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January 26, 2005


They are tackling the issues.

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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Where the hell is Durango? Is it near LaJolla?
I thought it was a Dodge vehicle.

'"What's going to stop them from having a problem with bikinis?" Williams said.'

Sometimes you just need to draw a line in the sand.

Next weeks agenda will work to resolve the issue of the other cleavage. If frontal cleavage is out, then posterior clevage can not be far behind!

... And some bluntly said that certain women wearing sports bras were an unpleasant sight...
oh, thanks.

arent they wearing shirts over their bras? where is this place?

oh, and i dont know if you realize this,but the blog clock is an hour off.

$35,660? That's a lot of bucks...

Apparently I need to learn how to post to the correct topic. Sorry!

COLORADO, folks.

The clothing police are everywhere! I mean, if you can't wear a sports bra in a gym, where can you wear it? To have tea with Laura Bush at the White House?

Colorado! Where the hell is Colorado? Is it near LaJolla?

"gymgoers" looks so dirty.


JUST because my sportsbra is made of red lace with tassels on the "chachas" and has red blinking lights that spell out "LOOK AT MY BOOBS!" does NOT make it inappropriate attire.

And as for tea at the White House, I hear pasties are all the rage.....

*smark @ igloo*

Yes, elle! Let the Brits have their tea and crumpets. By golly, in America we'll have our tea and pasties.

Oh, but I'll have a beer, and someone can just have my tea, thanks.

Yeah Elle, I was getting quite a workout watching the tassels swing around, and around, and around, and... *slap*

Ok, but not just limiting this to sports bras, shouldn't lycra be banned from all use by ALL fat people? I mean, isn't it dangerous to be wearing an item that is stretched to 478,000 lbs of tensile strength? Especially when there are cottage cheese looking gatherings of flesh around the openings?

Thanks alot WC. I will not be able to eat the cottage cheese I was saving for lunch. which, according to the Blocg Clock, is in twenty minutes.

On the other hand, I can see the point of jealous gymgoers.

Has anyone else had the experience where you've pushed the treadmill up to "7" and are roughly the color of a tomato with a sweating problem and some woman comes along in a bikini top and full makeup, proceeds to stroll on the machine for five minutes, and goes home with the nearest hot guy and your sheer murderous rage is only quelled by the fact that you spot twinkies in the vending machine and they look REALLY good?

Or maybe it's just me.

It's just you, elle. I prefer Twix, because it has an 'x'.

I was waiting for some of the more "baser" posters on this Proustian blog to bring up the most appropriate "then there's the penis thing". After all, some people at these exercise joints (heh, heh), like to sport those baggy shorts popular in the NBA, without the concommitant undergarment.
I think they are just trying to fulfill the "it pays to advertise" mantra.

Why is the design and the material of the garment such a big deal? A Bikini top reveals more than a sports bra undergarment.

Has Dave left the Building. My Boss is making noises about getting some work done.

I can tell that Durango is a hotbed of crime....

WORK? that is a four letter word.

queensbee - gotta assume no shirt over the sports bra. But I have seen a lot of sports bras jogging down the roads around here, (I was surprised to see the little critters had legs) and have yet to see any I have found provocative.

"Inappropriate Garments", yet ANOTHER GNFARB

And I take offense WC. Us fat people don't deserve to be treated in such a way. Lycra is an unfortunate fact of life when abused, that's correct, but there's really no value in pointing out the cottage cheese type....cottage cheese.......cheese.....cheese.....damn, thanks, now I'm hungry again....

since the blog clock is wrong, is it appropriate to eat lunch twice today?

cubie, it just means you can argue your point to leave for lunch an hour early, but stay away for the whole 'real' lunch time.

oh, I don't want to leave my desk...I just want to eat twice.

By the way, if anyone wants photographs of elle in a sports bra, on a treadmill and the color of a tomato with a sweating problem, please let me know....

Because I'd like to get rid of mine....

Notice all of those terriosts 'chicken-livered' 'yellow-bellied' green-eyed self-righteous 'twerpts' for the ban stayed home.
Were they afraid that the elastic in he Lycra would 'hit' the fan?

*raises hand*

*sidles up to Leetie*

Hey baby, can I run on your treadmill?

igloo - Sorry about the cottage cheese imagery if I spoiled your lunch... although I really like pineapple and cottage cheese but not in a lycra sports bra context. And Rainy Daze - well, I'm gettin kinda hungry myself.

Lycra can be really unfortunate... Wardrobe malfunctions can become lethal if things are stretched a little too tight. Then there's the story James Gregory always tells about the fat lady in the grocery store wearing yellow lycra and a beeper. When the beeper goes off the little boy in the cart next to her says, "look out momma, she's backin' up!"

Wow, elle, I thought I was doing great getting the stinking treadmill up to 3.5. For 5 minutes or so.

Higgy, I'll take that photo of you in a sports bra.

*still not doing my Spanish homework*

Higgy ... funny.

We used to have a policy on sport bras at my old gym ... that was until we noticed the enrollment of males under the age of 30 declining rapidly. Needless to say ... we got rid of that policy right quick.

We did still keep the "no thongs" policy after a woman showed up with a thong worn over support hose nylons. Yup, that's right ... I'll give you a minute to visualize that ...

Nice, huh?


punky I'm sufficiently paid back for all cottage cheese imagery... uncle, no mas

Lycra: It's a privilege, not a right.

When I was a kid, I had all kinds of great ideas for inventions. One of them was an artificial muscle. That way, people who'd suffered loss due to an accident would be still be able to run and play. (Kid thinking, here.)

The other invention idea was for a camera to take a picture of what I was imagining for times when I couldn't think of the right words to make grown-ups understand. I could just make a picture of what I saw in my brain, who it to the grown-up and say, "THIS is what I mean." I thought it would be great for fashion designers or architects. "Here's a picture of what I've designed. Go make it!"

But after reading punky's comment, I can see where that kind of camera would be very, very wrong.

Punky - then why won't they let ME wear MY thong over MY sports-bra-nylons at the club? Granted, I wear all these things as a hat while I snack on fried chicken and make mean comments to red-faced tread millers, but what the hell do we stand for in this country if I can't even do that?

'hand' it to the grown-up, not 'who' it to the grown-up.
* slinks away *

Christobol, you can wear that at my rec center any time. I think you'd fit right in.

*Did my homework. Now I need to do my real work.*


cottage cheese? I resemble that remark!

MMm......Fried Chicken.

Cottage cheese is the food of Satan. Bleargh, gah, ralph. As far as I'm concerned, it's just two-month-old milk.

Did you say "just two-month old milk"? Do you have any idea how long it takes to make two month old milk? Well I don't, but, it's gotta be a while.

Rita - I'll be at your gym on Thursday.

Bloglits, I have a question, and please be honest: Is it sexy to get your ass kicked by an overweight woman you've been heckling, and does it make any difference that she does so with your fried chicken?

Christobol -
Sexy? Have you still got your support nylon's & overthong on?
If so, then no.
If not, well then no also.
But the overweight woman holding the extra-crispy double-battered fried poultry of doom... well, probably not either but I'm not telling her that.

cbol ... watching you do anything is sexy ... even if it involves an overweight woman with a fried chicken leg ...

But you know, you could out run her ... I mean, she has a chicken leg for pete's sake.

Did anyone else picture Scuttlebutt w/ his Patrick Duffy Leg (gotta love South Park!!!) when Punky posted "an overweight woman with a fried chicken leg"

Its just me????

Punky said "I mean, she has a chicken leg for pete's sake."

That slayed me.

I think sports bras are gym dandy.

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