my drink order.

Is it just me, or is that taking the harmless little endearments to people you don't know a bit far?

He was all about flourish. When he brought my drink, he said "There you go. Delicious, refreshing ice water." I tried not to laugh at him when he said that, but I didn't try hard enough.


Yes, Bumble, I think that's a little over the top, both the sweetie pie (even though you are) and the WOW It's water!

Are you sure that is punctuated correctly? Could it have been, "There you go, Delicious. Refreshing ice water," that he meant?

*likes ASK's interpretation better*

so...got any rum left?

have had no rum, or anything stronger than nyquil, in weeks. ended up with pneumonia. still not feeling right, and two boys just getting over it all too.


I put the commas where he put the pauses. Whatever. At least he was enthusiastic. That's better than having a server who struggles against rolling their eyes every time you ask for something. You just know they're dying to spit in your food.

Heya Kilties!

*luvs s-girl some rum*

Imma gonna be gone for a few days...taking a trip out west. I'll miss my Kilties, but I'll be back here on Monday night.


*packs Fuzzy Bunny Slippers 'o Revenge*

Over the top, sure, but...

BUMBLE! He was flirting! When ya goin' back? ;)

Have fun, Sharon!!!

pssst, when will you be here to pick me up?

Oh, I guess that would be a little out of your way, dang it...


Trust her B, she knows about these things.

psst - K - I'll come pick you up!

What?! What?! Sharon, you're going off and leaving me before I exact my revenge?!

Fine. Just fine.

*fills Sharon's suitcase with bags of ice*

Revenge is a dish best served cold.

pstt, have a good trip!! Travel safely!

oooOOOOOOOooooooo! Bling!!

Lay that ice on me, baby!

psst...thanks! I will!

Sharon - Is there a dragon convention happening out there? Or are you going to Denver as part of a literacy drive?

(Sorry for the main blog spillover)

mornin kilties.

hey, blue...i brought ya somethin...are ya hungry?

sharon, have a great trip! if you wanna pick me up, i'd love to go with you - my baby brother lives in denver.

ok, the bot got me on that last one, and the last three letters of my word verification was my real name. well, the 3-letter shortened version, anyway, which some of you already know. :)

Yes, yes, S-Girl.
And, yes.

Thank you.

*zips in*

Have a safe trip Sharon.

When I was out and about, my best friend, D, was a gay guy and the waiters always flirted with him and totally ignored me. If they were cute, which was often the case, it made me sad.


if ya take the correct route, my house could be on the way to denver :)

just sayin

is that an invitation? ;)

well it could be...

or it could be a carefully laid trap, in the event that i might be an axe murderer whose modus operandi is to invite non-suspecting hot southerngirls to come visit...

you'll hafta decide

Notice anything different about me????

why yes

you're hair looks very nice today - new highlights?

well, i could take my chances, but maybe it would actually be my own carefully laid trap, in the event that i might be an axe murderer whose modus operandi is to accept invitations from non-suspecting damnyankees and...

well, you'll hafta decide.

*wonders what happened to the cookies*


axe fight at the TC hacienda?

story at 11

or, we could team up and stalk helpless victims together :)

um, anyone wanna ride along with southerngirl to my place?

yeah...anybody wanna go for a ride?

i'll have beer and parfait, of course. ;)

see, that's an offer i couldnt of refused :)

no worries darlin

i had every intention of sharin with you (not ewe) once i arrived. ;)

*tiptoes quietly away from southerngirl and TCK*

*cuddles darling niece*

She had her first portrait sitting today. She did very well; they've got some adorable pictures to choose from.

When I used to work in another end of the electric power industry, I had a younger colleague who got a fairly radical haircut, and henceforth was nicknamed The Axe Murderer.

He is now a Control Room operator at our local nuclear power plant.

hey bumble...glad ya made it!

blue, that's kinda scary.

from axe murderer to homer simpson?


that's what i was thinkin!

which is why i said it's kinda scary.

Trust her B, she knows about these things.

psst - K - I'll come pick you up!

Posted by: ASK, the CD | 11:39 PM on February 1, 2007

*admits to knowing about these things*

*awaits ASK's pickup pick-up*

*hides all axes*

*but not all ASKes*


Don't hurt yerself (or your Self), KDF.

*watches precious niece chew on some toy or other*

Are all babies this cute? I think not. :-)

Four hours? Ack! Where have all my kilties gone?!?

*is frightened*

Long time passing. Where have all the Kilties gone, long time ago? Where have all the Kilties gone? They've gone to Denver every one. When will they ever learn? When will they ever learn?


