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January 30, 2005


It's worse than we thought.



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Naked frog and ringtones? What next, fuzzy pink bunnies and batteries?

Oh wait. Nevermind.

Oh My God Dave I was drinking my orning coffee and spilled it all on the screen...this is too funny!

julietine - that's exactly what I thought....it does look like a belly button.

I think some people have wayyyyyy too much time on their hands!

Why are his pupils different sizes?

A I've heard that Lenny Kravitz had a 3" long belly button that looks like a hoo-ha, but I haven't had the pleasure of seeing it myself.

This, from the race of men who went to "the Far side of the world", and conquered it??

But, then again, they have Tony Blair for a leader, the EB.

that's a belly button?

Re Frogs don't have penises; I didn't think they had outies either.

Michigan, the WB Frog is WAY cuter.

*shuffles out singing "Everybody's doing the Michigan r-a-a-a-g"*

It's so unfair. A frog that's better hung than I am, and everyone thinks it's the frog's belly button.

Why does "Micro Machine" pop into my head?

Lab Specimen,


and British people really need to get their mind out of the gutter...

Meanwhile, the stuffed ram on display in front of my former HS remains "anatomically correct" without complaint.

I love America.

Ugh. My post, in response to julietine, was supposed to say:

A belly button??!!!... I've heard... etc.


either way it did not make sense... :-)

Either way, that's one HECK of a camel toe.

Any way you look at it, this isn't the most attractive mutant-aviator-frog-thing.

I thought ad animals were supposed to be cute?

scat, the frogs must "drop their fluids" from some sort of fluid-dropping organ though, right?

And yes, the LK image is gross. I always picture one of these toys... you know, like what it looks like when you squeeze it?

pornfrog.gif-------------that speaks for itself,funny as hell, and I'm ready for more-

Bombs away!

Penis, belly button, whatever. If it was in my yard, it would be dead.

HIGGY! 'n ddedwydd ben-blwydd

Hello insomnia, my old friend. I've come to talk with you again. Because a vision softly creeping left its seeds while I was (not) sleeping. And the vision that was planted in my brain still remains within the bounds of silence.

(do-do-do-do, do-do-do-do) So whaddaya think? Do Dave's buds contribute to the blog pseudononymously? Is Ridley really "Writer's Cramp"? Does Amy tan the keys as as "Bangi"? Is the King - thank you, thank you very much - cranking as "Cristobol"?

There are others but this is as far as I got at 4 am. I'd *really* like to know who McGuinn is so I can say hello, but so far I've just come up limp on the Chestnut Mare. (No, NOT the "baloney pony," wise guys!)

Iechyd da!

*psst, it's "pen-blwydd*

*I think*

Mmmm.... baloney

Trystan, better clean up those seeds before they get crusty.


"Wind in the Willows!
Oh, so true,
Here comes Toad,
Out of Prison, thank you!

Where has he bean?
In his 'little' AirShip?
Well, Heaven Only Knows!
But Hoorah!!! And a 'Pip' Pip'!

His spirits are soaring,
And he's ready for Bear!
It's Beaver, yes, Beaver,
That really was there!

To meet him,
And greet him,
What Joy and Perloo!
They would take a trip together,
Yes, that's what they'd do!

Look over there, my friends,, one and all!
Toad and the 'fellows, are having a Ball!

Once more they will fellowship,
Till the Dawn's early morn.
Frolicking and singing,
And 'tooting' their horn!

I would love to be there,
And see the 'per-Loo!'
But my mind is 'traveling',
And I must bid 'adieu!'

The Kat in the Hat, Revisited

"Little Brother" you will always be the 'other' man in my life.

My 'twin' Bro.


McGuinn and McGuire
still a gettin' higher
in L.A. you know where thats at
and no ones gettin' fat
except Mama Cass

Hmmm... Upon closer inspection, it appears as though both pics have the same pose with different backgrounds. Oh, well. Still no phallic navel.

But, Phallic Navel wbagnfarb.

