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January 26, 2005


Now they're picketing Cher.


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How annoying. An opportunity to vie for first post and, creatively, I got nothin' to offer.

Which, as you can see, didn't stop me.

Yes Dave I believe it is and I am calling the ACLU right now!

But was Cher built with non-union labor?
Look for the union label
for that nosejob for you,or your spouse.
It might cost more, but you'll regret it
if your new boobs were scab-made, you louse!

Cher's response:

"OK! If they want to play rough, I can play the same game — I'm extending my Farewell Tour until 2025!"

I wasn't particularly upset about the issue until I saw that the "Village People" were also on the concert venue.
Well, I am contacting my Congressperson, to get on the horn to the failed Bush Administration and get them to invoke the Taft-Hartley Act.

Oh dear, Cher is in town. The Emerald City is doomed.

LOL, insomniac!

$22.50 an hour is not enough to make me assist Cher in her "Farewell-but-not-really-because-I'm-still-going" Tour.

"Nonunion Stagehands" is a GNFARB....

capitalist pigs!

Somehow I just don't see any of the Cher concert goers being members of the United Electrical Workers Local Union 409 chapter. Maybe they are but I'll bet that if they are going to the Cher concert they aren't going to give up their ticket and stand in solidarity with the Event Center Union staff

queensbee -

pigs aren't kosher, you know!!!!

Pickles are Kosher....ba dum psh

*hangs head in shame at poor attempt at humor, but someone had to jump on that*

The Constitution is moot, anyway. We need to find out if this violates the Hawley-Smoot Tariff!
Double points for saying 'violate' and 'Hawley-Smoot Tariff' in the same sentence. Quadruple points for doing it twice.

Well, I'm all for picketing Cher no matter what the reason. Where can I get my sign?

Dave has posted Cher's new look several posts up.
Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Umm.. so if I quit my job and become a non-union stagehand for Cher I could be making $28 an hour???

Wow .. temptation sure has changed a lot since the Apple...

*pondering amount of shoes that could be purchased with the triple in income*

thank you, MOTW, and thank you for finishing the 'Calamari/Oklahoma ' song from a few days back. I've been told I have trouble providing a 'big finish' but perhaps that's TMI...

I thought maybe they objected to the clause that said they'd get paid at the end of the farewell tour.

I said it before, and even linked it, but I won't do that again.

Just saying "It's Plastic" should be enuf.

did anyone else read that as "nonhuman stagehands" the first time through? It was an I Robot moment for me...

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