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January 26, 2005


So much for our precious constitutional right to squat.

(Thanks to Cyndi Schoenbrun)


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wow, no comments yet?

wow, no comments yet?

Wow! A simulpost awready!

Still others simply see Tweiten as a self-indulgent slacker who ought to be working.

... Heck yeah, from a cube-dwelling, money-hungry powermonger

Rebel with a cause.

Sigh, he's almost as motivated and ambitious as the type of guy I usually date ;o)


I've been following this guy's story (who has too much tme on their hands?) and it's hard to know who's stupider (is that a word - if not I just made it one) the guy or the cops!

does that writer sound REALLY biased to anyone else? im just wondering if she was the "anonomous complaint" or not

Why not just park the JL421 Badonkadonk next to the theatre?

Hmm, anyone know the local ordinances in Nashville? I plan on camping out there for a day or so in front of the Apple Store.

Michael - last I knew the City of Nashville would let you camp on the streets so long as you could pick the living "stuff" out of a guitar.

*Goes off singing "Nashville Cats - They clean as county waaaaater!"*

everybody that leaves their job and goes to Nashville, hits Music Row and thinks that they are instant song writers.
A college professor from Ohio, sold his house, left his job and went to Nashville with his family. He went to one of the music co. and pitched the song he wrote to Craig Chambers. Craig told him not to quite his job. he wanted to know why. Craig said every song you sang today was to the tune of "On Top of Old Smokie!!!"

He shuda tried another profession lik 'pickin' his toes, or even his long nose. That would go great down at the Blue Grass Inn. If'n he cant afford an instrument, a good number 10 washtub and a used innertube would do.(stripped, that is!)
*Called a 'gut bucket'*

An' they got beer on tap,too.

kat - I'm not surprised. I knew a guy once who played a guitar like no one else I have ever known. Every year or so he would go to Nashville and try to get work, then come back saying "I'm just another kid with a guitar." Then he'd practice up on the new stuff he'd learned and try again.

Last I knew he was selling appliances at Sears. I lost track of him.

Still others simply see Tweiten as a self-indulgent slacker who ought to be working.

Oh, there's something wrong with that?

It's my life goal to be a self-indulgent slacker. Unfortunately, my daughter insists on eating at regular intervals. Who cares whether this guy has a job or not? At least he's not asking passersby for 'spare' change. Here in Winnipeg someone went to court on behalf of the street beggers and it was ruled that they had a constitutional right to beg and could not be moved along unless they were being obnoxious or threatening.

Steve - yup ... sounds pretty biased to me ... reminds me of the time I was confronted by Federales and in the course of the conversation I said, "... you sound like a snotty son-of-a-bitch to me ..."

The Fed's reply?

"I do not."

He was telling me what to think ... at least that's how I interpreted it. (No, we finally resolved the issue with no jail time, no fine and no shots fired ... but both of the Feds had revolvers on their hip when they came to the door. This was for a "wetlands violation" ... to use their terminology.)

It would not (not knot) surprise me at all to somehow find that the "anonymous" complaint came from the person suggested ... to me, a one-time newsie, the article is ... "factual" ... but definitely slanted to reflect the opinion of the writer.

That's a no-no in professional journalism, at least in a hard (heh) news story ... this one may be a bit on the other side of a very fuzzy line, since it is a "column" ... tho not humorous.

I just want to Rock 'n Roll All Nite and Party Every Day. When did that lifestyle become unfeasible?

Who decides what is obnoxious or threatening? In NYC (my hometown) anyone who walks up to you on the street feels a bit threatening.

And then there's my current city...
Not the average Star Wars geek though. Not threatening. At all.

Actually, it happened to me there once, too. I was walking down the street, not looking at anyone (as is the New York way), and someone punched me in the stomach, grabbed my purse and ran off before I caught my wind.
Simple, but effective.

It was something about their right to make a living however they choose. Who decides when they've crossed the line? I don't know. They are also not allowed to do it within so many feet (200, I think) of an ATM.

jeez, not even ONE 'copping a squat' joke, or even 'squatting a cop'

When I forst heard this story I thought that man has way to much time on his hands. But it's his time and he wasn't really bothering anyone so they should have let him stay.

In my hometown, Nashville, people really do come with their guitars, living out of their Datsun B-210s and work odd jobs or for temp agencies while they try to sell a song or "get discovered." I've actually met some of these people.
I have friends in Music, friends with whom I went to high school, and all but one them live elsewhere. Other states, even.

Sometimes you have to leave Nashville to make it in the music world.

BTW, Micheal--when is our Apple store slated to open? I might camp out for that also.

Dave-this is completely off the topic. But why after i hit post does it take a gazzilion years to redirect me to the blogg. i am currently in a skeletal form. AAhhhhhhhhhhh! Thanks I feel much better now.

I know where that kid is coming from though. Not that I've ever camped out for a movie. Or wanted to. And I've never just laid around on the street waiting for something. But what I'm trying to say is...

Wait. I don't know where this kid is coming from.

ah, I'm still laughing at 'Nerdman Loser'

What they don't know, Tweiten says, is that he does work, saves his money and gives a whole lot of it away to charities. "I make enough money to be able to do this," he said. "But I also challenge the idea that you're wasting your time if you're not stuck in a cubicle all day."

personally, it fires me up that he's considered a loser just because he's doing something he wants to do.

may the force be with all of you, even the naysayers!

