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January 19, 2005


The snake.

Key Quote: The snake, the species of which was unknown, will be taken to the nearby Hartebeespoort Snake Park for safekeeping and rehabilitation before being released into the wild, Ms Nothnagel said.

We have two questions:

1. Rehabilitation?

2. Ms. Nothnagel?


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We have two questions:

Oh wait, you said them already.

how can the snake "guard" anything if it's in a glass case?????

Wait, no, there are more questions. LOTS of questions. Many of them, many much, much questions.

The "rehabilition" is probably physical rehab due to head trauma caused by trying to break out of the glass cage to get to the "dagga".

A lot of men's best friends are their "snakes."

in my experience most men ARE..... well i just mean they ACT like snakes

sorry, i had a (guy related) rotten weekend

Hartebeespoort Snake Park

and they give ME a hard time about weird place names in Oz.....

What excercises are involved in snake rehab? Is this like physical therapy or perhaps drug rehab?

I'm with lollyk on this one - if I were a dagga snagga, wouldn't slow me down much...

Maybe the snake also needs to go into detox before being released into the wild...

Otherwise, all the other snakes will beat on him and he'll be too stoned to fight back...

they're (not there or their) probly just jealous and that's why they want to beat him up

woops, i meant probably

What exactly is a snake park anyway? I've heard of dog parks, but snakes?

Man: I'll be back in a few minutes, honey. I'm going to take Monty* for a slither at Hartebeespoort's.

Woman: OK, don't forget the tiny snakey pooper scooper!**

*almost certainly the most common name for a pet python.

**which WBAGNFA REM song.

Farmer: Dammit Snake, you were supposed to GUARD the dagga!
Snake: Sorry, dude *cough, cough* I was one "baked" snake
Farmer: Well, now you've gone & done it. I'm going to jail and you're going to rehab
Snake: REHAB!
Farmer: Yeah... Rehab!
Snake: What are they gonna do with the stuff?
Farmer: Burn it I guess
Snake: BURN IT!
Farmer: Yeah, Burn it... see what you've done
Snake: I want a lawyer
Farmer: You're a snake
Snake: Professional courtesy dude. I'll get one for free.
Farmer: That's just a punchline
Snake: They think that was a glass case
Farmer: You mean your bong? What did you do with your permit?
Snake: Where else was I gonna get paper? I'm a snake.
Farmer: This just isn't my day

Where's Steve Irwin when you need him?

One (more) question :

If the species of the snake was unknown, how did they know it was indigenous???

Mebbe they're (not their, or there) being disingenuous...

El Tio Oma'r,
The snake had to be indigenous. Mr. Pot Grower was far too busy tending his crops to go out and import a snake, but maybe the snake is his emotional support pet and he should be allowed to take it to jail with him.

Almost sounds like the caption from one of those Far Side cartoons.

Stoned Snakes wbagnfarb

Jessica R. -

Okay, I'll buy your explanation without question ... the problem I have is their statement of "fact" and the corresponding failure ot back it up ... bad reporting ... sorry, newspaper virus biting once again ...

but then, I suppose an Aussie paper doesn't hafta use the AP stylebook, eh?

C-bol -

mebbe they shoulda just smoked the snake?

C'bol -

mayhap they should've just smoked the snake?

C'bol -

mayhap they should've just smoked the snake?

stupid dialup ...

stupid dialup ...

Snake park?


Now let's not forget, the snake would be venemous, not poisonous.

If one takes the snake to a snake park, must the snake be leashed? Harnessed? Staked out? Or may they run freely? I mean, may they slither freely?
Would the owner get in trouble if his snake ate somebody else's snake? Or if his snake ate somebody else?
Come on people! We need answers!

ahhh...nothnagel. i dated a mike nothnagel in college. his name alone was reason enough to date him.

Wow. This is interesting. is interesting

Try again. This is interesting

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