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January 22, 2005


Sign us up, eh?

Key Quote: Valentich said women have flashed their breasts at folk festivals and other musical events in the past, but it is not an activity usually associated with hockey.

(Thanks to Ted Habte-Gabr, always on top of the issues)

Update: The World Congress of Sexology?


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Oh, and gratuitous ASCII boobies:


Calgary girls are walking ‘round bare
But the guys just don’t seem to stare
A neat trick you see
One glance and then he
Can tell that it’s damn cold out there

There is also the question of . . . whether the booze and party atmosphere played a role.

There's a question!?!?!?

*enjoys another slowlayne limerick*

And she's getting paid for the study???...I have the answer for her...Booze + slutty women = flashing boobs!

I believe that I am the first to comment on the update -

The man in the picture is creepy looking and not someone I would want to discuss sex with.

There was a professional journal called - brb - The Worm Runner’s Digest. It had REAL Ph.D.s doing *research into the effects of - let's say - too much alcohol on the flight from Houston to Chicago.*

The end of many reports was to *demand further research in this evolving field.*

Or perhaps the findings were more conclusive:

"The effects of alcohol are staggering!"

It was the back half of another journal called the Journal of Biological Psychology. The back was completely inverted so that it looke like its own front page.

(Dr. James McConnell’s book is "The Worm Re-Turns: The Best of from the Worm Runner’s Digest").


So true...he looks like a pedophile..creepy..just creepy..

"Mary Valentich says the practice was so common she decided to look into the reasons why women would express themselves by lifting their shirts."

So the Girls Gone Wild videos are actually protests against indecency laws? I have to see for myself... ;-)

Who cares why women flash their breasts? It is enough for me that they do.

When Valentich was questioned by reporters about the behaviour of the women, she realized she didn't have any answers.

"I finally thought this is unfair to the women. I need to be able to have better data to respond more accurately," Valentich said.

So, now, some place like a strip joint could be rightly considered a 'data center' without stretching the truth.

"Honey, it's late, where are you going?"
"Oh, I just need to spend some time on that data mining project of ours, is all. I'll be back by midnight."
"But, I thought it was data warehousing..."
"Um... er... that's after the mining... Dang, I'll... I'll be home by 2."

Are you gals kidding?! When I think of "sex," THAT is the face I see!

***Oooh, paging Doctor El Presidente de Sexy Sexology, you are wanted--oooh--everywhere you go...***

sly' -
I was gonna cite

There is also the question of whether there were any short or long term consequences from the act and whether the booze and party atmosphere played a role.

and then say, "Ya think ...?"

You beat me to it, however ... (I slept in this a.m.)

El -

... um ... ... ... never mind ...

... more Victorian attitiude ...

Well, prolly in B.C. fer shure, if not Alberta ...
(Them Albertans, they're a peach, eh? Or, a couple of peaches?)

r.e.: Congress of Sexology ... This appears to be another Unity in Diversity group ... best not tell Dobson, or he'll be off to Montreal ...

... scientific programme, social events, gastronomic and recreational activities ... 30 of the best scholars in sexology from different disciplines ...

Sounds like your typical orgy, with a little "science" added for tax purposes, IMHO ...

Maybe it's just me, but I think that guy looked kinda like Rodney Dangerfield.

Professor: So, Ms. Booby, what were you thinking about at the exact moment that you raised your shirt? Were you trying to make a statement about sexual equality? About breast-cancer research, perhaps? Please, share your thoughts.

Ms. Booby: Thinking?

Professor: Yes, what was going through your head when you flashed the crowd?

Ms. Booby: I was thinking... Um...? I think I was drunk.

Mr. Moneybags: Uh, Professor?

Professor: Yes, sir?

Mr. Moneybags: I hereby cut funding to this study. You are dismissed.

Professor: *hangs head in shame*

Mr. Moneybags: Ms. Booby, would you like to go out for drinks?

'lota -

neat-o commentary -

That's the way it should be ... (cutting funding from mostly useless "research") ... but it makes too much sense ... so I doubt that it'll happen ...

The "researcher" asking a "subject" out for drinks ... now I'm sure that's not going to come to an end anywhere in the near future ...

In my day, this phenomena was often referred to as "Publish or Perish" ... a symptom of the disease and the times ... these scientists were often referred to as "professional students" ...

Am I showing my age here ... ?

Again, nice dialogue - as commetary

Stranger still, it's only "questionable content" when contained in quotation marks. WTF?

