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January 28, 2005


Better check with the local Safeway to see if this guy stopped in on the way to work.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Wow, Jeff! 2 in one day!

Jeff, you're multi-blogasmic

I wonder if he was related to that Mexican bus driver that left that elderly woman walking down the road to heaven knows where, in Mexico?
*beware Greeks bearing 'gifts'!!

I wonder if he was related to that Mexican bus driver that left that elderly woman walking down the road to heaven knows where, in Mexico?
*beware Greeks bearing 'gifts'!!

I wonder if he was related to that Mexican bus driver that left that elderly woman walking down the road to heaven knows where, in Mexico?
*beware Greeks bearing 'gifts'!!

Well, as long as the driver wasn't watching it...

I wonder if he was related to that Mexican bus driver that left that elderly woman walking down the road to heaven knows where, in Mexico?
*beware Greeks bearing 'gifts'!!

Wow, how'd I sneak into the middle of a quadruple post?

I don't know what happened, but I am profoundly sorry for the 'over-low' on the blog!

I must have 'flushed' 4 times instead of 1.

It looks like it's time to buy a new 'Audi' computer!

I hear "Jeff Meyerson" is the new "Claire Martin".

All the cool people are hangin' with Jeff.

You know, how did he get caught? It seems like the perfect crime.

Didn't he used to do the weather for a station in Ohio?

I tried, and I tried, but I just can't think of this story as being funny. I am sorry.

*Slinks away into the corner*

OK, Karlota, maybe it's not funny. But it is absurd. And absurd is funny. Does that help?

'lota -

Me too. It's disappointing, a bit ... when I drove bus, we din't have any TV screens to keep the critters quiet ... just a super-cheap-o cassette/radio ... and the kids had to listen to my choices in music ... I din't ask them ...

[Seriously, they could bring tapes too ... subject to my approval ... which were most usually given ... I knew (not new, or gnu) they might be tired of some of mine, so I'd go along with their preferences ... but no (not know), I don't think it's funny, either ...]

Sorry, Sandy, no dice. However, I might be able to find some humor in seeing the bus driver drop-kicked into a landfill.

Hey - at least he didn't try to show them some kind of Spongebob tolerance video.

No, karlota, that doesn't sound funny to me...

Oh well, to each her own, whatever...

Yeah, c-bol. That would not have been funny at all.

Why didn't he show them a nice old Batman movie? The children need to learn that you can beat the jesus out of somebody, without hurting them, or something else harmless ...

I'm with sandy on this one.....

And in the backseat was the little old couple from the Safeway.

No late fees this way.

what's not funny about it? that kids were shown a porn movie? of course it's disgusting if you think about it literally but isn't it also so ABSURD that it's amusing? i dunno... maybe i'm really a guy ;) or maybe i've been brainwashed by jeff.. yeah, that's the ticket. it's HIS fault!

(whew! got outta that one!)

Well, I have trouble seeing it as absurd because I work with kids, so it bothers me. Plus, I HATE STUPID PEOPLE, and I'm pretty sure that guy is stupid--hence the need to drop-kick him. We need more posts about stupid people getting what they deserve.

You know, it kind of echose when I talk in this rubber room. Do you suppose they're going to let me out any time soon?

Yes, it's stupid that the guy showed porn to kids. Yes, he should lose his job because he's obviously got a screw loose and should not work with kids. OK fine. We agree so far.

But it is still funny. Why? I guess because we were all kids once. And we hated those straight-laced uptight authority figures. So it's fun to laugh at them by applauding the anti-authority figure. That's all.

It's funny, Judi. You did your job just fine--many of us got a laugh out of it. Some of us didn't. Can't please 'em all.

And Judi. Yes, I am a girl.

That is all.

hehe ;) there's a guy on the herald board (or used to be) that goes by dr. sandy beach, and i just assumed you were the same person. thanks for clarifying.

Everybody here is queer

Okay, what if the porn in question involved no nudity or suggestive behavior, but was just a video of Dave Barry dressed as a large carrot singing country and western songs to judi, dressed as Shaq.

THEN can we agree it was funny?


Christobol...only if at least one pizza delivery man knocking on the wrong door and being shot dead by a paranoid drug dealer is involved...now THAT is funny

Everybody Here is Queer WBAGNFARB

They show movies on schoolbuses? Safeway has Italian porn?

Hm. Wandered through a dimensional gate, AGAIN!

Say, do you folks know where I could get some decent barbequed human?

Always wanted to try that.

Maybe he thought it was "Pillow Talk."

(BTW, apparently everyone at mitchell's house is queer.)

I'm not a doctor Judi, I just play one on TV.

I remember playing doctor...

but not on t.v., because then that would be... well, porn. What was the topic of this thread again?

They also have "GRAVY" flavored toothpaste, too~
(no joke)
You don't think that they would 'tolerate' Pepsodent, do you?)
*Dogs are more discriminating, than humans*
(They like cats, don't they?)

