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January 19, 2005


Still not it. It. can't. be.

(Thanks. Thanks a LOT, Thad Humphries.)


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But it IS! and is this twice in one day?


*waiting to pounce*

*waiting to pounce*

Ah, Zardoz, now there's a film. I recommend you all go see it, now. Or at least some 30 second small mammal equivalent, if such a thing exists. It's got giant heads, a race of creepy wierdos, random naked people, bizarre 70s design sensibilities, and of course, Sean Connery deprived of all dignity.

...Not that I'm saying it's a GOOD movie, but it needs to be seen.

Sometimes, judi, I swear to god, the last touch that sends me over the edge is the offer of a "permanent link to this item".

MY EYES!!!!!

MY EYES!!!!!

I saw Zardoz a LONG time ago, and can barely recall it except for the memory - "Christ, he'll never act again". Fortunately, he seems to have recovered from it and is now one of my more favourite actors.

Hey, he recovered from Zardoz _and_ Highlander 2!
("Friends don't let friends see Highlander 2")

Once I realized who it was, my heart went pitter-patter - I think he looks great!

I like hairy men and I'm not ashamed to say so -

Zardoz? I'll hafta check the discount bin @ Waldo's ... if it's that bad, it must be there ...

"The gun is good. The penis is evil. The penis shoots seeds." Thus spake Zardoz.

wysiwygt -

Yeah, it's a thrill fer shure ... I was almost hyperventilating the second time I got a double hat trick (first three posts with no one in between) ... but I gotta admit, much of that was only due to a very strong DAL factor being put into play ...

"I'll take Penis Mightier for two hundred please, Alex."

Zardoz was an excellant movie.

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