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January 25, 2005


"You kids QUIET DOWN RIGHT NOW, or I am going to bring back.... the Snake Lady."


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"the Yarbrough menagerie came to include such novelties as a mountain lion and a bear"

Notice, however, that it did not contain squirrels.....

Coincidence? I think not.

Does Mary Ann teach the kids this real-life danger about snakes: they'll start out living in your basement, but eventually they'll force you to get them their own building next door, nickname it The Snake Ranch, and then get them their very own pet mountain lion and bear?

Leetie and cubie — I hope you didn't notice that simulpost w/ Writer's Cramp.

"and the right way to treat snake bites during the one-hour program that is usually held in the school gym or auditorium." Wow they get the bites during the program and the way to treat them? Sign me up!

I used to go to a club in Augusta, Ga. that had a "snake lady" But I keep that confidential

My son is a first grader in South Florida, and here they have the Reptile Man. A few lucky kids and teachers got to actually hold the snakes. As if that wasn't bad enough, they then put a book together, complete with pictures and the children's comments, that the parents had to look at and add comments to.

I'm pretty sure the teacher did not appreciate my comments.

I'm also glad my mom has retired from teaching...there may otherwise have been an unfortunate incident involving the Reptile Man and a hoe (not ho).

The Snake Ranch...

Is that like The Chicken Ranch...?

(I'm not going to click on that at work, so wait til you get home, 'k?)

So His Daveness, ever the wordsmith, managed to incorporate the words Alabama and Education in a sentence. That is why he makes the big bucks.
Not that there is anything oxymoronic about Education in Alabama. I like the band.

Key quote: "Yarbrough, now a grandmother of three, began collecting snakes with her late husband Tommy in the 1960s in their home near Anniston."

Only in Alabama are you allowed to drive around with your dead husband collecting snakes.

Oh wait, it says "in their home." Hmmm.

"Where do you want these snakes, lady?"
"Just throw 'em in the back room, with my dead husband."
"Okely doke"

True story:

There's a club in Ardmore, TN (close to the AL-TN border) called the "Booby Bungalow Club" where women with extra large size ramparts handle snakes while they dance. It's a real redneck's paradise.

Just thought I'd share (and no I've never been but I grew up in north Alabama and always remember seeing the billboards).

*looks at degree from Alabama Public Institution of Somewhat Higher Education*

Most kids just wanted to pet the snakes. I learned to read the menu cards at the bottom of their cages.

Thanks Marvin. I'm not sure how that happened, but thanks for correcting it :)

Maybe Jed bush needs to hire the 'Snake Lady" for an extensive educational program in the public and private schools in Florida.
*possibly he migh qualify for Federal funds to higher education.*

A lovely young lady named Blanche
Worked at a poultry-named ranch
Her sister, called Lydia
Would give you chlamydia
And an oozing that nothing would stanch!

Another co-worker named Rose
Did interesting things with her toes
Unknown side-effects
Of pedal-digital sex
Are worth finding out: So here goes!

Everybody knows that down South the proper phrase would be, "Y'all QUIETEN down..."

Funny, I didn't know mountain lions and bears were reptiles; for some odd reason I thought they were mammals.

I note that bears have triangular heads, so they must be venomous.

Nope, no squirrels -- the bear and lion ate them.

Jeezly, why don't they just send the terrorists a road map? Talk about your major target of opportunity ... and the chemical weapons are halfway between Birmingham and Atlanta ...
"Abdul, let's blow that place up ... lots of collateral damage potential there ..."

And the Army wants to burn this stuff on weekends and at night? So, you're either asleep in your bed, or on a picnic with the family, when disaster strikes ...

(M/PA - I'd be willing to bet that the House Special at the Chicken Ranch doesn't taste like chicken ...)

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