Karlota - what horrible weather - I have taken a vow of silence today regarding our southern CA weather!

sympathies :)

'lota -

I don't get it ... what's questionable about snow in Minnesnowta in January ...

(Ya, den dere, da wedder were perty much not so nice here too ... kinda foggy this morning ... I know ... rubbing it in ... put the nickels away ...)

Who cares why women flash their breasts? It is enough for me that they do.

What charleyfoxtrot said.

Would you go to a conference run by Pierre Assman?

Okay, so take a good look at the car. It's a tiny Mazda. Tiny Mazda + 10 inches of snow = a lot of shoveling and a lot of pushing. It took us about half an hour to dig that sucker out of there. Plus, it has no traction whatsoever. Maybe I should trade it in for a set of snow shoes.


I am sorry about what you have been going through...I will be nice like Eleanor and not tell you how nice it is in Miami today...

'lota -

(as in: lota snow up dere, den, ya know ... ?)

I still fail to see the "newsworthiness" of this photo ... so it's Minnesnowta, so it snowed, so you get to stay home today ...

HOWever, I do have a pair of snowshoes I'm not using ... you could borrow them ... they're hanging on the east wall of my garage, and the neighbors have a key ... go ahead ...

PUT THOSE NICKELS AWAY! If I din't care about how bad you're having it, I wouldn't kid you about it ...

Jeezly ... quite a bit of snow there, huh? (DUH, he finally gets the message ...)

Only a couple [heh, I said couple] of inches back home, from what I hear (not here) ... inconvenient ... but yours is much worse than that ... you could borrow one of my scoop shovels when you pick up the snowshoes ...

On a practical note: 'Why do women flash their breasts' -- because it's quicker than dropping our pants, Einstein!

(*) (*)

still perky after all these years!!!

Thanks, guys.

I'm adding a snow-blower to my birthday wish list.

To add to insult, this is the weekend my mother chose to visit Orlando. I think I'm going to disown her.

Hey, at least I'm going to a gathering this evening that will involve alcohol. Maybe I can do some flashing of my own.

'lota -

What sort of gathering? A herd of beer? A congregation of Scotch? A roundup of rye? ... or just your general amassment of alcohol ...

drive careful, slippery roads and all, if I were closer, I could DD for you ... and watch that flashing, the snow and ice can make that hazardous, as well ...

now that I've managed to put a damper on the evening ... have a good time!

sean got it right.

Does anyone else SUPPOS(itory) that Dr. Assalian WBAGNFA
extra-terrestrial proctologist?

Just wondering.

triller -

works 4 me ... better than those links Jeff M. posted on the nuptial music thread, anyway ...

I'm still wondering why Michael Jackson 'clutched' his 'family jewels' during a music video years ago and how in the world it was related to music? This has never been explained either rationally or irrationally. And why did the FCC over look this, but didn't overlook Jana Jackson' one moment of exposure during the show at the 'Superbowl?'

UO--Thanks. Since he has recovered from the cow on the roof of the garage incident, Karl will be DD. And we'll be taking my car, which is bigger than his Mazda dinkmobile and therefore has the balls to drive through snow. As for the gathering, we're having a beverage potluck. It promises to be very entertaining.

And, just to pretend to be on topic, Janet boob:


From The World Congress of Sexology site:

[... Submission]
[Exhibition ...]

[Student Activities]

'lota -
I thot them furriner jobs were s'posed to be so good in ice & snow, 'cuz of the front-wheel drive ... whatever ...
Of course we know (not not) that it do not (not knot) snow in Japan like it do in Nodak/Golden Gopher country ...


Is (@) what I think it is?

If so, shouldn't it be (@) (@) ???

Or ... if I'm right, (or wrong), then do I gotta watch out for a red Mazda with a pitchfork, sack of nickels and reeking of cow poop?

Lol, UO. See, it's Janet's boob. Remember, we only get to see one of them. Also note the nipple-shield or whatever you want to call her piercing-doohickey. And, there's no way the Mazda would make it through all of the snowbanks between here and there. The problem with the Mazda is that it's a pile of plastic. So, no worries (although you might need to watch out for a blue Dodge).

'lota -

Well, duh!

Sorry, I managed to get part of the conversation, but sorta got sidetracked by the scenery, so I failed to catch the entire snowbank ...

So, what I'm hearing here (not hear) is that I need to dodge a Dodge?

"These women are doing something unconventional and yet they're using the traditional sexual route to express whatever they're expressing."

I think maybe they're expressing the concept "getta loada these hooters!"

There must be something akin to humor impairment affecting these people that think they need to study this phenomena.

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