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January 24, 2005


(Thanks to Melody Platz)


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W+(D-d)]xTQ MxNA ?

How about "It's Monday"?

OK, now I'm sad and depressed. Thank you Dave.:)

They knew about Johnny. Before any of us

I know judi posted this, not Dave, but I'm venting all my hostility on men today.

Does Hallmark know about this yet?

Eleanor, you're just mad because The Donald is taken, is all.

[W+(D-d)]xTQ MxNA
The Artist formerly know as Prince

The gloomiest day of the year is on a Monday. Go figure.

And besides, Melody Platz = Told My PEZ, 'L.A.'

y'all see the 'Christ-like oyster' thing to the side of the article. Now that is depressing.

Gloomy? Bahh. Just try being Keifer Sutherland for a day, then tell us about "glooooomy"

I'm happy... dammit, I am.
The DBlog is my happy place! Let's fight the depression right here, right now! Who's with me?
Weasel Wedgies!
Pirates on Prozac!
Orgasmatron's for everyone!

Ahem... Orgasmatron's for everyone!
*faint cheer*

Great link on the site...Why Women get lost.
Duh, no brainer. They always ask directions.

i tried being keifer sutherland for a day once. not as much fun as one might think.

all day long i had to hear "hey! i'm six degrees from you because my mother's cousin's ex-wife's son's girlfriend met you at a party."

and i had to continually remind people that i was NOT kevin freakin' bacon.

i mean, seriously, get a GRIP people!

Igloo -
And here I thought it was because we always let men drive?? Guess not.... thats what I get for thinking anyway.

by the way ... i've been meaning to ask you ...

if i start having DREAMS about this blog, is that a bad thing? i had the CRAZIEST dream last night that dave and mrs. dave bought a new house in northern california. it was inside a giant Target store and they were having an "open house" and a bunch of blog-lits were there to meet dave and check out his new house.

there was a huge TV and a fire place and they were located somewhere near the ride-on lawn mowers. AND DAVE NEW MY NAME! it was soooo weird. and WC, you were there! only i didn't know if it was really you, since i don't really know what you look like and all.

sorry to get all "Dorothy" on you all, but i had to share.

I wasn't thinking about any of those things until I read this. AAAARGH! In debt up to my eyeballs! AAAARGH! Haven't even lost 1 of those 20 lbs! AAAARGH! No plan, no motivation!

Did you ever go shopping for a cute little black dress and come home with a large pepperoni pizza?

I dunno, I'm in a pretty good mood. But then, I'm in Los Angeles, where the weather was warm enough even this morning to put the top down on my convertible on my cruise to work.

(Ha ha, suckers!)

Peri -
Large pepperoni pizza, side of fries and a chocolate shake....

Does that count?

Oh great, now I've got a wedgie. I'm depressed.

Cool! And here I was thinking I was having a bad day because I'm hung over, my transmission is acting up, my girlfriend is pissed because MY dog peed on the carpet (it was her dog up until then) and my deadlines are piling up at the paper where I work......

But come to find out it's all a matter of algebra and apparently completely out of my hands.... What a relief....

And now it's only about a few minutes until happy hour!

The darkness has lifted....

Yes I have. I was in a cute litte sundress at the time. Unfortunately, I'm a guy, so it did not go over all that well.

Someone should have told my Art History teacher about this. Maybe she would have postponed the test I just failed.

Probably not. Evil.

Happy birthday, R—...

Hey Eleanor,

Did you see Sanjay yesterday morning on CNN???..he had a show about some kind of healthy living crap...I am not sure, I was not paying attention to his words..just to him...he looked yummy as always...

Oh great. I had my most depressing day on the wrong day.

If you're ever feeling down, remember this: Some people's most depressing day is still better than other people's best day ever, and no matter how bad your best day's most depressing thing is, at least you're not Cher.

*disclaimer: unless you are.

Poor, poor, pitiful me..

Pinto: Everything's a matter of algebra!!! That's what my T.V. says anyway.


julietine - I only watched long enough to see his beautiful face - then when I saw what the subject was I turned off the TV and had a Krispy Kreme with my coffee!

Lmd33 - But he's dead too -

Sorry, D'art is right, I'm upset because The Donald married someone else - I thought we had something going -


Pour me...

As in, "pour me another shot of whiskey."

Anyone else wondering how much grant money was paid to this guy for a formula that precisely calculates how bummed we are?
Also, this is from Yahoo UK. He's in England, right? Where does he get the value for the W variable? If it's (not its) based on the weather in London, do we get extra credit for just NOT being in the gray, gloomy rain? What is the point system here? I want to do the math and figure out just how depressed I am!

Let's calculate depression to the nearest decimal. Even the people with the napkins have more fun than that.

golfwidow -- LOL

The thought of algebra is enough to depress me on ANY day, actually.

