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January 26, 2005



(Thanks to Debbie Henriksen)


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Audrey. Hepburn.

That is so wrong.

Dave, we begged and begged for you to get help.
My God(not yours, mine), this fascination with "snakes" and "weiner" dogs is very telling.
Please, even Miami has people trained in therapy for these issues. I won't even get into the garish outfit your wearing on the cover of your new novel.

"...the "wiener dog," is long in body, short of leg and close to the ground. Like the throngs of tourists and locals that frequent Miami Beach..."

Those two sentences shouldn't be that close to each other.

Weiner dogs are great with a chili and cheese. I prefer mine boiled, not microwaved.

igloo, I feel I must draw your attention to the following:
• posted by judi 02:39 PM

Q. What did the buddhist say to the hot dog vendor?
A. Make me one with everything.

"decked-out little divas and their owners"

Which is which?

Q. what did the chinese frog order at McDonalds?
A. Fries.

Cool - that was blogged about 10 minutes after I submitted it. Either I am "one" with Judi today, or it's just a really slow news day there at the blog.


Velly big "AH SO!"

So the hotdog vendor gives the buddhist his hotdog. Buddhist gives the vendor a twenty dollar bill.
Buddhist: What about the change?
Vendor: Change comes only from within.

That's cute! Looks like I'm going to Miami on the wrong weekend...

too bad you're going to a wedding, mikey; you could come up to coconut creek and see me sing. just a couple of pictures would give you enough ammo for anything you might want to get away with in future ;)

If you strap weiner dog to each foot, they're like a pair of warm, comfortable wriggly slippers.

WC - and if you don't use straps you get wicked toe-jam.

I took my mother's weiner dog driving one day in my ancient Toyato 5 speed with automatic gears but not emergency brake. I saw a friend standing in her garage. I drove up the drive which had a slight incline and stopped. Then I got out and walked up in the garage and was talking to her. Toby, the dachshund, jumped up in the driver's seat and started turning the wheel back and forth trying to get my attention. He knocked the car out of gear into neutral and the car started going backwards. My friend yelled,"Kathryn, stop your dog! He is drving your car away!" I ran down her drive and caught the door just before the car carreened into the street!

"decked-out little divas and their owners"

i can't understander

Talk about contradictions. First NBC4 runs editorials stating South Beach visitors should be discouraged from walking around displaying their weiners, then they go and glamorize the same practice.

You go Dog!

"They are demanding little dogs who know how to party in style..." 'They' turn out to be strippers with a new gimmick...

judi sings?!?! I did not know that.

*starts planning trip to Miami*

As I recall, the daschund was originally used for hunting badgers, the physical profile allowed them to easily go down the badger's hole and drag the badger out. A much more difficult task than merely chasing a racoon up a tree.

As I recall, badgers are a member of the weasel family.


I think not.

Random story for you: (swallow)

I have a lab and a dachshund who love going for walks, and love sniffing things along the way--especially fire hydrants, which, as we all know, were specifically created for dogs to sniff and pee on. So, the lab walked up to the hyrdant to sniff it. The dachshund, not to be left out, walked up underneath the lab to sniff the hydrant, too. This is how I discovered one of the pitfalls of owning (male) dogs that are not of similar size.

The dachshund got a golden shower.

Hic et ubique - I told a guy at the bar last night that he had a physical profile that would allow him to easily go down the badger's hole and he wanted to fight.

C-bol ---

You actually told a guy that? HAHAHAHA!!! LOL!!!

Do you s'pose that'd be a good pickup line?

Hey, babe, I've got a physical profile that lets me go down a badger's hole ...

Nooooooo ... somehow that doesn't seem to be quite the phraseology that sounds very cool ... even to me ...

That's not fair.
There is an Grand Theft Auto based in Los Angeles too.

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