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January 21, 2005


Do NOT click this.

(No thanks to Dan Coulter)


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OUCH!!!!!!!My Eyes. I'm melting

Will he make a guest appearance at the Trump wedding?

Third . . . not that I wanted to be!

My monitor now has a splat mark from the gum I was chewing at the time I clicked the link, which you told us not to click, but you always do that, and as the righteous followers we are of the Almighty Dave, we always do what you tell us not to do and never do what you ask us to do.

*Does anyone know how to get hubbabubba off a flat screen? No? Just checking...*

*splashes acid on eyeballs*

Ahhhh, that's better.

That one deserves a new warning. Like "DNOUYWYETM" (do not open unless you want your eyes to melt).

This is truly a great blog that you have allowed us, the great unwashed, to partake in. So, please accept this criticsm in the spirit it is offered.
I think you could really elevate the level of discourse on this blog, if you could get TheDonald© to pose for a similar picture, only use the doo, not the pelvis. Hasseloff only brings out the baser instincts, while TheDonald©, inspires us to more lofty rhetoric and multi-syllable words like Booger. Hasselloff on brings to mind the snipe night.

I can now die in peace - because I've seen it all...

Actually in that picture, that's WELL more than I ever cared to see...

Thanks Dave - anyone got a blunt spoon that I can gouge my eyes out with?

After clicking that link I achieved a 14-foot projective vomiting range. Good work Bloggateers.

Higgy, how many people carry sharp spoons?

After clicking that link I achieved a 14-foot projective vomiting range. Good work Bloggateers.

Did anybody see the guy on American Idol who sang the David Hasselhoff song???...it was hilarious!!!

*hands Higgy a grapefruit spoon*

See Marvin - some people carry sharp spoons! Thanks, rita!!!

Any time, Higgy. I'm sure you'd do the same for me.

Di-- peanut butter.

I've been drinking DayQuil all morning...I thought it was a newsreel...*hic*

julietine - I did! The kid said his favorite show was -- Baywatch (pause for eyeroll) and when they asked why he said it was because of...
David Hasslehoff. I have never laughed so hard (at something not DB related).

Now that that's said and done...

My Eyes!!! MY EYES!!!!


*loses any desire for lunch*

Thanks Candy Tutt. I was going to ask Higgy to pass the sharp spoon, or else I'd have to go out and get a spork...

Is someone going to take pity on those of us who are actually working (and cannot open such links) and give us a textual description? My curiosity is killing me!

Just Another Dave,
It is a slide show of David Hasselhoff in swim trunks - be lucky you are at work.


Kinda like the Baywatch intro, eh?

Thanks for the description. My curiosity is satisfied and my appetite remains, thankfully, intact.

For those that feel irrationally compelled to click on these links, I have a short fable for you.

My grandfather told me that the world can be divided into three groups:

1) Those that can be told not to pee on an electric fence.

2) Those that can observe the harmful effects on someone else when they pee on the electric fence and, in the future, avoid such behavior.

3) And those who simply must pee on the electric fence themselves to "see what all the fuss is about."

*wipes tear from her cheek*

Just Another Dave -
That touched me like nothing else has today.

So eloquent. So sensitive. So realistic.

A slide show!!! I thought it was just that one picture with the picture you-know-where! Good grief - is it worth going back to find the link???? Or was it a post?? There's a lot going on this morning, and thoses of us with ADD are having a hard time staying focused!

*hee, hee, I said hard*

What does OIYDWYMTTY(NY)G stand for exactly? Or If You Don't Want Your Mother To Take Your (Not You're) Goat?

Or if you don't want your mother to think you're (not your) gay!!!

Glad to help out - call me anytime - or call me Eleanor!

*loves to amuse self with lame jokes*

I have just one question. The guy whosubmitted this... one "Dan Coulter". Is he the guy that dresses in drag and goes on all the Fox News shows as "Ann Coulter"? Dude, if that is you, WATY(NY)G.

Thank you, Eleanor! Can I call you "Laynie" and pretend we're old chums--for no reason except that I want to call you "Laynie?"

You know, if someone were to describe for you this image of Hasselhoff wearing bikini briefs with a crotch picture of Hasselhoff wearing bikini briefs with a crotch picture...and the 3-D effect of his crotch coming right at you until it fills the screen, only to reveal that you are back to where you started, and it goes on and on in a neverending hasselhoff crotch recursion, you'd no doubt say "Wow, I couldn't take it."

But you know, after the vomiting, the involuntary bowel movements, the dry heaves, the shakes, the cold sweat, the sphincter twitches, the bleeding from the eyesockets, and the mournful wail you feverishly seek the source of, only to find it's you, it's not so bad.

Tamara, old chum, I'm remembering the wonderful times we shared in high school! And Laynie works fine for me - kind of a cute name actually!

*will need to get new wardrobe to go with new name*

I think my favorite thing about this is the way he's standing holding his pelvic area.....it's almost an Austin Powers moment.

Hey, Anytime ...
... Seen Lily around lately?

If you do, call me (please) ...

... just don't call me late to supper ...

Can you get Barry Manilow?!

What frightens me are some of the comments left after the frightening picture...some people find this picture a turnon.

rita, I get the spoon next!

She warns us and warns us and warns us.......


While I shudder to think that distantly I may be related to Ann Coulter, I haven't been told of any family links (as of yet). I do'nt know what I'd have to do if I found out that I did...maybe lose myself in a never ending zoom into David Hasselhoff's crotch.

I will never sleep again.

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