I have been abducted by a band of twelve-year-old female birthday celebrants who have taken over my home for the evening. Although my older daughter's birthday was in mid-January, tonight is her desired sleepover party.

For those who don't know, my younger daughter was born on the same day as her sister. Her party is tomorrow, though it's not a sleepover, thank the stars.

Chill-edrin™, please!

homework. Why?

That's a pretty open-ended question to give as homework. Is it a philosophy class?

Blue- Tell your daughter that you will have a sleepover soon. And she has to take care of you.

More like I have to read about 247 pages in a book. Then work on Spanish homework. And take a nap.

The book I am reading is about Globalization. It talks about stuff like Cellphones with the Internet. Stuff the kilt would like a lot.
The problem is that for every single thing mentioned, some one has figured out a way to abuse it. A friend of mine is on leave from Iraq. He is very happy for missed calls.
What scares me more is the way technology is outpacing laws. Napster died and begat a hydra of different P2Ps with the ability to connect to each other. So eventually the lawmakers stop watching it. I fear this because of my searches in the P2P networks always bring up videos with names that bring chills to my body. The idea that some one filmed and then posted some of this stuff sickens me. And there is very little the law can do about it. I have some ideas on the matter.
Globalization will be part of my bread and butter in the future. Planning out how things connect would be great for a modelist.
But I am wondering what will happen to those who abuse all of this. It has been causing these bad fearfull thoughts in my mind all day.

Not many good jokes come from this.

Hi, gang ... been sorta busy, flew home for a funeral last Sat. and then back to werk on Tuesday ...

Bumble ... I got to fly Delta ... the (other airline) plane in Fargo went about 40 miles and then returned to Fargo with a minor mechanical problem ... so, I missed my Denver connection, so they put me on Delta to SLC and then Sacramento ...

It wuz OK ... NBD, merely another plane ride ... and I din't hafta go thru Atlanta ...

I won't bother y'all with the series of problems that have plagued me since my return to MidCal ... the best part of which wuz that with the extra werk, I'm still into the OT bracket this week, and werkin' tomorrow as well ...

Keep up the good werk ... good to see y'all can maintain ...

Alfred, the outrageousness that is possible in today's world is too hideous to contemplate. If you spend too much time dwelling on the wretched excesses, you will surely go mad. Sadly, the potential for exploitation is there for every technology or endeavor, and try as you might, such exploitation will always outpace efforts to prevent it. The only hope for keeping one's sanity lies in realizing that the negative excesses are balanced or overshadowed by the stunning potential for good that also comes with these new territories.

Alfred: It builds character.

Meanie: It builds character. Yours, not the girls'.

Interesting. It took a full hour for my comment to appear. Note: it is 1:03 blog time as I post this. I wonder when it will show up??

Says 1:42 AM
I am building character? I want to chain my sister to her room, and then hunt down every perve that would stalk her. I believe this kind of character can get me arrested. If caught....

Anyway, It does create some trouble to my mind. I try to be as optimistic as possible. But I can't find an upside. It sort of scares me frankly.

I was of the opinion that Blue was already a character.

*zips in*

Good morning, Kilties!

Here in su.so.ca. it's supposed to warm up to 71F today and 77F tomorrow. Yay, because my G&E bill is killing me. There was an article in yesterday's local simply awful newspaper that said this January was the coldest since 1966!!!

Uncle O~ It's ironic that you mentioned Delta to me just now.

When I got back from Portland a month ago, I told you guys about how they'd charged me for two flights, one of which I was not on. I did two things to address this. The night I found out about it, I sent an email to customer service. The next morning, I called the refund line (I would've called it the night before, but it was a nine-to-five place). The guy put the refund in that morning when I called, and it was processed within a week. And the results of the email? I got an email from Delta this morning, thanking me for my concern/patience/etc. It also informed me that their customer service place has changed locations or internet providers or something like that, and that I needed to send another email to a different address.

*rolls eyes*

Thanks. Very helpful, that. :-)


Sam's latest flash of brilliance.

Thank you for indulging me.

/end boastfulness :)

I love the Kilt, 'cuz it lets me indulge before noon.

Very cool 'toon. (And I should know).

Excellent Kathy. :)

Proud mom indeed!

that was great, kay! i was never able to see his news clip, either at home or at work, but this one worked fine. :)

hi, kilties!

Aw... thanks y'all!

sg, that's weird, since they're all on Y0uTube and in the same format. Can't remember if I linked the weather clips directly to Y0uTube or to my blog when I shared them with you, but if the blog version is what worked for you today, maybe the same format would work for you on the weather clips. They're all there; just scroll down.

/end Sam-PSA

Um....I'm not in Denver.

