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January 21, 2005


Now they're using Mr. Snail.

(Thanks to Justin Barber)


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Just move to Vegas already...

On the plus side of moving to Vegas, all the seats will be equipped with individual slot machines...

I don't understand the "Mr. Snail" bit.

Thanks, Jeff. Maybe I need more coffee today. Or less scotch.


I still do not understand the snail = marlins part...can you explain??..and let them move and do not let the door hit them on their way out

Scotch? May I have some?

Marlins anagrams to Mr. Snail

See also the blog archives around the 2003 World Series

Don't need scotch, got NyQuil and cough medicine (cough, wheeze, snuffle)...better living through chemistry...having flashbacks of Three Dog Night and Country Joe & the Fish...snail baseball? Bet they slide into every base...*laughs then starts coughing*


Thanks...I got it now...

C'bol, outstanding.

I didn't get it either, Lab - but good work, Jeff - I usually look to insomniac for anagrams, but now I'll put you on the list!

Here in San Diego the Chargers are trying to blackmail the city into giving them a new stadium with a veiled threat to move to Los Angeles - and we can't get a new modern library built!!! hmmpph!

Why don't we compromise and move them to Anaheim? We can call them the San Diego Chargers of Anaheim!

The Chargers Formerly of San Diego But Recently of Anaheim

THe landlord isn't renewing the lease?

So....like there's another baseball team who would lease it?

Re: Brian's Link above:
Key Quote: "For Texans, the gesture is a sign of love for the University of Texas Longhorns, whose fans are known to shout out "Hook 'em, 'horns!" at sporting events."

... whoever wrote the article has *obviously* never been to a 'Horns game ... "Hook 'Em" may be the motto, but in the stands you'll usually hear OTHER things shouted out more that probably won't be printed in the paper...

zip's down the thread, looking for something interesting. Stop, read, read, read...giggle. zip some more, see's C'bol's post

Man...does that guy ever have a bad day? Applause to C'bol.

comes to the end of the thread, falls off, busts his bum but climbs right back on the next thread

No camel toe on mr. snail, for sure.


That's a funny picture of Dave as a snail...

The first time I saw the now-known-as-hook'em hand sign was in a Sugar Ray video and I asked a friend of mine what it meant and he said it was nasty!!

So maybe in Texas it isn't, but how dumb do you have to be to do it on international TV????????

The Chargers Formerly of San Diego But Recently of Anaheim wbagnfarb, yes??

*hopes no one says no since this is her first time EVER for getting to post that expression*

Why are just Norwegians bothered by the Bush hand gesture? Are Finns, Swedes, and Danes more 'with it'? Or did they also think it was a Satanic gesture, but they're 'cool with it'? I thought the real giveaway was at the inaugural ball, when he showed up, naked to the waist, smeared with ram's blood, and said 'For $10,000, each of you can party with my Dark Lord and Master !'
But I might have dreamed that part.

El -

Lily's Literate Label wbagnfarb ???

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