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January 17, 2005



I help with the youth group that is running this site (totally not-for-profit). It helps tsunami victims. I bought a brick in your name on the site. To find your brick you can look it up by number on the site.

Any comments are welcomed. If you like the site, and could mention it that would be wonderful. I'm sure you get such requests frequently so I will understand fully if you can't endorse it.

Thank you for your consideration. Your brick number is 221 and the site is www.rebuildinghope.org. I mentioned your site on the brick.

Thanks again.

Robert W. Aldrich


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I thought it was spelled "Berry?"

I could'a been first, but I was sore afraid to write anything that could be misconstrued, when such a worthwile cause is put forth for comment/action from this worhty group.
I also sure that Dave, even though he lives in South Florida, has not misunderstood what kind of Brick they are talking about.

Did anyone else notice that the first several bricks were bought by "Puck Whacker, Inc."? Being the sicko that I am, dirty thoughts immediately sprang to mind and I started giggling. Then I googled Puck Whacker, Inc. Imagine my disapointment when viewing their website...its about roller hockey for gosh sakes. How boring.

Evidently, I spend too much time here. Would "The Puck Whackers" bagnfarb?

I've actually been to Frankfort, MI. It's a nice town.

And is it another sign of too much time on this blog that the only thing I had to say about this post was the above comment?

When I visited the site, I too was struck by the "Puck Whacker, Inc" bricks. The other thought that entered my Head was Pink Floydd. I gotta get another hobby or at least a job.

Keener. Trying to get a mention. Let's face it Bobby Boy - Claire Martin still has you beat hands down.

Still... good cause! Nice going.

"He's a real brick."

Puck Whacker sounds better than Wuck Packer. And if Dave is serious about whacking the appropriate party for providing a link that requires registration before allowing us to read the New Jersey article, maybe he could use a puck to whack them.

* puck *

... or a brick. Whatever suits your fancy, Dave.

No joke here. Puck Whacker is real, and we actually run roller hockey tournaments... sorry to disappoint.....

Maybe Puck Whacker and Gus Macker can work together on some sort of tournament thingy.

Puck Whacker reminds me of the early days of television and a shoe for children called the "Buster Brown Show". The show was sponsored by, guess, Buster Brown Shoes. What I remember the most, and may be the reason for the involuntary incarcerations over the years, was the magical frog on the show. All I can recall was the magic word..."pluck your magic twanger, Froggie" and the frog (no Kermit he) would appear.
Sheesh, is there any doubt as to why we were so rebellious during the sixties? The drugs, sex and rock and roll. Ah, memories.

errr...the first shoe is really show, but reliving those halycon days of early tv, I inserted the Ed Sullivan pronunciation.
Apologies to all.

I challenge all of you that have posted on here to buy 1 brick for $1, and then challenge all of your friends to do the same. Remember, for every brick you purchase, that dollar will be matched.

Email all of your contacts and challenge them too!

Ode to Puck Whacker

There was a man named Gus Macker,
who never was called a tool racker.
One job he had was hay stacker,
or perhaps as just a shoe blacker.
Never known as a common car jacker,
his jobs made him a cash lacker.
His wife was sure a knick knacker,
with hobbies using yellow paint laquer.
Their house it was not a tin shacker,
Gus’s fortune he made as game tracker.
He’d tried out to be a news flacker,
but ended as just a ‘net hacker.
I’m done with all this yak yakker,
and say, “Well done,” you Puck Whacker.

(Sorry Gus, wherever you are.)

I bought my brick... It feels good to be part of a greater cause!

I got nothin' funny to say here.

Giving to charity= good.

In case anyone else reading this is as paranoid of scams as I am, I emailed the Trinity Lutheran Church to verify that the site really is legit, and it is. Also, remember that every dollar that you donate is matched by Thrivan, so you are getting even more bang for your buck!

this is a very nice web page for a very good

The Pope blesses you all!

Right now the pope will take a nap


Web page helpful it is.
Cause good it be.
Bless you god will do.
Heaven you will go.
Crack i will buy.

Thank you I will!

The force be with you may!

When I was in a Lutheran youth group, the biggest challenge we faced was getting gummi worms to stick to the ceiling tiles in the church rec room. Kids these days! Sheesh!

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