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January 22, 2005


This blog has learned exclusively that the exclusive nuptialization of Mr. Donald Trump today will feature musical entertainment by a very exclusive musical act.

(Thanks to Something Awful)


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I’m glad to see that the Herald has named Dave’s replacement during his hiatus. Actual lead paragraph from this morning’s Miami Trump-Herald:

The Trumptuals are here

Today's the day for The Donald's Much Hyped Wedding No. 3

Saturday dawned crisp and beautiful in Palm Beach. A cloudless azure sky hung over the moneyed island and not a hint of Sunday's incoming cold front was detectable in the air. It was made to order weather for a man long used to getting what he wants.

Sounds like a Harlequin Romance to me!

They took those third-world children's food and made inedible instruments out of them!? I'm calling UNICEF!

**I'm not really here on a Saturday. I swear I have a life! I'm doing laundry, okay? Give me a break! What's with the third degree!?**

I am waiting for the armpit farting to begin


me too..just taking a break you know...I do not know why we are getting the thrid degree here...is not like we have no lives...

... um ... I had a comment, but it wasn't acceptable in mixed company ...

... laundresses ... goldbrickers ... armpit flatulists ...
avuncular anachronisms ...

... nah ... mebbe later ...

I know, Julietine! There's no reason why we shouldn't be able to check-in on the weekends just like the rest of the bloglits. I don't think weekend posting should mark us as completely off-balance individuals. Hell, most of the time, we're not even homeless anymore!

And if I wanna gather up all those old Christmas trees from the curb and keep them in my bed so I can hump them as they decompose, that's my business, a'ight?! Mmmm, prickly goooodnessss...

Is it me, or did anyone else notice the mention of Hammer and Tongue underneath that photo. What the hell is that? I don't know, but it sure would BAGNFARB.

Booking info (NOT made up):

Bella Music Inc.
PO Box 2119
Dog Swamp, Yokine 6060
Western Australia

I heard on the news this a.m. that Melania won't allow camera inside the chapel/church/auditorium/whatever - they said she was a very private person ?!?!
and I'm very disappointed - I was hoping it would be televised!

I checked carefully before I clicked on this one, convinced Dave was sneaking this in on us without fair warning.

Oops, did I do that?

Sorry, I meant to say

Eleanor: "a very private person?"


She's marrying the biggest blowhard egomaniac on the planet and she wants us to believe she's a very private person?

She means "no cameras because (using Star Jones as an advisor) we sold exclusive rights to Hello! for several million dollars."

El -
Your "Private Person" comment reminded me of the line in Zorro, The Gay Blade, where Brenda Vaccaro says something about most people know her role in public life, " ... but very few people know my private parts ..." (giggle)

Jeff M. -
That link din't work 4 me ... just told me it couldn't reach it ... or find it ... or go back to blog ... or go directly to jail ... do not collect $200 ...

El - still no felony convictions since noon Friday !!!


Jeff is so right!..I am sure they sold the rights for gazillions of dollars...Private my ass!..and wish me luck since a friend of mine and I are driving to West Palm Beach to see if we can take pictures of some of the emotional (think Paris, her mom Kathy, et al) train wrecks that have arrived here since a couple of days ago for the wedding...

Jeff -
1) your link didn't work

2) when Melania wanted to walk around the grounds to see how things were getting set up her hair wasn't done and she didn't have make-up on - so she threw out all the photographers because she's a very private person! And I know this must be true, because Billy Bush from Access Hollywood was on the Today show this a.m. and told us - he told Lester Holt he's a good friend of The Donald and he is there as a guest, but will report back tomorrow - and if Billy Bush said it, in my book it must be true!!

3) I think you're overreacting because you're so cold - I'd say "chill" but that's probably not the right thing to say to you right now!:-)

Does this work?. If it does, blame Eleanor.

Or if you want a fun vacation, you might try this.

Billy Bush? You're (not your) quoting Billy Bush to me? Please don't, Eleanor. Haven't you learned yet, The Donald doesn't have good friends other than those who can do him some good -- take Billy Bush, who can give him plenty of publicity.

The links work for me. You?

Jeff M. -

Yup. They both worked, but honestly, I gotta say, neither one "works" for me ...

then I looked back @ your (not yore/you're) reference, and got the gist of the question ...

Sorry, I won't be going there again ... ever ... unless Dave sneaks it in on us ...

Do honestly believe that those 'carrot and celery' flutes will be adequate to run the 'snakes' out of Florida? Maybe you need to hire Santa Ana to run them out on his moepad. He looks just like the guy that could do it in a New Your Minute!
While he was there (running the snakes out), wonder if he would make a 'side trip' down to Palm Beach?

Boy oh boy, Jeff - you're vicious when you're cold! Here I've spent all day avoiding mentioning our almost 80F weather out of consideration for you and then you throw Barry Manilow in my face!!!

And I wouldn't get so high and mighty about Billy Bush - if I recall correctly, you were watching Extra the other night!!!!

*loves Jeff a down comforter and a Xanax*

"You may have seen us in Pan Arkestra, Hammer & Tongues, Seven Oceans, Continental Drift or Bella Music"


Well, I wasn't gonna mention this, but somebody just brought up the musical instruments question thing, so I was just wondering ...

given the sorta organic nature of this thread ...

does this band (?) play the skin flute?

(runs for cover)

(... just checking ... to see if that pun got by anyone/everyone ... esp. El and 'lota ... or if I gotta keep looking over my shoulder, and not answering the knock on the door ...)

El, actually I just saw the promo but in the end didn't watch Extra. Really. I figured one look at Crazy Mary and her Flying Cameltoe was enough for me.

Of course Jeff, and I believe you....

oooooh, Jeffie --- the snow is getting pretty deep ...

(as in "drifts" ... if you ken my snowbank ...)

(Hope u don't mind the "Jeffie" ... that's my favorite g-patronym for one of my grandsons)

is it bad if i say that i feel embarrassed for flute n veg? :X

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