Just sayin'.

*waves to Kilties from a place that is not Denver*

It was as good a guess as any, I suppose

That's a shame, Sharon, as we're all here in Denver and having a wonderful time. Just came down the mountain from a day at the slopes, and on our way to The Tattered Cover Bookstore. Wish you were here!


Kid birthday parties - done!

After last night's sleep over with my 12 year old's friends, we took a batch of 8 year olds into Manhattan for lunch at Calif. Pizza Kitchen followed by a candy shopping party here. If you're ever in NYC, with or without a kid, check this place out. Willy Wonka would freak out here.

neo, could ya pass me the hot chocolate, darlin?
*shakes snow off skies* ooo, nice bookstore!

(just fyi - if you have fav clips saved onto utube, better go grab a copy to elsewhere. saw on net news that mtv requested and was promised a buuuuch of removals!)

Bumble ... that's ... um ... typical?

I'm failin' to deal with somewhut similar "complications" with our company computers ... which I really LOVE!!! (/sarcasm) ... mostly 'cuz they're PCs ... it continually amazes me how much faster and better my 3-year-old Mac werks, when compared to the newest and best (Panasonic ToughBook™) that Bill Gates can still hornswoggle people into buyin' merely 'cuz it has WINDOWS!!!(™) ...

Mebbe you'll (not Euell) get a double refund? [Uh-Oh! Moral Dilemma time ...]

When I wuz gone last weekend (home for a funeral), I'd had the ladies in the office help me book the flight. They knew the itinerary, and the flight times. (Fly to Nodak Saturday. Return to CA on Tuesday.)

Wednesday, I got a phone call from the office, askin' me if I'd done any werk in CA on Monday or Tuesday.

... um ... I called & told 'em that I couldn't werk, 'cuz the snow wuz too deep in Nodak to spray weeds ... they still din't get it ...

And our company, unlike Delta, has a mere 20 employees ...

Such is corporate life ...

K ... that's quite an impressive effort from your Sam ... sorta reminds me of some stuff my middle daughter did when she wuz around that age ...

Speakin' of age ... my older granddaughter is 13 tomorrow ...

GAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!! Where does the time go?

Blue~ I was in New York once, but I didn't get to go there. Methinks I'll have to go back. ;-)

I just got back from Stars on Ice. I really enjoyed it. They were great.

I'm dead tired now, though. I'm gonna have to hit the sack soon.


Once again with the homework and the Wii. Then I go to my parents house to fix there computer. After fixing the Printer/fax/Scanner, my sister says, "Hey, does this mean I can post my pictures online?"
"Oh yeah, thats why I uninstalled this program."
My life is tough.

Good night kilties.

Why do gorillas have big fingers? They have big noses.

*zips in*

FIRST on Super Bowl Sunday to say good morning. ;)

No Alfred, it doesn't count if it's the middle of the night.

Is anyone else going to live blog the S.B. with Dave because the game will probably be boring?

No, I don't know how Cookie came back, really!!

*hands on hips*


Where is everybody? Still asleep...or over on the SB thread (or maybe the Prince thread)?

El - I'll probably check in at game time to see if anybody's on the SB blog. What time does the game start? 5 ish?

I'm going out to Starbucks and to get my nails done in a few minutes.

daisy, the *actual* game starts a little after 3pm, PST. I don't have a lap top so I'll probably come to the live blogging during the game itself, because the commercials are must-see TV. :)

That's 6pm EST. Okey-dokey! I'll definitely be back by then. Obviously a *few minutes* was more than a few.

"Cookie" keeps showing up. Why is this happening?

Cookie is over and done with.

sounds like 'cookie' does not want to go gentle into that good night, or something...

cookie test

see, i typed in Eleanor, checked save personal infor, pushed post, it says Eleanor, and Cookie is back in the box.

I've used other names before and never had this problem.

I'm going to leave Cookie and post.

Well, it says Cookie, duh!

*smacks forehead*

Just ignore me.

Thank you.


On my 4:02post, I unchecked "remember, etc" and put in Eleanor and e-mail, posted,
it comes back Cookie with the "remember" checked!!!!!

OK, who's doing this???


It's only here on the Kilt that "cookie" keeps popping up. On all the MB threads, it's Eleanor.

I propose a move. This is getting slow anyway. :)

Hows about here?

Fourteen comments, and it was posted on my birthday, so I'll remember where (when?) it is. :-)

Bumble -- that's a bit close to the present. Can you find a thread on your b-day in 05?

Anything is fine with me. Do you need to run it by Sarah or Alfred?

I'll just follow the leader.

*zips out* (for a while)


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