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January 21, 2005


Even for them, this is low.


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Christian School. I'm blocked. What is it?

Who's the frog-wrangler on that film ? They should never work again!
(First,.. to use actual sentences ?)

frog jumped down reece witherspoon's cleavage. wooo hooo.


Waiter, I didn't order the frog soup.

Oh, never mind.

amorous amphibians...wbgnfarb..

Frog Cleavage Witherspoon would be a good name for a blues singer.

any other sites have it?

You know Dave is getting serious when he whips out the italics on the terrorists. Italics are writers' tactical nukes.

This frog is worth a lot of money, with that kind of training. Wonder if "Pam" is a lesbian. I'll ask Dr. Dobbs.

"Can you get this frog out of my cleavage?"
"HEY! It's MY frog, I'LL get it!"
"Thanks. It's just in the cleavage. It didn't make it to my panties."
"Just checking."
"Good Froggy! Yes you are! Extra flies for you!"

GDogg - I think he's playing House of Blues tomorrow night. The posters claim he's amphibilicious.

You are not missing much. Here is the story, in its entirety:

Frog gropes star Reese
A FARMER’S wife had to rescue Hollywood star Reese Witherspoon after a frog landed in her cleavage.

Pam Weaver, who supplies animals for films, rushed to help after the slimy creature got wedged down the actress’s top.

Reese – star of Legally Blonde – was filming new movie Vanity Fair at an English country mansion when she was attacked by the amorous amphibian.

She was supposed to sit at a table next to a young girl who is hiding the frog, but it had other ideas.

Mrs Weaver said, according to website Femalefirst: “The frog leapt into the soup on the table – then it jumped from the soup, and landed in Reese’s cleavage.”

But she added: “She was very good about it – she had a laugh.”

Oddly, the web site cited in the story doesn't even seem to have it. Perhaps the Sun does not maintain the high standards of journalistic integrity that are upheld by, say, this blog. Do you suppose they might have (gasp) made it up?

Best money I ever spent on a frog potion

andy - there was NO picture! Sorry!

Those paparazzi are slacking...

She was "rescued" from a frog? Talk about pampered...

This story must be at least 18 months old. Didn't Vanity Fair come out last summer?

Guin: That is the kind of up-to-date coverage we can expect from this blog.

Froggy Went A' Courtin'

Froggy went a' courtin' and he did ride uh huh
Froggy went a' courtin' and he did dive uh huh
Froggy went a' courtin' and he did dive
Soup and a spoon by his side Uh huh uh huh oh yeah.
Well he hopped up to Miss Reese's plate
He jumped so high, and he landed great
Well he said to Miss Reese Will you marry me?
Oh Miss Reesie how I love thee"
But then from her he went hop-hop
A quick little look was all he got

Isn't Vanity Fair already out on DVD? It's interesting, though, to see that the frog story might make more headlines than the actual movie.

"He was just an extra, but he thought that it was a chance to make the 'Big time!' And after all, she might be the one that would kiss him and turn him back into a 'Prince.' For he had been waiting so long for the right girl to come along."

"Whoops! I thought this soup was a pond in front of the Royal Castle. Hum,,it tastes like Campbell's Tomato, to me. My mother always told me to stay out of the soup pot because you never knew just who would turn the fire on. Well, I'm going to try one more leap,.....'a leap of faith, that is! Here goes,,----------------WOW!! I think that I have landed down in the Grand Canyon. It's dark down here, and the air is rather stale, but, uh-O, I think the 'jaws of life' have come to rescue me. Maybe some day I'll find that Princess, better luck next time!"
Keep the Faith, all you Toads out there!

much nicer bosum than miss piggy's.

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