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January 19, 2005


This isn't it.

(Thanks to Higgy)


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They're gonna need one hell of a plunger

just think of the Drano bill....

don't elephants already have a recycling program called the Dung Beetle??

Man, how'd you like to be the guy that gets called in when one of those toilets backs up!

It'll be just like the Big Dig - expensive as hell and leaking everywhere. (Not that I'm bitter or anything.)

It doesn't say what they plan to do with the methane. Maybe the tourist show will feature fire eaters.

The Seattle zoo sells fertilizer to local gardeners called "Zoo Doo."

That's going to be a SHOW?!?! There will be air freshener, right?

Wait a minute....wasn't something like that a scene in Meet the Fockers.

Oh, that was a cat.

Nevermind. Totally different.

Did anyone notice that other story on the sidebar?

IVF Clinic asks politicians to volunteer as sperm donors ... ?

I'm willing to bet many of them already gave at the office.

Funny, I don't remember hearing about this at the World Toilet Expo. Maybe I was in the "hospitality tent" at the time.

Do you suppose they will be able to use a stock, off-the-shelf toilet from Home Depot?

"Perhaps we can also get them to read the morning papers at the same time," said a sanctuary spokesman.

And then they can take over when Regis and Kelly go on vacation, right Jeff??!?!?!?

I'd like to see them try this with a 1.6 gallon/flush toilet.

Elephant Loo wbagnfarb.

Do lady elephants wee standing up?

"Yes, our elephants sit on the loo."
Said the very top man at the zoo.
"No, we're not all insane,
It's for the methane.
And to relieve us of all of that poo."

No mention whatsoever about accepted elephant etiquette regarding whether to leave the seat up or down.

Judging by the picture, I don't think there is a toilet seat. Definitely designed by a man.

Barry, I bet the elephant ladies hover and pee all over the seat like human ladies do. It's cleaner that way.

Barry, I bet the elephant ladies hover and pee all over the seat like human ladies do. It's cleaner that way.

I dunno, I was sort of intrigued at the 'Freaky Ghost Footage' website at the bottom of the article...*pause to drink more DayQuil*
that and a site for 'elephant items' that promised 'no surprises.' Meaning I suppose they will NOT send you a box of pachyderm poop...

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