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January 31, 2005


We're dying to go to Accra.

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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Dibbs on the Fish!

Did you order coffin #10 Dave? Fess up.

And of course The Polished Uteri wbagn...

I don't know about Accra, but a lot of people are traveling to the wild west to see what Jersey Janet Jackson is going to whip out during half time of the superbowl and what that "shocking" thing is she's going to do.

Oh crap! Yet ANOTHER business someone else thought of before me... and this is why I blog, *ahem*, work for a living...

Dave, you got another of them thar frog donger pics?

A shoe????

Who gets buried in a shoe? Honestly! That's just not right....

The little old lady surrenders....

Very clever, Dave. Get them all fixated on 24 hrs, and miss out on the truly amazing ACCRA site.
Do you know the way to ACCRA
I've been put away to long,
I may lose my place on this blog..

Oh, booger, I give up.

I must say the people of Accra have a very polished sense of humor. Why I'm basking in it's glow way over here in Ohio. At first I though I wanted dibbs on the fish, too. Or the shrimp or lobster or whatever that was, but then I thought it might be nice to be buried inside Halle Berry.

Interesting that they call that a "showroom". Looks more like an alley garage to me.

where Accra is

*off-clour joke of the thread*

mudstuffin - i don't know if i'd like to be buried inside Halle Berry - seems to me lots of people have done that already.

A Ghanaian man in Accra
Has necrophiles saying "Hip Hoorah'!
"We can spend 'tempus futurus'
Inside a big uterus
It's just like being with Ma."

LMAO, insomniac, you creative poetic genius you!

That looks like my old 'Toyato' (77 vintgage). Dang! *Don't know if I can afford the freight from Africa, though. Maybe, I can find an old '67 'Pinto'.*
* Would probably work just as well.*
(If they dropped me off of the 'surf' in Florida, bet it would make a great 'fishing 'reef!')
What do'ya think?

*applause for insomniac*

Go you, Insomniac.

I want to be buried in the chicken. I don't care what they put on my tombstone, as long as my year-of-birth is listed as "Hatched".

I loved the Uterus...I can just imagine the wake...

I wonder if you could custom order one. I bet they are a lot cheaper than the ones here in the USA. I would order a purple whoopi cushion.

I know your last wish -
to be buried in a fish -
and to make that last trip with a smile

Though nice was the fish
I couldn't resist
this coffin of a different style

the poet has his pen
the artist his easel
and now you have your final abode

I'll think of you often
you lousy crapweasel
forever in a six-foot commode

Last week, an ol' codger here in 'Dog' town staged a funeral for himself at his ranch. He invited all his friends. They had a 'day long' of celebration. He even dig his own grave and buried a casket! Made the front pg. of the Kerrville Daily.

*I think he had a severe case of "Goat Fever." He was showing all of the symptoms of the on-set of the disease.*

Thunderous applause!

bonus points for the use of the word "crapweasel"

I sincerely hope those are designed for pyres, not burying. I mean, who is going to dig a hole large enough for that rooster/chicken?

Hey, remember this classy company, which will turn your loved one into a diamond for you?

I always pictured something like this:

"Sorry for your loss, but nice rock."
"Thank you."
"'Course, the doctor said he may not have died if you hadn't fed him all those bags of charcoal."
"Hey, everybody dies someday, and I wanted me a full carat."

"I'm sorry 'mam, we just can't fit the rooster coffin in the hearst"
"So what do we do?"
"We could tow it"
*procession to graveside*
"Why are those girls flashing their boobs at us?"
"they think its a parade"
"but we don't have any beads to throw"
"we have some left from the yellow submarine funeral last week"
"I guess its fitting"
"Its a rooster coffin for Cripes sake. Harold said he wanted to bury his 'cock' one last time when he died"
"That's gross"
"You had to know him"

*applause* Great job, mudstuffin!

Little Girl: "Mommy, why are they burying Grandpa in that little round hole?"
(he was in a small urn,o.k.?)

