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January 28, 2005


He wrote the best of the great teen-tragedy songs, "Tell Laura I Love Her."

Improbable but true fact: In 1997, on A Prairie Home Companion, I sang that song in a duet with Garrison Keillor.


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I'm first AND I read the link! O Happy Day! And tell Laura...oh, never mind...

Seems like I'm always first when somebody dies. Go figure.

There is that Prairie Home Companion thing again. Where can I get one? I've been lonely ever since my beloved left me and won't respond to my newpaper ad. Do I have to live on the prairie? Is the companion real, or is like the cuddly blow up doll I have at the cleaners?
And Dave, I don't recall that Mrs. Dave first name was Laura. Don't you think you should have kept that out of the public eye.

Well Hayduke, be thankful your not the first one to die.

Uh, your Daveness? There was also a reference to MacArthur Park on that episode.

Igloo, I can't help but notice your good mood today. You are just gursting with wacky humor. Maybe if you keep up the good work, my day will get better too.

I am in a great mood. Copied some of the recipes on yesterdays roadkill, uh, er blog and made me a quart of Toad Smoothies. Just the drink to follow those special mushrooms I had with my brownies.
NO, not THOSE brownies.

Today we're going to make a special French dish - Caned Toad Brownie Smoothy with mushroom sauce. Now, this is just the thing to cure those winter time blues! I whipped up a batch of this and sent it to a good friend of mine who has been suffering with a case of the blues for a few months, Martha Stewart. Did this do the trick? *chuckles to self* Ah, well, let's just say that the guards had to ask her to pipe down when she was singing "MacArthur Park" just a bit too loudly!

Save the liver!

I don't want to make anyone feel like an old fart here, but who the hell is that guy?

In any case, may he rest in peace. And his songs too.

AW, man. For years there have been only three songs I was ever aware of that had my name in it, and all three had to do with death or dying. (I have since learned of a new song "Laura" by a band who's name now escapes me. I think no one dies in that song.)

At any rate, I adored this song because my name was in it. I would cry every time I heard it, along with "Laura, What's He Got That I Ain't Got?" and "Think of Laura".

So I shall mourn this passing, seriously. That song was a big chunk of my childhood.

Thanks for the special memory, Ray. I treasure it.


That song - back when I was listening to radio stations that played it - was responsible for me spraining my finger about a dozen times as I stabbed the OFF button.....

Talk about an awful song....

sorry he bought it, but what a cruddy song! up there with all those other teen death songs... as you so aptly described in your book.

"I know there's no knight, and I know there's no horse..."

"...There's no horse?"

Oh, god, Dave, that was so hilarious. Thanks for sharing that with us!

Tamara, I'm hoping they put that bit in the G2G movie.


There is a beautiful (old) song named "Laura" written by David Raskin and Johnny Mercer.

I loved that song, too, Raynebow, for exactly the same reason you did. Sob! ( ...so much for my pseudonym...)

And I still love the Johnny Mercer song--it also has a dead girl theme going for it. It's from a movie about a dead woman named Laura. Her portrait haunts the homicide detective investigating the case.

That was Laura, but she's only a dream...

Do all of the extra blog clock hours go into the month of Ugust? Is that a way to make the calendar balance? I think the Mayans did something like that.

rAY AND i BECAME FRIENDs THROUGH MY WORK. hE BOUGHT SEVERAL lINCOLN tOWNCARS FROM me. He was always a very polite gentleman. He also wrot Corina Corina.

BILL, I hate to have to tell you this, but you may want to have your (not you're) keyboard checked.

Thanks for the correction about Raksin and Mercer. BTW, the first time I ever heard "Laura" it was the Spike Jones version. I still can't hear it or play it without getting car horns and whistles running through my audio circuits.

I always thot that song was a little too syrupy for my taste (musically, at least) ... but the girls liked it, and it was a good song to have on the radio when you were making out ... romance, and that caca la baca-type stuff, you know ...

They taste good with chocolate syrup or even some M&M's sprinkled over them. Real Chewy letters!
*Oh! I almost swallowed the letter,"P" without chewing.*
My grandmother always said, "Chew your food 26 times before swallowing."

Jeff - I know (not no) that proofing is not much fun, but it save embrassment later on ... (as in: Wowser, that's such a beauty of a mistake, we gotta bronze it for posterity ...)

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