Lenny Kravitz shows his butt on a music video that I forget the name of (the song) but (pun intended) it's the one with Gina Gershon -

Butt rating: (on a scale of 1-10) 12!!!!!

El-Haven't seen it, but the name of the song is "Again."

Thank you, Karlota - it's a good video - starts with Kravitz watching cartoons!

Is that a bobble-head Larry King doll?

j'tine -

I was thinking it looked like a mini-scrotal sac ... but then ... whatever ...

(Is the Popping Martian anatomically correct?)

El, 'lota, sly' and all you others ...

Good Morning!

(Fergot to mention that part.)

I still do not understand what the big uproar over there in England is all about...must be the weather or a slow news week...or the awful food maybe???

Si, julietine, la comida alli es muy terrible!

p.s. Let me know when you want me to stop doing thie :-)

stop doing this:-)

the whole thing is phallic, but SO WHAT IT! ugh. people gotta get a grip. this whole thread is just hilarious.

one of the frogs eye balls is bigger than his shanker. it's a bulger


No hay Problema amiga.

Muchas gracias, julietine!

green-eyed lady lovely lady (organ)

*Earwig alert*

Froggy went a-courting, and he did ride,
hhhhhmmmmmm, hhhhmmmmm,
Froggy went a-courting, and he did ride,
hhhhhmmmmmm, hhhhmmmmm,
Froggy went a-courting, and he did ride,
Right up to Ms Mousie's side,
hhhhhmmmmmm, hhhhmmmmm,hhhhhmmmmmm

"The tone has become a cult hit with its 'ding ding ding' engine sound and earned £10million for its makers."

Sometimes ya just gotta access the ding ding ding...

LTTG: Frogs don't got no tallywhackers, and they are hatched - so no belly buttons. Could that be an artifact of plastic injection molding?

Now that the above is out of the way, we're giving a free ride on the Geezer Bus to anyone who knows the origin of "Twang your magic twanger, Froggy!" Two free rides if you know who said it, and a month's bus pass if you know Froggy's response.

What does "LTTG" mean? I keep seeing it but I can't figure it out.

Zoodle...LTTG = Late To The Gate (coined by our very own lovable indecipherable Eadn)

Legs Thighs Toning Guru
Louis The Thirteenth Goober
Lets Tango Together Gaily

Late To The Gate

Although I like Bangi's better...

for those of u who don't know
Eadn is a descendant of Louis The Thirteenth ( lovingly called Goober), who works part time as a legs,thigh toning Guru ( nicknamed Jai Jai Ravi' buns of steel' Shankar'),
*hears Eadn's blurkmobile*
*runs away*

simulposting with Jeff!! ;)

Well, pogo ...

let's hear it ...

I know ... you expected me to blurk it out ... well, I gotta tell ya, I've got a great memory, but it's real short lately ... so I'm drawing a blank ... I know (not no) I know (not no, again) this ... but it just won't respond when I click on the memory banks ... sorta like a PC is, quite often ... my brain may need some sort of slap upside the monitor to jiggle the thing into working ... (not unlike some other basic parts, which also sometimes need a slap upside the ... er ... um ... whatever ... to stimulate a response ...)

simulposting with Jeff!! ;)

and Joshkr too, Bangi - better be careful or you'll ruin your reputation - which would probably get you a lot of attention here on the blog :-)

To Pogo:
"Now that the above is out of the way, we're giving a free ride on the Geezer Bus to anyone who knows the origin of "Twang your magic twanger, Froggy!" Two free rides if you know who said it, and a month's bus pass if you know Froggy's response."

Hmm - Howdy Doody Time?
Frog answer " Hiya Kids. Hiya Hiya "

It was a looooong time ago. Oh no - I'm a passenger on the Geezer Bus.

Okay, UO. It's been over and hour and no takers. There was an ANCIENT kids, lame, Saturday morning TV show called "The Buster Brown Show". We're talking early to mid-50s.

