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January 26, 2005


You could learn a thing or two from Larry.

(Thanks to julietine)


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I just spent our life savings on a page of newsprint! Please forgive me!

I tried two tickets to the Cher "Farewell and welcome Back Tour". Didn't work for me.

>"We tell them we are pulling for him"

Does that mean the same in American English as it does in British English? Very nice of them while his wife is absent.

Anyone else wondering if the reason Larry's wife left was that she could no longer stand his financial irresponsibility?

Ross - nothing means the same in American English as in British English.

(your comment cracked me up, though - the American meaning of it, that is.)

Man, this guy takes stalking to a whole new level. $17,000 seems a little extreme.

Move on Larry. It sure seems to me that she has.

The newspaper says of those who contact them regarding the $17K ad: "They want to know if she has responded and if they have worked things out," said Jay Weimar, director of display advertising. "We tell them we are pulling for him."

Yeah. They're "pulling" for him to take out about nine more ads, then the couple can get together, or better yet, be consumed by alligators on page 1.


Also, I don't think it helped him that at the bottom of the ad, he put : "Oh yeah, Jenny and Becky and Suzy and Erin, I'm real sorry to y'all too."

I should clarify that if you wait a moment, then Larry will give you a thumbs up and then afterward look up and to his left.

I would have thought that a $17,000 diamond would have been more effective.

Attention: All guys on earth (including or limited to my husband)-

Listen to Bill Cook, not Larry.

He should have checked with Curly and Moe first.

Well, that's $17,000 she's not getting in the divorce...

I just want to know what this guy did to need a $17,000 apology. Which I guess isn't that much, considering that it took a 4 million dollar diamond to get Kobe out of the dog house.

Ernie G. — Sorry 'bout that. You were busy posting while I was busy Googling.

"Please believe the words in my letter, they are true and from my heart. I can only hope you will give me the chance to prove my unending love for you. Life without you is empty and meaningless."

Transcript from the "words in my letter":

Dearest Marianne,

I am real sorry I had sex with your sister. To prove that I'm not going to see her anymore I took out an ad in The New York Times for $120,000 telling her that, "We had better cool it for now". So, now you can trust me a lot more than the last time this happened. What do you say? Why don't you just let it go?


This is Larry

Writers Cramp:


What a waste of money - of course she cried - see comments above re less money for her - now she has to wait to file for divorce until he earns another $17,000 -

Pas mal

What are you all talking about. There is no link in the message.

Wait. This changes EVERYTHING.

Ladies, I need confirmation on this- The scale of masculine contrition now goes, in increasing order:

Flowers, chocolate, dinner, jewelry, diamonds, NEWSPAPER AD?

Gentlemen, we are in trouble. If the women go for this, the ante has been RAISED.

And to think it was all caused by him doing the Weasel War Dance ONE TOO MANY TIMES...

...or persistEnce - if you want to get technical...

She's crying because she forgot to empty the bank accounts first.

I thought Larry was that guy on Newhart ... sorry, I can't find a picture ...

What is the blog equivalent of biting my tongue? *Biting fingers to type only punchline of inappropriate joke*

"And that's how momma gets newspaper ads!"

Jeff M. -

That's him! Tnx muchly.

r.e. your two-headed lamb post, I saw a two-headed calf, twice ... so that's four head of cattle, with only eight legs ...

No, really, once when I was quite young, we were on a trip to various kinfolk and this sign beside the road said "See two-headed calf" or some such ... I wanna say it was in Ohio or Iowa, but that's a guess ... and the calf was alive and moving around and (as I recall) looked healthy, as two-headed calves go, at any rate ... and then about a dozen years ago, a neighbor brought one in to show the kids @ school, but it was born dead, and so didn't look as healthy ...

That sort of thing happens, tho I don't know the odds ... and no, there's no need to check Google for this one ...

When I looked at the post, there was an ad for "Larry King Live" and if I weren't cool (a nerd) I could have posted it and said "This is Larry". Considering he's on about his 7th wife, though, he either doesn't care about or is not very good at, luring them back. He probably apologizes on this blog. By the way, I love this blog and have several nerd qualities. I'm not "dissing" or being a "hater" as the kids say

No, Wurm, I think you stop at the diamonds.

You can at least hock diamonds.

I was born with two (yes 2) sets of 'wisdom teeth.' No Lie!!!!!

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