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January 20, 2005


Give the damn prize right now to these people.

(Thanks to Eric Olsson)

(Pretty Good Name for a Rock Band: "Mystery Compound")


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Good thing it wasn't homocyclic. Not that there is anything wrong with homocyclic.

I'll be bringing that story to my next doctors appointment.

Old yet appropriate joke:

A guy in a bar is talking with a cute blonde. He can’t help staring at a red mark above the bridge of her nose. Finally she realizes he’s staring and says “That mark? It’s from glasses.”

“Why don’t you try contacts,” he asks.

“Don’t be silly!” she says. “They don’t hold enough beer.”

Yes! After all the "mystery compound" I've consumed over the last 30 years, my immunity to any cancer must be incredible!

Y'all did register it was "non-alcoholic" beer right?

What's the point? Take the Nobel prize back!

Y'all did register it was "non-alcoholic" beer right?

What's the point? Take the Nobel prize back!

Holy Bovine! It's slowlayne!

There once were some mice drinking beer
So that cancer they'd no longer fear
Thanks to this study
Me and my buddy
Got so drunk now we're "kinda queer"

Study sponsored by O'Doul's.

I'll keep taking my chances, thanks...

C-bol - The first keg is on me. I'm way behind on my recruiting goals.

This would appear to be a non-story - kind of a
it might help beer drinkers, but the mice were given non-alcoholic beer, or was it water, but it we could transfer the blah, blah, blah.....

LOL slowlayne.

*at the secret make the world gay meetings in an undisclosed location*

"Slowlayne, you failed to meet quota again! What is the deal?"

"We had those hurricanes, remember? It's hard to be out there tricking men into gaydom when you're busy throwing furniture in the pool and boarding up your house, okay?"

"What have you got planned for next quarter?"

"I really think the whole metrosexual concept - making heteros think they can get manicures, dress nicely, use product their hair, and dance with elevated arms without waking up gay is going to pay off."

"Let's hope so..."

Slowlayne - I predict this toaster will also have to be returned!

I suppose you've been using the "broil" setting on your oven...

Dang but you have been missed, Slowlayne!
Check your email (if valid)


If you think that
you are metrosexual
I suspect that
you are really gay.

Do you look at men a lot?
Yes, I look at men a lot.
Night and day
Wake up gay. Ohhhhhh!

(not that there's anything wrong with that)

Dr. John Blutarsky: "My advice to you is to start drinking heavily."

RATS!! I missed slowlayne. I want to hear more VBBF stories!!


Since the mice drank non-alcoholic beer, the findings do not show whether moderate consumption of normal beer has any anti-cancer benefits. "The total benefits and risks of beer with alcohol are still under consideration," says Arimoto-Kobayashi.

.....so basically, why the report? Something tells me somebody's grant needed renewing.

Hey guys! It's the weekend! Let's go "Consider the total benefits and risks of beer with alcohol"!

"The total benefits and risks of beer with alcohol are still under consideration,"

I regularly consider the benefits and risks! Benefit 1 - pleasant buzzing sensation, Risk 1 - Beer Goggles (Often resulting in Coyote Mornings.)

I vow to maintain the study!

Remembering the joys of waking up with regurgititis of the clammydamps ... I think I'll take my chances with bacon on my breakfast burrito every day ...

NOT preaching, just saying I'll not take Manhattan ... but, ENJOY folks ... and lemme know what the research indicates ... mebbe I'll change my mind ...

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