The host was "Uncle Ed", played by Andy Devine. Uncle Ed sat at something that looked like a judge's bench. At some point he would say "Twang your magic twanger, Froggy!" (Sounds a bit pornographic now) and there would be a cloud of smoke on the desk and a puppet, :Froggy the Gremlin", would appear shouting, "Hiya, kids, Hiya!"

Now, since obviously no one has read the assignment, we'll grudgingly offer extra credit if you can name Andy Devine's character and his horse in a later western TV series.

Frogwoman - I must type slow because I started typing before your response was posted. I'll have to split the difference and give you two free rides since missed the the name of the show, yet got close to the response.

Actually, since the bus fare is essentially free, you can have the entire prize package.

I clicked on the pictures of Lenny Kravit's belly buttons and it told me to install the ActiveX control. I stupidly did. Now I am getting popups and my computer is a snail. I'm running McAfee to see if anything's wrong. Thanks for the spyware :)

pogo -

Boy, you are digging deep today ...

I've said this before, but ... @ approx. the time you cite for "Buster Brown" ... we had just obtained TV, and lived in a very fringy area ... one channel with some reliability, and another sometimes ... both affiliated with the same network ...

This severely limited my viewing opportunities ... I do recall some of my classmates (whose folks had better antennae -- for their TV sets) talking of seeing the show, but the recesses into which those memories were stuffed were very cobwebby indeed ... so I flunked this part of the final ... Also, I was of an age by then so that Buster Brown was "too kiddish" for me ... tho had it been available, I'd have watched it, if for naught but the novelty of television ...

[ASIDE: Just a bit scary, to moi ownself, at least ... I've had a day or so lately when the work has been less demanding, I've been driving the freeway to another aspect of work, and thoughts similar to this discussion are what predominate in my thoughts ... not ignoring traffic, but mental wandering on trivia of the distant past ... ooh, not good ... creeping senility has stepped on the gas pedal, so to speak ...]

As to Andy's subsequent role ... Same thing ... I'm recalling a face of the top banana, but have not yet WAITWAITWAIT ... it just came to me ... GUY MADISON!!! ... that's it so far, but the mists of time are slowly being wafted aside ...

Does remembering this much entitle me to stand on the curb and mutter "ain't dat cheap" when the free ride on the geezer bus passes me by?

Is he supposed to be French?

Danielle...try using ad-aware to get rid of it. There are lots of others, I've just always liked that one best.

Folks, if you ever get a pop-up unexpectedly asking to install software, always click "no" or "cancel". Some like this one are getting meaner and repeatedly saying you must click yes, which can be very annoying to get out of. I usually hit +F4 (the keystroke to close the active window) a few times to escape.

Hehheh...oops, I forgot that would be interpreted as html.

I meant [alt]+F4 (the keyboard command to close the active window)

Eleanor "Gee I think you're swell": No, love, Mama Cass is exactly the *opposite* of fat by now, no matter how well embalmed and entombed. (Speaking of fat, The Turtles weren't exactly svelte either!)

Scati: It ain't your lack of sense of humor, bud. It's MY lack of ability to further the analogy.

Queensbee: "The whole thing is phallic . . . and people gotta get a grip," you say. Er, okay!

Karlota: Actually, that's the same photo of Lenny the K twice. The second has the pseudo-psychedelic background added. (I wish it would just fly away.) His belly button does NOTHING for me. Gina Gershon is another story, however. WOOF! Guys, check out "Bound" (with girl-on-girl action) and "Showgirls" (with MORE g-o-g action). (Girls, you may want to check it our as well.)

Roger (McGuinn): Drop me an e-mail, dude!

UO - been in and out of the blog - recovering from an ice storm here, and trying to repair some dining chairs out in the shop.

Guy Madison was Wild Bill Hickock, and Devine was his deputy Jingles P. Jones. Their horses respectively were Buckshot and Joker,

The took great liberties with history as Wild Bill was hardly a lawman. Disney was just as bad.

I have this curse of remembering trivial stuff and occasionally feel required to inflict it on others. It's teh same curse that serves me rather well when I commit software, however. Lots of trivial info to deal with there.