Momma: "Well, Honey, they are planning to bury him standing up!"

Now that's a new way to sleep with the fishes..

Did anyone ever see the Robin Williams movie Toys where the guy was buried with a jokebox that wouldn't stop laughing?

So creepy.

Then there was the 'guy' that was buried with his 'Rolex.'

The cemetary at home is located in a bog that was filled in with dirt. Every time they bury a casket, it floats up in a few months. That way, the county keeps collecting on burial charges!

Key Quote"In another showroom, a polished uterus waits to be picked up by a gynaecologist."

Then there's Frozen Dead Guy Days in Nederland, Colorado. Some guy is in a freezer in Tuff Shed out on the patio. And the town celebrates it every year.

Fantasy coffins ==>
Nancy's stiff oaf
so fancy an' stiff
fancy fatso fins

Isaac Adjetey Sowah ==>
Sci Joe’s a death away
Death Isaac’s way, Joe
Isaac’s death, Jay owe
Awe, death casa is joy
Si, Joe’s Death Away CA

joe, I don't wanna even think about other professionals - proctologist, urologist, etc.

Hey, what will Isaac Sowah want to be buried in? Something to represent his own profession?

burying an alcoholic in a bottle of beer would be apropos, no?

I think I'd like to be buried in a piñata.

We buried my father with a bottle of 'Tom Moore'
*sending him on his journey to 'the Happy Hunting Grounds!'
*Hunting for More!*

punky, you wanna be beaten while they lower the casket into the grave?!

Punky, I think I see a Quentin Tarantino scene shortly after your death.

"Okay Suzie, give a good wallup! Swing that bat!"
"Ewwwwwww. It's full of...corpse!"
*kids scramble around, consuming bits of corpse anyway, because, dammit, it fell out of a pinata. in such cases, you eat first and ask questions later*


Note, this is funny, because later all the kids got to watch porn.

Oh, and also, the stripper for the mariachi band was consumed by a liger. Or was it a tigon?

I don't want to seem like I'm disrespectful toward the dead. BUT, I do think it'd be interestingly fitting to have someone buried in something resembling roadkill. A flattened squirrel coffin maybe? A possum maybe on his side...

Just a thought...

Did anyone ever see the Robin Williams movie Toys where the guy was buried with a jokebox that wouldn't stop laughing?

elle - I loved that movie - LLCoolJ playing the General's son,and Joan Cusack! But a friend of mine (at the time) told me I was the only person in the world who liked it - since it was a flop!

I never ever ever EVER needed to know about that company.

I especially enjoy the stock photography they use on their website.

Excuse me while I alternately weep and vomit in the ladies' room for the next hour or so.


Ok ... maybe not a pinata ... perhaps a Jack in the box?

I just checked that link that C-bol mentioned up above... its a shame that one of their salesmen didn't contact my family when dad died 2 years ago. Instead of having an urn with his ashes, me and my 2 sisters could each have some 'bling bling'!

Round and round the mulberry bush, the monkey chased the weasel, the monkey thought was all in fun, pop OH SWEET MOTHER OF CRAP! IT'S ANOTHER CORPSE!

cbol ... that sure would make the wake a heck of a lot more interesting ... and give a whole new meaning to "open casket".

Damn monkeys...

I wish I could be there about 5000 years from now when some future archaelogist of the "King Tut's Tomb Exhumer" variety painstakingly unearths giant fish and beer bottles with corpses inside. The subsequent museum exhibition world tours will be hilarious!

El - LLCoolJ played Joan Cusak? As what?

"Sorry for your loss, but nice rock."
"Thank you."
"How did you happen to choose a yellow diamond?"
"Well, you know how high Herb's cholesterol was."

" ... buried in something that reflects their trade ..."

I'd guess the Mayflower Madam's coffin will be very interesting ...

(Goes thru drive-up ... "I'll have Accra, Ghana, Togo."

Not cool dudes

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