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January 20, 2005


Check him out.


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I'd have an achin' back if I had all those credentials around my neck too!

So Joel gets in and your don't. Oh, the humanity of it all.

See, that's one of many reasons never to yell "First." Because sometimes you're (not yore) not. And it would be wrong.

Who's the winner here? Dave in Miami...or Joel in frigid DC using all of his credentials to keep warm?

Boy, the guy blogs a lot for a newbie.

I think I edged you by seconds, Jeff. Plus, we're both mature enough to actually read the link/article before posting....

I'm just glad we're both so beyond that, Higgy.

So sly, is it true about the slow-motion naked pillow fights in the ladies' room? (Please tell me it's true.)

"...now have four credentials around my neck, including my Post ID, and am tempted to make it five by adding my college diploma and the CINDER-BLOCK KEY RING FROM THE BATHROOM AT THE Washington, D.C. BP/AMOCO station.

I think Dave has a beer-for-plugs trade agreement with other journalists.

I hate to contradict my blogger friends but that is boring...at least to me....maybe he's like Caviar???..an acquired taste...

I think he's more like canned frog: A great idea that was just waiting to happen.

Joel Achenbach is one of my favorite writers... I'll be glad to see his stuff on a more regular basis.

Jeff, thanks for the heads-up on C-bol's blog. 100% C-bol, no fillers or additives. Safe for consumption provided you are not eating or drinking anything at the time.

Dave and/or Judi, hows about creating a link to Mr. Bol's blog? It's link-worthy.

Dave - I read his piece in the WaPost on Sunday - If I would have known he was a friend of yours, I would have laughed harder!

*bookmarks new blog to add to reading material with coffee in the morning*

If you do plug C-bol's blog, be sure to call him "Everyone's Favorite Wombat." He loves that.

You're not trying to show us some other places to go for entertainment 'cause you're shutting down your blog.... right? right?
*chirp* *chirp* *chirp*
*tap, tap tap*
Is this thing on?

W/C - Maybe his Daveness is taking a break to spend MORE time playing with the blog.

After all, who could resist all this rapier-like witt, tangents-into-nothingness, double-entendres, lymrics & lyrics, satire, French-bashing, squid & terrorism updates, juvenile humour, etc., etc.

Indeed, who could resist? I know I can't!

Seems to me that the blog is like living in Nodak.

I live in Nodak (when I'm there, but 225 nites a year on the road make that an occasional treat, at best) because I want to ...

Same with the blog ... I'm here because I want to be ...

(Dang job, anyway ... sure cuts into my blog time.)

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