Shutting down here. See ya.

This is nothing. Wait until you see what Jersey Janet Jackson whips out for this year's Super Bowl entertainment. Guaranteed to be the shocker of the season. Check it out at Kick Shoe Kooy--all the pregame hype is there.

That's not my belly button. It's my clitorus. I had it surgically placed up there so I could show it off. Whaddya'll think?

Is it just me, or does that dick have a FROG???!!!

ha,ha...that's funny

And I see that Bodaz is running out of websites...his posts keep getting shorter and shorter...

Sometimes, you see a product that YOU thought of first, but that some OTHER person, specifically someone who actually created, marketed, and sold the product, is getting all the money for. This is irritating.

But then there's a product like THIS, where someone is getting rich from it and you can't think of ONE person who wouldn't pay to get it OFF their phone.

I see these ads for idiotic ringtones, and I think, "is there really a market of people who want everyone to know they are a complete moron everytime their phone rings?". The answer is YES.

I've been wondering ... these last few days ... if this spam posting stuff is the "job" you see advertised on power poles and on street corners ... Own a computer? Make money at home! ... blah, blah, blah

Wowser ... what a concept ... not only can you get people on the 'net to hate you, but if your neighbors find out, stones, sticks and fire, fire, fire !!!

NEway ... just wondering, FYI to me ... whatever ...

Cosa -
I've got an item forwarded to me by friends back home r.e. the "security" stuff, but I'm running a little behind sked @ the moment ... I'll try to dig it out and send it to you when I get back from work tonite ... if you want it, jiggle my elbow to remind me ... I'm good at forgetting stuff like that ... talk@ulater




Miss Piggy: Kermie, you told me frogs don't HAVE penises!
Kermit: Oh... Sh*t!
Miss Piggy: mmmm I just saw Crazy Frog at a mmmm biker bar and he was packin' FROG SCHLONG!!!
Kermit: But I'm on public television!
Miss Piggy: Where is it?
Kermit: Where's what?
Miss Piggy: Your penis!
Kermit: tucked
Miss Piggy: You kept it tucked for 35 years?
Kermit:You get used to it.
Miss Piggy: Lemme see it.
Kermit: Ok *whump*
Miss Piggy: oooooohhhhhh!!!! Much bigger than Crazy Frog!!!! *heaving piggy ramparts*
Kermit: You know I'm not the only muppet that tucks it. Show her your fuzzie Fozzie...
Fozzie Bear: *sproing* Ta Daaaaaaaa!
*fanning herself* Miss Piggy: No Gonzo! No!
Gonzo: *boyoying* Yep, Its as crooked as my nose
Kermit: You know why they really call him "Big" Bird?
Big Bird: *singing* Sunny Day... Come and Play *swinging* *swoosh* *swoosh*
Miss Piggy: I wanna ride on that "rainbow connection"

Kermit: Just remember who has the 24 inch tongue

Writer's Cramp! That was just nasty! I think you just ruined my entire childhood.

Nice work ;)

Well done, WC - now I'm totally disturbed...

and thanks for the birthday wishes - especially the translated-into-Welsh ones!

Hi honey, I'm home!

Another day at work, I get back to my room, and I find that in my absence, the bloglits have done a really fine job of maintaining the high standards I've learned to know and love ...

at least some things in life are dependable ...

E-mail me and I'll tell you where to send the passes for the Geezer Bus. It's PLUNK your Magic Twanger, Froggy. And the reference is the 1955 TV show "Andy's Gang" Said by Andy to a goblin. I found this on page 72 of "Dave Barry Turns 50", by Guess who.

Looks just like Jerry Jones, who owns the Dallas Cowboys. However, I wouldnt know about that thing hanging there, as we have never seen him nekkid.

stop doing this:-)

Nobody on the show said, "Twang your magic twanger, Froggy!" It was, "Plunk your magic twanger, Froggy!" Froggy didn't twang it, he plunked it.

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