Mornin' kat --- boy, you're up early (according to my PST clock) ... I can figger it out ... have a good weekend ... I'm just gonna vegetate ...

Do they make "GRAVY" flavored porn?

Did anyone else notice that Mitchell ("Everyone here is queer") didn't link to his e-mail address, just the hotlink URL?

No, Mitchell everyone here is NOT queer (although I am) - but everyone at your place seems to be a hit-and-run pussy.


Wow, remind me never to get on your (not you're) bad side. While I completely agree with you in your outpouring, you shouldn't let stoooopid peeps rev your engine.

* huuuuugggggs *

Plus, bbescuela's post was hilarious. Without, MitcHell(acious) we wouldn't have received that laugh!!

Dogs definately like 'roaches'. My dog likes to catch them and play with them just like a cat loves a mouse 'to death' before he sends them to the great 'Roach Heaven' in the sky, Auntie Roach!!!!!

Well, it seems I never want to meet your dog, then.
But, the cat sure sounds sweet.

Auntie R.
"Cats don't understand about too much 'Mother Love." They sometimes step over the line and just 'hug' the little 'boogers' too death."

I hear ya, kc. I had a one-eyed cat, once (not joking). I wanted to call him Team (get it?), but my ex said no. We decided on Uno, instead. Anyway, he was loveable as all hell and nearly loved to death our tree frog. Except for his knack of waking me up by vomiting on my chest and his penchant for drooling, I miss him dearly. The ex? Um, not so much.

Was the 'problem' 'hair balls,' by chance? My dog was raised by a mama cat for the first year and a half of his life. He keeps licking himself and eating diposits of my husband's hair which fall on the floor while I'm trimming his hair.
Then, he goes outside, eats grass, and then,'throws up!' No kidding!

Have you thought about getting another cat?

No, not hair balls. The big guy wasn't the sharpest tack in the box. He would just overeat repeatedly and then, not so subtly, inform me of the gorging.

Hi! Joshkr.
Glad you're back. Did you get the ck.? Thanks for the calendar.

I haven't thought about getting another cat. For the first time in many years, I am pet-less. Kinda enjoying it. Now, I can run around in my birthday suit without having to hear animals snicker.

Maybe next time you could find a "smart cat." We had a cat like your cat once upon a time. We called him 'Mentally' because he fit the 'bill.' He would extend himself over the cat bowl full of food and not let the other cat eat. He did the same over the dog bowl. He finally took up residence down the street with a family that had no pets. He always wanted to be an 'only' child!

I know exactly what you mean about animals 'snickering' at humans. I have to close the door to the bathroom very securely everytime I want to take a bath, or Pico the pup slips in and 'peeks' around the shower curtain at me.
I think when ever I take him out walking, he writes 'messages' on all of the mailbox posts and fireplugs telling scatalogical jokes about humans

The bus company will meet tomorrow to decide what action to take against the driver, local government officials said.

and what exactly would they discuss? whether it was good or bad porn? oh, duh.

what was funny (LTTG again) was the driver's mental processes, or what substituted for them.
'I'll show porn to schoolchildren, that'll keep'em quiet. In fact they'll be so that none of them will tell their parents, or other teachers or their friends or...'

(to the tune of 'I Think We're Alone Now')

Children behave.
And I'll show you a movie
Just watch what you say
And you might stay out of Juvie

And so I'm driving just fast as I can
Holding the wheel with just my other hand
Trying to get away
With a lot of awful crimes
Until they put those handcuffs on me
And they haul me into court and I say

'I think I'm a perv now.
There doesn't seem to be any other reason.
I think I'm a perv now,
I'm just the kind of guy,other convicts seize on!'

"Hey, kids! Wanna watch some porn?!"
How the Hell is that not funny? Plus the children were age 12-15 years old. All they think about is sex anyway. And if you think that's too young to think about nothing but sex, you don't remember being 12-15.
I'm not saying that it's okay to show them porn. But they are going to be just fine. Really.

Last summer matel 'came out' with the Barbi Call Girl'. Ads appeared in the Better Housekeeping Mag. Are you related to this doll?

You know what I find absurd? People talking about how they 'hate stupidity' but then fail to preview their post for errors.

And Yes. I am a female, and I find the story funny. And amusing. And ridiculous. I also find it bizarre, comical, contemptible, daffy, derisory, droll, fantastic, farcical, fool-headed, foolish, funny, gelastic, goofy, grotesque, harebrained, hilarious, impossible, incredible, jerky, laughable, ludicrous, nonsensical, nutty, outrageous, and preposterous.

Okay, what if the porn in question involved no nudity or suggestive behavior, but was just a video of Dave Barry dressed as a large carrot singing country and western songs to judi, dressed as Shaq.

THEN can we agree it was funny

No... THAT would not be funny. I have trouble seeing it as funny because I work with carrots, so it bothers me.

That is all.

To Just: GREAT thesaurus program!

To insomniac: great song

To others: It was too funny, dammit!

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