No no, let's be clear. He's not considered a loser just because he's doing something he wants to do.

He's considered a loser just because the thing he is doing that he wants to do is such a pathetic thing.

But I believe the force is with him, and when Slarthgorph returns in glory from Glamdromeda 8, he will have the last laugh, and then die with the rest of us.

it's so easy to pick on the people that are different, huh? ;)

No, picking on people who are the same is easy too.

Provided they're the same as Tweiten.

jamie the star wars nerdgirl -

Yah, fer shure ... I'd guess there's a psychological rationale behind that behavior ... we can "prove" to our ownselfs that we're better than them, 'cuz of whatever misconceptions we have ... so we're superior ... so we can make "fun" (often to the point of cruelty?) of them ...

or something like that ...

Hey, we've got lawyers out there ... have we got anyone who paid more attention in Psych class than I did? Does my blather have some basis in accepted theory?

Are we mean because we're insecure?

Maybe. Or maybe, and this is just a theory, so call me crazy (I can take it), Tweiten is a nerdman loser, and it's that simple.

I mean, sure, I have self esteem issues due to my deeply repressed memory of Sandra Bullock and Angelina Jolie playing naked freeze tag in my living room a few minutes ago, but what is Dave trying to compensate for?

Oh, agony! Out with the details, man! Argh!

C-bol ... would you like to ... talk ... about it ... ?


I got to thinking maybe you're right, so I called Tweiten to apologize. It went like this:

Tweiten: Hello? Garrett? Get over here!
Me: No, uh...Is this nerdman loser? I mean, no, erm...are you the guy who was camped out waiting for the new Star Wars movie?
*from the background*
"You can't cast magic missile! I asked you if you wanted any charms when we started and you said 'no'"
Tweiten: WHAT? THAT'S CRAZY! I WOULD NEVER SAY NO TO CHARMS! *to me* I gotta go.
Me: Okay, well, so... sorry for making fun.

If you're going to march to the beat of a different drummer, don't be afraid of taking heat from the rest of the band.

Oh, and as for Sandra and Angelina, frankly it was completely awesome. I know, you're thinking, 'come on, how cool could it be? Freeze tag is a stupid kid's game'.

But somehow, and maybe is was all the whipped cream, they pulled it together.

I just luuuuuuuuuuuuuuvv whipped cream ... !!!

The whips, the bondage ... the frothy white ...

(No, your average Cool Whip (TM) just is not quite the same ...)

Is this about time for me to admit that when I saw the word "squat" in the post, that I expected to see something relating to fecal evacuation ... ?

If he were really a Star Wars fan, he'd be picketing these shitty sequels.

I do not understand what the big deal is....he was not hurting anybody...people need to get a life and leave others alone to be pathetic losers if they want...

It wasn't him. It was his couch. It was chintz.

And here I was about to buy a ticket to fly out and meet my Galactic Prince and propose marriage...perhaps a ceremony performed by Yoda...

Thankfully, I've been too busy working, and being responsible. (whew, I guess the Force really was with me this time..)

C'bol - You are crazy. But don't change. It might cause a temperal black hole in the space time continum. And then the blog clock would be correct and the rest of the world would be swallowed up by a giant tsunami.

The consequences are just too great.

Cosa Nostradamus - ROLFMAO! :)

Tonight is the 'World Premier' of the movie,"Indigo, The Movie"
If you love movies about the 'spiritual' realm, but not movies about religion, you would probably like.(note that the word, 'probably' was used)
*sort of on the order of "Whale Rider"*
(a nice reprieve from "Star Wars")

I have walked by that guy often here in Seattle and he gets lots of laughs... directed at him. Lot of people just shaking their head.

He does get some type of reaction, though. people(and I'm including myself) live in a shell most of the time. (the thoughts going on inside of the brain about the past, or the future ) A sight like that on the streets of Seattle brings one into the present, sort of like 'shock' therapy
Correction about the movie,"Indigo,The Movie". Saturday night at AMC Theatres (the world premier)

to "A",
If you like good Country, Folk or 'whatever', we have a "Kerrville Folk Feastival" here the last week in May extending through the first week of June. It's held at a ranch located off of Hwy. 16 South. Many groups come from all over the country and even other countries. (A chance for amatuers to perform.

Insomniac: Right on! Also, if you want to conduct the symphony you have to turn your back to the crowd.

'...he's disappointed in a city that he says has become so humorless and controlling that it can't tolerate a little street color.'

He must not have visited Westlake Center. The street there is a very colorful brick mosiac. But seriously...blame the whole city because of one poopy-pants squealer, why don't you?

'That's why Ranney and a lot of others moved to Bellingham in the past 15 years, he said. "With people who wanted to find a community that embraces their individualism."'

Swap "24 hour keggers" for "individualism" and he might have a point (Bellingham is a well known party town, mainly from having 3 colleges right next to one another and nothing but cows for miles).

Do the Cows party all night?
*Singing the Cow,Cow,Boogie!*

I can just visualize them as they danced to the tune.
*Hopefully, they avoided the mounds of meadow muffins*

"...Tweiten and his tiny blue couch..." "SEATTLE"

There, that about sums this nutty story up.


I am frightened...frightened that you know what Magic Missiles are and even more frightened that
I know what Magic Missiles are!

what the fuck???

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