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January 28, 2005


We are doomed.

(Thanks to everybody, living and dead, on the planet.)


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And to think, that Thomas Crappers birthday was yesterday.

Holy Sh*t, Batman!!!

"smothered the flames with more of the same -- a blanket of wet cow manure."

"Hey, man, this cow manure is burning? How are we supposed to put it out?"

"Let's throw some more manure on there! That should solve the problem!"

"Wow! You are an idea man, Jack!"

*Jack sneaks in and kills three dozen ecoterrorist cows*

Firefighter to Fire Chief: Okay, I'll go in, but you've got to promise me. If I don't make it out, you can't tell my family I died in a pile of cowsh*t!"

Holy Crap!!

I wonder how the real estate market is doing near that area...

That man is an idiot. People *buy* cow manure to use as fertilizer. Just put up a sign saying "Free Manure" and the gardeners ought to come running!

That's one big pile of sh1t.

Dave Barry is a hot shit.

Why only Gardeners. How about Smiths or Smythes?

I guess Dickinson thinks he's hot sh*t. He should tell his cows that he's disappointed that they can't be more like their big brother, the elephant

A, so this is what they mean when they say "beef byproducts"

In the past I've been known to say, "now that's a steaming pile of cow dung."
Until this day, I never meant it literally.

I guess it is somewhat fortunate, that dinosaurs are extinct. Imagine what 12,000 of those mothers would dump every day.


I never sent this in. But then, I guess you couldn't classify me as 'living' or 'dead.' Or, technically, on earth.

"Common sites." "Three-acre manure lagoon." Tell me again why people want to move out to the country and the fresh air.

haaa. country, fresh air, haaaa. ahhh whiff a sniff of that smog instead. cow stuff makes me choke.

I really enjoyed reading this while I was eating my breakfast - Thanks Dave :-)

Tonight on 60 Minutes. An exclusive investigation into what happens to all of that Bull Sh*t that is put out during the recent election campaigns.

Archeologists sure excite easily...

Tamara- due to truth in advertising ,they should say: "Free Manure: Get It While It's Hot !"

and Throw Down Your Dunnies -wbagnfar song

Cows save all of humanity. Excellent source of fuel and energy. Fossil fuel no longer needed on the planet. Methane machines cost less and you can now make your own with the new 'state of the art' 'pig-poo trapping 'loos.' Research now being conducted in New Zealand into 150 year old 'POO'. The 'bones' tell all relates Jeff Meyerson to FUTURE SCIENCE. These bones tell all, about the future, the past and the present! They tell about the social structure from the past.(for instance, 'who' ate 'whom', and 'who' is related to 'whom.') Get your newest edition today! Don't wait because you might be sorry!

You are what you eat ...

(Anyone notice the other article, "Why women can't read maps" ... ???)

KID: "Mommie, Mommie, I WANT a 'dunne' I WANT a 'dunne'!

MOMMIE: "Shut up, Kid! No, you can't have a 'dunne!'

KID: "But, Mommie, But, Mommie! I have to..."

MOMMIE: "You aren't done yet! So shut up and keep shitting!"

"Smoldering Dung Pile" would also bagnfarb.

My exact sentiments!

Dang. Another Ted Kennedy news article.

This blog is my mental stimulation ...

I can feel them now! Yes, new nerve circuits are already beginning to 'blossom' in my brain! It's so exciting that I think I will go and play my 'Clarke Tin Whistle,' while blogging. Sort of like rubbing your head while patting your stomach. (It does wonders for the new circuitry
*Thank God for the Blog, the Clarke's Tin Whistle, and "Carter's Little Liver Pills!*

footnote: And Dave, by all means!

That pile of cow poop is so big it has snow on it!

Yes, Barbi, but look at all of the energy flowing to and fro.

(Like Little Barbi Dolls taking trips to Europe on Super-Jets and doubling as 'Comfort Animals' to emotionally challanged disabled persons! What a joy to know of their unselfish contributions to humanity!)

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