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January 20, 2005


Doo-dah, doo-dah

(Thanks to Justin Barber)


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But can they write their name in the snow?

Women can already pee standing up. They just have to get over the idea that it all has to get in the bowl. Men got over that notion ages ago.

Kees deJong = Send keg, Joe

Yet another great name for a band:

The Loo Queues!

"P-Mate hostesses would be on hand to offer guidance where it was needed."

uh ... no thank you.

i'm thinkin' that this would work great with Cher's "ass-less ribbon outfit" mentioned in today's earlier post.

"Mommy, when I grow up, I wanna be a P-Mate Hostess just like you!"

And while it might not be every gal's cup of tea

Is this an intended pun? Or a double entendre?

Many of the toilettes (French) in France are stand-up - If you gotta go, you gotta go!

These are disposable? Wouldn't it be more economical and environmentally friendly to carry some sort of reusable container? You could make it look like one of those Camelback hydration thingys. Or a fanny pack. Add a lot of colorful techno attachments and people would think you were some kind of cool athlete, not a stand up pee girl.

OZ is just a funny place.. or at least Aussies know how to find humor in unexpected places a little better than the rest of us.

So how come the elephants learned to use the toilet before the women?

They had P-Mates at one of the outdoor festivals here, last summer. Their entire supply was gone on the first day. But the line-ups to the port-a-potties were still 10-15 minutes.

I did a small survey of my female friends and we pretty much all agreed that we'd rather use the port-a-pottie, or squat behind a tree, than use the P-Mate.

Define for me a *HUGE SUCCESS* as it would be measured in toilet terms.

"After the *huge success* of the female-only urinals at the Glastonbury music festival in Britain last year, we thought it was definitely a service that women at the Big Day Out in Melbourne would really appreciate."

While the SheePees might not bagnfarb, here's one vote for the Leak-Proof Funnels.

As would Toilet-Trained Elephants. And thanks for the great picture, MOTW!

P-Mate hostesses would be on hand to offer guidance where it was needed.


P-Mates...that liberal arts education is really paying off.

The reason women generally take longer to pee than men isn't that fact that they have to sit down, it's that they have to have to actually drop their drawers (skirt, pants, dress, whatever). Guys just have to unzip and whip it out. So I just don't see this device making anything really faster or shortening any lines.

Hey, whoa, that was kind of serious. What's wrong with me?

"Excuse me, P-Mate hostess, a little help?"
"Sure, let me just...HEY, YOU'RE NOT A WOMAN!"
"So you don't belong in here, sicko."
"I take it letting my monkey film us is out of the question then?"

Is that true, Mike? Did you read that somewhere, or did a woman tell you? I hope you're wrong.

I've always thought women take longer to pee than men because, while we just go in and pee and wash up, they go in, turn on some music, strip naked, and have a slow motion pillow fight. Then they still have to pee, wash up, and get dressed.

Who told Christobol?!?!?!

Jamling Tensing Norgay: Ma'am, there's no line here.

Woman: I'm in line for the SHEE PEE.

JTN: Sorry, my mistake.

*wishes Tina were here, she'd get it*

Chritobol does it again. That's why Dave needs to promote his blog, not his buddy's.

Guys just have to unzip and whip it out.

What Mike meant to say was he needs to instantly access the ding ding.

I'm surprised no-one had finished Dave's song...

Australian girls can stand to pee,
doo-dah, doo-dah,
This will shorten the lines to wee,

Gonna whiz all night,
Gonna leak all day,
With one of these little paper jobs,
Women can stand to spray.

Thank you!

pitches pennies at Higgy

Bravo! Bravo! Encore! Encore!

... commence with French-bashing

Nice One Higgy

*clap clap clap*

Excellent, Higgy. \(^.^)/

Now girls can get the manly sensation of unzipping their purses, reaching in, and "whipping out" their disposible paper wangs.

It's bad enough to have all of those O2 tanks cluttering things up. Now the women are going to drag a bunch of Shee Pees up there, too? That's gross.

Australian girls can stand to pee,
Doo-da, doo-da
Cardboard penis sets them free,
Oh, de doo-da day

Gonna take back the night,
Gonna take back the day,
If you thought Aussie girls weren't butch enough,
Now there's no doubt they're gay.

"paper wang"

ha! good one.


Hours later, I realize my efforts were flushed down the backside of the internet. Posting on the internet is like comedy: timing is everything.

Chritobol does it again. That's why Dave needs to promote his blog, not his buddy's.

Although I agree Cristobol does it again, the reason Dave has to promote his blog is that it's funny, unlike his buddy's.

if a woman can't stand to pee, what are her alternatives?

after all, i can't stand lima beans, but i don't have to eat them.

Gender bias is alive and well in Australia!

P-Mate hostesses ... No Hosts?

I, for one, would be willing to serve on a committee to investigate this rampart ... rampant display of sexist discrimination ...

Just mail me my ticket on Quantas, and I'll hustle right on down there ...

Oh ... Disposable Paper Wangs wbagnfarb

do elephants have a problem with hover pee-ers?

im aussie, and im a girl and i cant pee standing up. iv tried tho, mark my words it doesnt work! woman CANNOT pee standing up. and aussie girls arnt butch! we're all HOT AS CURRY! YEAAAAAH BITCHES!

I have witnessed this behavior I can tell you all it's not a pleasant sight. I was working in a nightclub that hosted a rather large night for Lesbians, anyhow all the clubs toilets were located in the same place but obviously the females were Very busy, them going together and taking longer than most females (don't ask me why). A few times when I've gone to the mens I've been startled by the sight of a female with her back to the urinal bent forward and peeing!!! like a tomcat might to a tree to mark their teritory? I still wonder how they realised they were able to do this?

Let me tell you this guys:
I'm a woman and I CAN pee standing up. You guys think that the ability to pee standing up is unique to the male sex, think again. It's just that we're conditioned to believe that women are the inferior beings relegated to long toilet queues.

You men here are all a bunch of fucks who are threatened by the thought that you're not that special after all.

I dont really undersytand what this fuss is all about. How can guys say anything when they have never experienced being a women & pee standing up.
I disagree.
I have tried peeing standing up& succeeded in doing so. All you have to take care os that make sure you are not wearing a panty inside.
I have seen my mom doing that a few times.
Not a new site back here in India. There are many women here especially in Southern India who just raise their sarees a bit upto their knees & let go. Mind you this is done outdoors as well sometimes

It's perfectly possible for women to pee standing; I've been doing it for years. You just have to grasp your labia properly, and then it's easy.


You have to check out the new iphone release peeNow. This thing is so funny

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