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January 21, 2005



(Thanks to Sarah Hora)


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I love it!...we should all form a band too called the Barry Blogettes!

Quiggy - We get it! You're first! Congrats!

But I don't think you can be first twice....especially with a simulpost with yourself!:)

Sign me up for the next Punky Mamas bazaar!

And to truly be first you have to make a witty comment on the article... like...
"Mothers on Prozac" is an OK name, but "Frump" and "PLacenta" could use a little spice, tad more oomph. I think "Frumpy Whores an Crack" or "The Placenta Soup Trio" would have a marketing power.

Is this the new season of American Idol?

Lactating Ladies With Gerber Stains wbagnfarb.

Uh oh, the Remainders have some serious competition now!

Doug, definitely. I think it won a Grammy for Best Song Involving Major Medical Equipment in 1983.

"Mothers on Prozac" would never actually perform, due to lack of Motivation and a feeling of listlessness...

I would fully expect anybody who truly, truly loved me to shoot me in the head before allowing me to do such a thing...

That said, I can think of a few songs that they might what to buy from me.

(1)It Looked Like Mustard But It Broke My Heart

(2)The Legend of Fido And The Diaper

(3)Your Breast Milk Tastes Like Sugar, Sugar

(4)The Day I Forgot My Nursing Pads Is the Day You Said Goodbye

(5)Momma's Got A New Pair Of Boobs

(5)Momma's Got A New Pair Of Boobs


Polly - excellent, just excellent.

If mothers can get in on the act, why not aging hippies? I'm wondering when Geezerstock starts. Maybe it'll be these people in 20 years.

I'm working on a song called "Ghost Poopers in the House."


Quiggy, you are an idiot.


No insults here...we are all friends...

*dances and sings*
we r family!!!

"Promoter: Ma'am, would you and the band prefer beer or soda in the hospitality area?
RockMom: H'mm...Depends."

I used to be very attached to Placenta. It only lasted a few months, but it was a formative period of my life.

As a Dad and a punk rocker when I read this article I, er, got a little excited.

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