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January 31, 2005


Do not go to bed.


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Sleeping with a Snake!
This echo's my Ex's comments about me.

The woman's husband told the Examiner that snakes were common in their house garden, but had never troubled them before.

But after I found him sleeping with my wife ...

And I thought my cat was bad.


How not to test a hand grenade...

A drunken German who bought three hand grenades at a flea market in Bosnia has been arrested after throwing one out of the window to see whether it worked.

The 36-year-old took the three hand grenades home to Frankfurt as souvenirs where he kept them in a drawer for ten years.

But after drinking heavily with friends he showed one of them the explosive devices and decided to pull the pin on one after his pals claimed they did not believe they were real.

The grenade exploded between two blocks of flats and police who quickly traced the man thanks to eye-witnesses seized the two other unexploded grenades.

He was released after he sobered up and faces charges of illegal possession of explosives.

Snakes under the pillow?!

Wysiwyg! Wake up! Wake up and do not touch your pillow.

"...wasn't particularly aggressive ..."
"...sleeping with it a couple of hours before it struck out..."
(or maybe stuck out)?
sounds like an old married couple to me.

This is what happens when a woman tries to pull the covers off an Australian Tiger snakes toes in the middle of the night.

Um, wysiwyg? That spare room you offered me? I've decided to stay here and deal with the freezing cold and the snow. At least our squirrels can take care of any deadly snakes before they get into bed with us.

"It was just objecting to being pushed."

I swear to God, honey, if you take my side of the bed one more time.....

Wonder about a boxing match between the "Tasmanian Devil" and the "Snoozing Tigar Snake?" Anything like a "Rooster fight?"

I hate to be the skeptical one (well actually I love it), but doesn't the husband seem a little too understanding of the poor snake's motivation? You know the terrorist rat bastard put the snake under her pillow...

LTTG, but it doesn't appear as though anyone has asked the obvious question.

Wouldn't you notice if there was a snake under your pillow?! I WOULD!

"It wasn't very aggressive.." It waited until she was asleep before it TRIED TO KILL HER. Well, that's OK then. I'd hate to have an AGGRESSIVE snake in bed with me; that could be really dangerous...

The trouble seems to be caused by all that pushing and shoving in bed ...

Oh, honey...is that a 1.8 meter, highly venomous tiger snake under the sheets, or are you just happy to see me?


Hee Hee! I see you've had the same idea Kingw!

...and for the record, they breed them strange down in Tassie. Think Kentucky backwoods, and you'll get the jist of running Australian joke about the place - BEAUTIFUL scenery, somewhat odd inhabitants.

But IMHO, if I knew there was a Tiger snake in the room with me, I would NOT be tempted to go to sleep. Think: oh! there's a rattlesnake in here with me! But it doesn't appear to be cross. Well that's all right then!

...and Peri, although this remark is probably lost to posterity, you have no need to be concerned about snakes in the spare bedroom. In the master bedroom, prehaps, but not the spare room.

...and neo: *smooch* for looking out for me!

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