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January 21, 2005


Here we see an aerial view of the exclusive crowd gathering for the exclusive wedding of Mr. Donald Trump to some woman this weekend. Queen Elizabeth II can be seen at lower right, with Sean Combs.

(Source: The CIA)


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Oy veh!

That's me! Secon row, third from the end. I waited in line for 139 days to be FIRST!

Queen Elizabeth with 'Puffy' Combs, stop the presses !

I do hereby recommend that we blog-commentator/pundit types do hereby release all rights to our attempted blog writings in order that the Dave may cut and paste irrelevant bits together to form the ... uh .. thing he did so long ago. Oh Yeah! A COLUMN !! GIVE ME 12 INCHES AND I'LL GIVE YOU THE WORLD

I see Prince Albert is no longer in the can.

Do you get the impression that Dave has a problem with the uber-rich, tasteless crowd? C'mon Dave, celebrate diversity.

Apparently someone called and advised to let him out because he was suffocating.

C'mon Dave, celebrate diversity. Celebrate derisively.

And what's with all the Yellow-Shirtians? Is pale yellow the official color of the Trump Following (TM)?

I think the yellow you see is the new fad in Trump CombOver©, in the signature Blonde in a Can©.

Nothing says "wedding" like a massive stage and huge speakers...

And 4 billion people....

oh Guys who is he kidding..I have a feeling Dave has been invited to the wedding...he's part of that crowd...

I didn't know The Donald was Polish! Did you guys see the proud display of the Polish flag????

...oh, wait... thats no flag... thats a stage...

Oh! I get it! A stage! For the SHOW! The TRUMPEST SHOW ON EARTH!

*I need more coffee*

I noticed that judi was last seen and heard from on January 19, 2005 at 7:55 pm dbt. Anyone get the feeling that Judi was invited to his Trumpness's wedding and hizzoner Dave was not. Perhaps that is why we are so lucky to continue on with the Trump Whacking, (wbagnfarb).

Judi has returned from the hairdresser.

Sort of looks like 'Woodstock' Revisited.

One day, King Donald will find 'true' happiness as the wife of a wealthy and most noble Englishman. Tune in next week for another episode of 'Our Gal Donald.'

Sure looks to me more like the crowd gathering for a Brad and Jenn divorce hearing.

So, if this ... Dobson? ... guy really wants to promote family values, why doesn't he crusade against The Donald, instead of a huge flapdoodle about an imaginary "creature" that actually resembles a synthetic imitation of an organic hermaphrodite?

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