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January 22, 2005


Here at the blog, when we feel like "chilling," we fire up the stereo and put on some Barking Tree.

(Thanks to Claire "Ribbit" Martin)


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I prefer listening to the frogs on my IPod.

My favorite is Mating songs of the pig frog...just beautiful music..thanks Claire..

Looks like a real bargain IMHO ... not many times you can find an album with 92 tracks on it ... I'm especially intrigued by the hyla cinerea found near the gratiosa ... interesting juxtaposition ...

Truly a paradigm in its field!

I can buy "The grunt-like sound made by the Pig Frog" for only 99 cents? Wow!

I refuse to spend $92 for a CD and not even get the liner notes.

I think I'll sit this one out - on a lily pad!


"Good Morning, Eleanor," he croaked, damply.

Waiting for the DVD

Already have it on vinyl.

Good morning, Uncle O - did you work hard this week???

El -

Yes, it was busier than prior weeks when ravages of the rain were still preventing production.

Warm, and outside work, and I crashed early on more than one night.

Hope you're doing okay, down there in the sunshine ...

Sorry Dave, but you're (not your) really barking up the wrong tree with this one.

Do I detect a "connection" between Eleanor and Uncle O?...or are we becoming a dating site???...not that there's anything wrong with that...

Some are listed as performed by 'Various Artists' and only a few are acknowledged as 'Frogs.'
I detect a scam being perpetrated. These are in all probability, Frog Impersonators. Environmental background listeners, beware! Buy only genuine Frog soundtracks!!

Chorus of Barking Tree Frogs WBAGNFARB

julietine - pshaw!!!

u.o. - I cannot speak of my weather - sun shing and all - because it is 10F where Jeff is and I'm trying to be empathetic -

Jeff - brrrr!

julietine - pshaw!!! But ewe gnu that ...

No, seriously (hahahahaha!) El -- along with kat, Karlota, pogo, MOTW, Jeff M. and them others -- have become what I affectionately call my "blog buddies" ... our affinity stems from whatever identity we surmise or imagine from our shared commentary ...

(Unless El has something in mind ... ?)


El, I ken your restraint r.e. Jeff's weather, but I'm kidding around with 'lota mostly 'cuz I don't think she's got a sock of nickels that reaches 1,800 miles ... so until I get back to home country, or she comes out here hunting for justice, I'm pretty safe ...

... just a minute ... someone's at the door ...

Yes? Whatchu mean, "You've been deputized by Karlota?"

When I was at Girl Scout in the Ouchita Mts., our counselors taught us to perform in unison imitating a frog pond at night. The girls with the lowest voices spoke these words, repeadedly,"fried bacon, fried bacon, fried bacon!" Girls with medium range voices, spoke this word, repeadly,"potatoes, potatoes, potatoes." And the girls with the highest voices repeadly chanted, "tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes!"When everyone chanted together, it truly did sound like a frog pond at night in the Ouchita Mts. That summer I was also introduced to the diamond back rattler. One crawled upon top of my sleeping bag while we were on a camp out on top of the 'Look Out' Mtn. where the forest Ranger had a station. Well, of course I didn't sleep much that night, hardly even breathed, nor did I stick my head out from under the bag. When the sun came out the next morn, "Thank God!" he crawled away.
Song of the day: "Mamas Don't Let YOur Girls Grow Up to Be Snake Ranglers"

My daughter awakened to the sounds of Frogs at the International Music Camp = their Christmas album, apparently.

Hmmm. It appears the attempt to reset the blog clock last night succeeded in leaving it right where it was, unless of course it's actually in the ATZ, but if that were the case, it was right all along and needed no reset.

We all assume it's in Miami, but there's no reason it has to be.


'lota -
Glad u liked it, hope it tooken your mind off the glistening white that greeted your eye-bones when you awoke this a.m. --

(And the bruises will heal, in time ... if I don't open the door, ever again ...)

Fried Bacon Potato and Tomato Sandwich wbagnfarb

Fried Bacon!

I'm sorry about the 'hanging' bit. I was in the emergency room getting some more med for this blasted 'bronchaitis' thing.

Is Paul really dead? He is still listed in the World Atlas (05 edition) as alive.(Born in Omaha, Neb. 9-19-40)


"Immagine" by the Beatles...99 cents
"Y.M.C.A." by the Villiage People...99 cents
"Mating Call of the Green Tree Frog" by Various Artists...99 cents.
When is the Microsoft going to figure out economics? You'd think with the amount of money this company is making...never mind.

I especially like Burl Ives' informative commentary after each ribbit.

This is gonna knock Songs of the Humpback Whale right off the wildlife charts.


Which Paul were you talking about? The one in Liverpool or the one in Omaha? Ribbit.


If you're (not your) talking about the one in the trio, I saw Peter last summer. He sang at our picnic. They were here for the Kerrville Folk Music Festival. Peter told us that 'Puff the Magic Dragon' really wasn't about drugs. (for the record)It was about a young man growing up and forgetting the fantasies that he had in childhood.


kat -

yeah, I've heard that ... dunno what to believe NEmore ... I've got a musician brother-in-law who keeps me up-to-date on the other (Liverpudlian) Paul ...

but that doesn't mean I'm current on either one, or much else, for that matter ...

I always liked the Italian Frog Prince character that Paul Williams played in the Shelley Devall movie. I never did 'grow' up. I did enjoy the Peter, Paul and Mary Trio, and-- of course, 'the' Paul McCartney of the 'Beatles!' Wew all song writers as well as performers?

I bet those frogs don't see a single mealworm in profits from this! They'll come out of hibernation, and find out some agent has taken all their money and spent it at the Taco Bell !

O-tay, Duckwheat!

except forgetting to erase my crib notes, it worked, and the commentary of the prior attempt still applies, all you boggers ...

(sorry about the mixup ... I'm still learning ... if I live that long ...)

WTF is going on?

Somebody is taking old posts, copying them, and reposting them with new names, which link to odd sites or addresses ...

I've seen this with two of my former posts ... anyone else?

St. judi? Any ideas?

Outstanding! 92 tracks for just 8.91!
I love that it's listed as 'various artists'

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