How is the formula affected by unseasonably lovely warm weather (60 degrees in Nebraska today!) combined with the worst cold I've ever had?

"They knew about johnny before any of us"

Ain't that the truth.
I cried when Johnny Carson died.
Same with Sam Kennison.
Oh well, i guess.
I still have George carlin and Dave barry.

I'm sad today.


Monday sucks.
Monday sucks.

It's fitting that Johnny carson died on a monday.

Now i hate Mondays (not monday's) even more.

I bet the airline people didn't get any new napkins today either.
M- Must get up and go to work
O- only if I can shake this hangover
N- No hope for that anytime soon
D- Dang! I can't find my pants
A- Anyone seen them.
Y- Yeah! Only four more days till Friday.

There's a good reason Monday's only come once a week.

Weasel I told you those pants were too tight!

No, peri ... no black dress, but I did find a medium mushroom and olive pizza ... cost me the $20-bill I found on the Slauson cutoff ... musta blown over here from the Rose Parade ...

Peri — any of that pizza left or am I too late?

Hey, I sent this in days ago.

Right... So, what does one have to do to get a submission posted (besides having the name Claire Martin)? Do you have to pay Dave or Judi? Cash, or sexual favors? Liquor, perhaps?

'lota -

in the immortal words of Ogden Nash:

Reflections on Ice-breaking

is dandy,


is quicker.

This makes me feel so much better about my day. Now I don't have to bother with any of that silly therapy; I can just blame it on algebra. (In Duffman voice:) Oh, yeeeah.

I see that ddd left sponge Bob off the list. Not that I read every single one of the entries.

What makes ddd think that we are into that crap?..I wonder...

Jenn - hey, don't blame the messenger!

Algebra: the root of all evil.

ddd may have made an error. Generally the above crap comes from various IP's in Asia, however, it appears ddd posted this junk two topics down, and the address resolved to eded.com-which could be spoofed. However, eded.com dns entries are...
Domain Name: EDED.COM

Administrative Contact
For Sale- Send Your Offer-> AskMySite90@aol.com
AskMySite.com LLC
P.O. Box 411
Cresskill, NJ 07626
Phone 1-612-465-1347
Fax 1-612-465-1347
Technical Contact
For Sale- Send Your Offer-> AskMySite90@aol.com
AskMySite.com LLC
P.O. Box 411
Cresskill, NJ 07626
Phone 1-612-465-1347
Fax 1-612-465-1347
Billing Contact
For Sale- Send Your Offer-> AskMySite90@aol.com
AskMySite.com LLC
P.O. Box 411
Cresskill, NJ 07626
Phone 1-612-465-1347
Fax 1-612-465-1347
Which are all located in the United States and yes, New Jersey is part of the United States.

Actually, your best bet is to find the registration for the linked site:

bernard erjavec
begunjska 2
kranj 4000
Registered through:
Quick Domains
Domain Name:
Created on: 15-Nov-04
Expires on: 15-Nov-05
Last Updated on: 15-Nov-04
Administrative Contact:
erjavec, bernard
begunjska 2
kranj 4000
Fax -- 38615307831
Technical Contact:
erjavec, bernard
begunjska 2
kranj 4000
Fax -- 38615307831
Domain servers in listed order:

Since the first DNS listed is for NAJSPLET, one can assume that the admin for najsplet has some control over or, at the very least, is lending some support to the scat pigs:

Moste 12d
Zirovnica, 4274

Domain name: NAJSPLET.COM

Administrative Contact:
Grumc, Jan uros@najsplet.com
Moste 12d
Zirovnica, 4274
Technical Contact:
Grumc, Jan uros@najsplet.com
Moste 12d
Zirovnica, 4274

The next time I'm in Zirovnica I'm going to beat the scat out of Jan Grumc.

Blogchik — actually, algebra is the square root of all evil.

You are right of course. Last week I sent Dave/Judi the DNS from the last posting of ddd
Senozeti 7
Besnica 4201

Registered through: Quick Domains
Created on: 28-May-04
Expires on: 28-May-05
Last Updated on: 18-Jan-0
Once the Soviet Union disintegrated, democracy certainly has flowered in Slovenia. Makes you yearn for the good ole KGB.

And to think that that's where the new Mrs. Trump comes from...

'Candy is dandy' Thanks, u.o.!!

Baghdad - last time I checked, Cardiff was in Wales, not England.

Not that I'm touchy on the subject....

Now I know why I felt so rotten yesterday. And so much better today.

Peri-no, I've never gone shopping for a little black dress and come home with a pepperoni pizza. But then, your finer shopping establishments where one would find a little black dress so seldom have pepperoni (or indeed any) pizza.

And the pizza places seldom have little black dresses either, at least not for sale.


But he lived first!

Did you guys know that following that link leaves you with a cookie:reporting.tvlicensing.co.uk
BIGipServerhttp_230 from ISP#

This reports back to BBC Technology Services Ltd.


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