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January 31, 2005


If you're a company with three owners, and their last names are Doody, Wong and Wiener, how do you get this name? Doesn't that leave you short a Wiener? Or are we missing something?


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Do they not understand that people will giggle at Wongdoody?

Not that Wongdoody Weiner would be better...

Because the CEO uses the Neti-Pot in the wrong physiological location.

Is this a joke? One of those urban myth things?

Oh, and yes Dave, "Boogers ARE you beat" apparently.

Oh, and yes Dave, "Boogers ARE your beat" apparently.

Hey! They stole those from lyrics to my song:

"There she was just a walking down the street, singing "Do wong doody doody dong doody do."

Woo Hoo!! Double post-- one with the correct spelling for Dave's book title and one without. One for each nostril.

Doing toe touches now.... *cough*

Everyone seems to have missed the NFARB possibilities here.

No, no, not Manfred Mann, it's Niel Sedaka:

Comma, comma, wong, doody, doo, down, down
Comma, comma, wong, doody, doo, down, down

Do two wong doodys make a white weiner?

If Tracy used Mandarin, she could be a wang without a weiner.

WongDoody is just another one of those funny words like FlapDoodle.

This is Wong on so many levels, I Doody not know Wiener to begin.

I wonder if the company car is called the WongDoody Weiner Mobile.

I guess WongDoody makes sense. DoodyWeiner is just Wong.

Maybe Weiner just decided to pull out of Wong Doody.

"All we have to do is wait until Christobol chimes in, and then we'll know what we wish we had thought of."

-Johnny Urinalcakes

Doody's first name is "Pat"


Leetie, slowly step away from the keyboard with your arms elevated, and nobody will get hurt, or continue laughing their rear ends off.

You may return to your keyboard when your (obviously) brand new batteries have worn down just a little. Thank you.

Why aren't you watching 24 like Dave and every other bloglit except me? Huh? Why?

I guess 'cause it's not on yet, that's why.

*can't stop giggling ...*

Tnx Leetie ... you recharged my batteries ...

Well, Wongdoody anagrams to Dong Woody. So there's your Wiener.

Maybe Korean Unification Minister Chung Dong-young could get a job at Wong Doody...

I see that we were on the same wavelength! I got sidetracked (glad I did) watching the clips before posting.

Quoted on their About Us Page:

"WONGDOODY doesn't create advertising. They create fear, anxiety and, above all, courage. The courage to push beyond our comfort zone to that magical place where our creative should be."

OH MY GAWD, I just read this to my husband and he said, "oh yes, I've done some work for them" (he's a photographer) " you know they did that sonics thing when they were all superheros" how weird is that. oh, by the way?
Where's the Weiner

"Okay, I think you're really going to like what we've come up with for your new campaign."
"Excuse me."
"It's just that, were a Fortune 100 Company, Mr. Doody. I guess we were expecting all your partners at this presentation."
"Oh, you wanted to meet Wong?"
*zip. fwap*
"Wow! And Wiener?"
"It's right there."
"Jeez. Even his dick has a dick. We have to hire him."

I had to hit three different links before I could figure out what WongDoody does. I don't know if that's bad advertising or good advertising.

To enter the PR Arena
Was the dream of Wong,Doody and Wiener
When their time finally came
They dropped the last name
(It made the whole business obscener.)

in case you really reaally really really want things to rhyme, read the above in a Boston accent.

'niac - COOL - I enjoy that sort of Limerick muchly, the odder, more obscure or longer the key word, the funnier, I think ...

there's an old one, the only thing I remember is one of the key rhyme words is "interstices" ... know it?

They say "Wongdoody gets it." But I'll bet Weiner gets more than Wong or Doody.

insomniac, you mean 'Arenar', not 'obscenah', right?

I didn't but I found it:

'There was a young woman from Yap
With pimples all over the map
But in her interstices
There lurked a far worse disease
Commonly know as the clap.'

known %$$@!


Have you read the new Chinese murder mystery?
The name of the book is, "The Ruptured Chinese,
and it was written by Won Hong Lo.

ROTFLOL.............. if Weiner(hahahahaha) was in there in would be WongWeinerDoody. Can't stop laughing!!!!!!!!!snort. Or WongDoodIner. Okay I admit that on was pretty pathetic, not enough caffiene in my system.

TNX 'niac - I've got several thousand in books @ home, but you were much faster at finding it than me driving there ...

tak - How about Hole in the Wall by Hu Flung Dung?

"WONGDOODY understands production. WONGDOODY understands television. WONGDOODY understands marketing. WONGDOODY gets it!"

I think that explains everything.

C'mon, it's obvious that being a PR firm they thought they could leverage that old cliche "with a name like Wongdoody..." Their real names are Abrahms, Rosenthal and Lipschitz.

OK, somebody has to say it, may as well be me.
How do you greet one of the Principals of WongDoody...
"Howdy, Doody"


Are they for real????....

That looks like a fun company to work for...I wonder if they are hiring...

Yes, julietine, they are hiring. But only if you have the Wong last name.

oh, just bwaaahaaaaa.

Mr. Bluster:

Likewise, you may find yourself saying "That's right, Ms. Wong", or if feeling litigious, you may grill a Weiner.

Yeah, you're right, "Howdy, Doody" is funnier.

"I paid you $2 million dollars for an advertising campaign and I want to know who or what I am going to get out of it!!!"

"See Doody"

"$2 million dollars and I'm getting fish turds?"

"Not Sea Doodie... See Doody"

"Nevermind... am I going to see one of the principles of this company today or what?"


"No, not wrong... I want to see a principle and I want to see them right now!!! Now are you going to send me to one of these guys or are you just going to stand there and call me names? Who can I see?"


"Oh, ok.. play it that way. You're just going to call me names. Well... well..."

"Mr. Weiner... I'm talking about Mr. Weiner"

"You want to see Mr. Weiner?"

"No, you do"

"You're a transexual?"

"I'm going to have to ask you to leave"

I wonder if they've ever done work for William Hung. Or considered hiring his, I don't know, uncle. Or something.

Actually, they are a real design firm in Seattle; my graphic design instructors have mentioned them. Doody on, hold the Weiner...apparently.

if this is the wongdoody, i would hate to see the wightdoody.

Much of this reminds me of a limerick ...

The poets have mournfully sung,
Death takes the innocent young,
The screamingly funny,
The rolling in money,
And those who are very well hung.

No. I wish.

Wystan Hugh Auden, you could look it up.

At least they have a sense of humor about the whole thing:
Tracy (Wong) is male, not female. Tracy is also better looking and smarter than Pat Doody or Ben Wiener.

So they are who to blame for those Dariy Queen ads!

Wongdoody is not a PR firm or a design firm, it is an advertising agency. No, they're not responsible for the DQ ads. Tracy is a man.
And I'm pretty sure they expect you to giggle when you hear the name.

By going with the name wongdoody, one has to wonder if they really do "get it"

I think WongDoody should hire Dave Barry. And hey, while I'm at it, WHERE is Dave Barry? Enough with the sabbatical, Dave. Come back from your hideout in St. Lucia.

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