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January 26, 2005


If you're patient and lucky, eventually it will come out in Hebrew.



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Wow! Huh?

What the hell is that?

Which book is that? Dave Barry does Japan?

Why is it in both Hebrew and Japanese? The Japanese reads: "Deibu Barii ga 'Nihon wo Suru'," which means "Dave Barry 'does Japan.'"

It's Greek to me.

Dave, you "Samurai" up nicely! But what's with the giant tick on your head?

that's one hell of a yarmulke on his head.

Dave-san - cool!

Dave-san - cool!

Dave, how much do you get for each "Mighty Morphin' Power Dave" sold?

Tragically, that's not me on the cover. I don't know who it is, and I don't want to know.

Looks to me like a Samurai Tick-man Flying Nun. But what do I know, I'm just a monkey.

If you hold the book upside down and then squint a little, it's almost as hard to read as it was the regular way.

I swear it's some kind of secret code. Like, "Ha! Betcha're wondering what these giant paper cups are doing behind my ears!"

Um.......in Hebrew it says "Gadol B'Yapon", which literally translated means "Big Guy In Japan" or simply "Big in Japan".
Did you pay extra for that title, Dave? :-D

Dateline Variety:
In preparation of her new(not knew)Final Once Again World Wide in Seattle Tour, Cher, the artist formerly known as Cher, has released her new Autobiography, Titled
"Cher Cher". Her new (not Gnu)makeover is featured on the cover. No ticks were killed in the stylilng of her hair(not hare).

I got the style but not the grace
I got the clothes but not the face
I got the bread but not the butter
I got the winda but not the shutter

But I'm big in Japan
I'm big in Japan
But heh I'm big in Japan

Mmmmmmmm, kosher sushi. . .

is it kikkoman?

I can't wait for the movie trailer:

"In a world where the sashimi is kosher, only one writer can save us from the wasabi paste . . . Kikkoman!

Yes, Dave Barry is Kikkoman in the epic new film "Gadol B'Yapon"

See it before you eat. . ."

hilarious, Lairbo. i'm still laughing at the juxtapostion of japanese cultural stuff in hebrew. shalom, y'all.

I'm consulting various ancient scrolls to determine whether it's okay to have rice pudding at the same meal with a tuna roll. I've got a killer idea for a streetcorner food cart. Bulletins as they break. . .

I guess we have to know if Dave has been certified Kosher now? Kosher Boogers?

Dave, wouldn't it be great if you wrote a column about Hebrew culture? Jewish people seem to think they are the only ones that can make fun of themselves? I mean... besides being viewed as anti-semitic, lumped together with Hitler and targeted by the anti-defamation league what would the drawback be?

Oh yeah... You're NOT writing columns so what am I saying??? But if you DID write a column it would be great... You could get hate mail, letter bombs, boycotts, editorial comments, a six day war, etc. Or maybe its just better you work on your movie and stay home a lot to watch home improvement shows.

Whew. I was going to say, retirement is not agreeing with you at ALL, Dave. Glad to hear it's not you.

Kosher Boogers! That's disgusting!

I'm calling my rabbi......

Oh, his secretary said he can't come to the phone..something about a booger...

I think his dainty paper fan is so sweet.

Speaking of Dave's movie (WC brought it up)... Dave, could you let John Cleese know that I am really irritated with him for charging a subscription to his website? Michael Palin (still the Nicest Python) doesn't charge for his site. And, Dave, you might mention that you even run a blog for free...

Since all us Jews are part of an international conspriacy to rule the world, let me say - on behalf of all of us - MAZEL TOV, DAVE!!

P.s. Writer' cramp - YOU are treif.

Avi - I sorta figured I was off the Kosher menu after all the pork barbeque we eat here in 'Bama. But lest you think I'm just the average inbred uneducated biggot, I think Jewish people are cool... And one of my family names is Shear which I'm pretty sure was Shearer a little farther back in history.

Since all us Jews are part of an international conspriacy to rule the world, let me say - on behalf of all of us - MAZEL TOV, DAVE!!

Well said, Avi - and since WC's latest post re Schear, I would relieve him of the treif stigma:-)


I thought I recognized you ... I got that guess right ... for a change ...

What is up with that cover? It would scare the heck out of me. Run! Run! THe big japanese dude is screaming in hebrew.

No wonder Dave was able to retire. What a cash windfall this must be! Now when it comes out in Arabic ALL the Middle East problems will be solved. Unfortunately the problems for Japan may be just beginning. (The photo does make Dave look like he is developing a tick, doesn’t it?)

Hehe... hilarious to see Hebrew on your blog, Dave.

On the top the cover reads:
"Dave Barry" (white on red red)
"Big In Japan" (book title, white on blue)
And on the bottom:
"Funniest man in America!" (the US is often referred to as "America" here in Israel)
"Funniest book in the world!" (the world is often referred to as "the world" here in Israel)


I have that book along with many others. I enjoyed all of them.

Way to go, Dave! We'll all say shehekianu to celebrate this joyous event.

What moron said it's the funniest book in the world?
How the heck are they going to try to sell the next book?
(OK, sorry. THIS one is the funniest in the world. No, wait....)

whoever translated the japanese didn't do it right... they gave the literal translation (suru) and not the word you were looking for (yaru).

Oh, NEAT!!! I've gotta go and buy that now (yeah, I'm from Israel)...

And since I've skipped all the former posts and don't know if anyone solved the nystery, the name in Hebrew reads 'Dave Barry, Big in Japan', and the bit at the bottom says 'The funniest man in America! The funniesy book in the world!'

:) Seriously, that's what it says.

I really do have to get that book now.

...And a nystery is the same as a mystery, just spelled wrong. (doh #1)

...And yes, I have now looked at the posts I skipped and saw someone else here reads Hebrew. (doh #2)

...And I think it's pretty cool my last post was the 42nd one. (not exactly a doh, just me being a geek)

...I think I'll go hide under the desk now.

Can I take the book with me?

Hi dave
as an Avid fan AND Hebrew native, I can attest that most of your books get a little lost in translation.

Know this, no mooning joke of yours will be adequately translated in Hebrew.

Have fun in the holy-crap-with-the driving-land.

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