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January 19, 2005



(Via Virginia Postrel)


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Let's face it, you could improve most TV shows if they were done in the "bunnies in 30 seconds" format.

24 Hours of bunnies and you're gonna accumulate a lot of bunny pellets. But you'd get plenty of sex scenes... I'm just sayin'

Plenty of bunnies, too.

*Could've been #%@&'n first if I hadn't waited to download the Bunnies over my #%@&'n dialup connection at the nose-bleed speed of 31 kbps!*


And I have never seen Jaws...

HAHAHAHA Very bunny Dave.


ooh and



*Grain Malts*


Sounds like the beginning to a beautiful relationship to me.

Funny, but I thought "Waiting for Godot" done by flying squirrels was better.

No fair! That one needed a Swallow Alert, Dave.

"The following may cause spewage, violent spewage at times, from uncontrolled laughter. Please swallow anything you have in your mouth THIS INSTANT before viewing and/or reading."

*SPEW* lmao. THANKS!

Do they do "Alien"?

HEY! Don't forget to scroll down and view other bunnies productions, all in 30 seconds:
The Exorcist
The Shining
It's a Wonderful Life

Very funny!!! and worth the wait for my dial-up to load!

I'm with MOTW (how are you, by the way?) on the "spew" factor-

That is fabulous. They should come out with a time-life "100 Greatest Stories Ever Told On Film Redone in 30 Second Bunny Skits" DVD, so that busy people (such as ourselves) could gain a dinner party level knowledge of all the important cinematic art that has ever occurred.

Oh, and in case they already did that, let me add that they should mail me a copy for free without my having to click on anything or provide any information.

And can somebody come pop the corn? That'd be great.

They do! They do! (Thanks, MOTW, I hadn't noticed...)

That's the only way I'll ever watch "Titanic"


A building contractor is jackhammering outside my building today, right under my window. I swear, if there was a helicopter hovering next to my window, it'd be more quiet. I needed this humor today. Really.
C-bol, dear, would you like extra butter on that popcorn, or do you prefer "light" to maintain your svelte figure?

... and now the car alarms in the parking lot are going off because of the jackhammer.

the other people in my office dont know why i fell off the chair and onto the floor....

MOTW - thanks, I don't care for the butter, but M&Ms mixed in are great!

Queensbee - they may not know, but I bet they're saying "drunk again".

The "Titanic" one was my favorite. I can't wait to see "The Rocky Horror Picture Show."

They deserve an Academy Award for funniest damn thing ever.

"Acadamy Awards Customer Service Dept., Clarice speaking, how may I help you?"
"Yes, I won the 2005 Award for Funniest Damn Thing Ever and ..."
"This call may be recorded, monitored, and rebroadcast with your voice redubbed and everything you say replaced with I'm buttgasmic, dammit! in order to assure accuracy and great service, is that ok?"
"What? Sure. So I won the award, and.."
"Can I interest you in the Oscar Pack? It includes director's commentary on films they wish they had made, and a picture of Dodie from the never aired My Chronic Belching."
"No! I called to complain about my award."
"Go ahead."
"Well, as I was saying, I won for..."
"Can you please give me your name, date of birth, social security number, mother's maiden name, and three major credit card numbers along with billing addresses, security codes, and passwords?"
"Just wondering."
"Thank you for calling and have a..."
"No! About my award."
"What about it?"
"John Cleese won't hand it over. Claims he's still funnier than me and that anyway he lent it to Eddie Izzard."
"Oh, he's so funny!"
"Yeah, but I won the award."
"I don't get that."
"Shouldn't Dave Barry have won?"
"He's on a time-out."
"Still. He's funny."
"That's not the point."
"Whatever, my shift is over. Have a nice life."

higgy, i'm with you on that one! my mother and i are boycotting Titanic, just 'cause every one else has seen it.

i am very much looking forward to the RHPS bunnies. i'm already giggling at the thought of bunnies in fishnets.

did anyone go to their homepage and watch the "bunny slasher series"?

texas chainsaw massacre
freddy v. jason

good times.

I volunteered to pop the popcorn, and while I was doing it, I missed 4 movies !

When will they release Casablanca?

Casablanca will be FAR to easy...

"Play it Sam, if she can take it, I can take it"
"Round up the usual subjects"
"Here's looking at you, kid"
"You wore blue, the German's wore grey."
"We'll always have Paris"
"Round up the usual suspects"
"This could be the start of a beautiful friendship"

That's about 30 seconds, with the map in the begining and the plane taking off.

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