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January 26, 2005


If you really want to gain an edge over woodland targets such as deer, you need this.


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Good God! Am I first??!!??

With this and pine gum, they'd be undetectable killing machines! Let's try and convince them to move to the Middle East.

Zil 135 Free Range Over Ground (FROG) rocket launcher as the "mother of all toys."

*wipes tears from eyes*
That has to be one of the best weapon names I've seen in a l-o-n-g time. Yeah, if you're the type of person who doesn't like your frog fresh, you gotta try this baby!
*imagines seeing the WB frog riding this rocket with cowboy hat Slim Pickens' style*

Up until this very moment, I've been struggling with the issue of what I want to do w/ my law degree when I'm done wiping my kids' butts. But now, that struggle is over. After reading this insightful article, I've decided that want to become *a Russian military vehicle specialist.*

I was!! I was first!!! This has to be the greatest day of my life!

*wipes tears from eyes, pulls acceptance speech from pocket*

I'd like to thank everyone who made this momentous day possible. First and foremost, Mom and Dad, without whom I wouldn't be here.And of course Dave, Judi,my parole officer, e-bay and the makers of the ZIL 135.I promise that I will wear the crown with grace and honor and do everything in my power to protect the good reputation of "The Firsts"
Thank you.


$35,660? That's a lot of bucks...

bummer, i wanted two!

careful, rufus, gloating will make you the next target for several whirling socks of nickels ...
* ducks *

I wonder if the rocket could be modified to deliver a payload of nickels?

re: Tetsu's link - what does 'Smoking Forever' mean? Use the power of your mind to smolder for all eternity?

I think the Miami Herald should buy this for Dave's Gift Guide and then Dave should travel the country figuring out what items make the funniest noise on impact when launched from this item.

If you buy this to hunt deer, does it come with a thimble to take your kill home with you?

But Moore stressed he was not an arms dealer just a Russian military vehicle specialist.

Really, is there that much of a difference?

If you did buy the missile, would you want him to send it to you? ;-)

If you did buy the missile, would you want him to send it to you? ;-)

Speaking of deer, and weapons not commonly used on them...
My science teacher claims that his friend, while in the military, basically vaporized a herd of deer with a tank. When they saw the deers' body heat, they thought it was the target they were supposed to be hitting. That was until they saw the deer hair all over the ground on the spot they hit.
But, then again, my science teacher wears Christmas ties on Halloween, and doesn't make an effort to put on matching socks(Red and yellow).

"Demilitarized" missiles are banned ... so that must mean that "civilian" missiles would be ok to advertise on eBay?

Did anyone notice the link to "Firefighters suspended for sex on duty" ??? Would that mean they left each other hanging? Or perhaps that (at least one of) the participants was "hung" ??? Or that they swung on bungee cords or ropes [heh] to perform the act(s) a la trapeze artists???

Hey baby, wanna touch my hose?

[WC - "payload ... " FOOCL!

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