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January 18, 2005



(Thanks to Drew Harchick)


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That's why this blog is the paragon of helpful advice. If I ever go to Japan, now I'll know how to use their bowel.

My work filter blocked this page. I wonder why.

I thought it was a foot wash!

Travelin advice, cultural events, pestilence studies... Dave should change the name of the blog to "TLB" (The Learning Blog). But then he would have to come up with other educational material, such as "Trading Boogers".

This is horrible of me, but "monsoon" anagrams to "no mo' son."

Wow. I did say it. Jesus Christ on a cracker. Sheesh-kabob-a-roni-doodle-doo and three-quarters.

Now where was this useful info when I travelled Europe a few years ago???
None of the tour books I got gave me helpful hints like this... and THIS would have come in handy...

I love how hilarious the pooping boy seems to find it when he slips and falls into the sh*thole. "Wooo! If I had a shower for every time THAT happened, well... I'd be clean."


My work filter blocks Dave's blog. Puts it in the Dating and Personals category. Explain that?!?!!

Fortunately being the IT coordinator I can get around it.


If you've really got Jesus Christ on a cracker, I bet you could make some real money with it on Ebay. Either that, or a nice midnight snack.

Really gives meaning to "This is the Body of Christ" and all that. I wonder what Jesus would taste like. Probably EZ Cheese.

"Dude, who pooped in my wife's pedicure bowl?"
"Oh, sorry, I thought it was a Japanese toilet."
"In my living room?"
"I was gonna ask you about that."
"Why is their crap on the side of my couch."
"I fell."

You'll notice that gravity works differently in Japan.

Even when crouched down and crapping - if you suddenly find yourself off balance, you'll have time to wipe AND pull your pants up before you fall in the turd you just left.

That's considerate of them...

Hmmm. I think I'll just "hold it" until I get back to my American-style hotel, thank you.

There are toilets like this in India, and I bet other Indian sub-continent countries too...bangi? Can you confirm?

Anyway, seriously though, I would rather use one of these in a public restroom than a regular toilet...this alleviates the whole sitting down thing for women...way more sanitary. It does take practice though.

I'm glad to know, that when I'm in Japan, I will know the proper way to empty my bowls into the bowels

shhh. the people around me are wondering why i am laughing so hard, out loud.

I told you - it's either the space shuttle or a hole in the ground. And in public bathrooms, you can take your pick!

Sean- Great catch.
"I check the men's toilet. Because I am man.
Mainly I check toilet at stations.
It may be women's toilet version with my wife's cooperation.
I check toilet for who do whose buisiness.
I collect graffiti. Because it is fun. "
One might say this person is Anal! Undoubtedly this person has become unhinged due to frequent reading of this Blog.
The time is 12:41 DBT (Daves Blog Time)

I have a friend who accidently pooped in a Russian washing machine once. She wishes there had been an educational website for her way back then.

Kokkai gijidou mae(the Diet building)

This toilet was not crowded. I don't see other people at this toilet.
There is no graffiti. It is not funny toilet.

(No, but this guy is hysterical!)

Yep, read(not the color) the box at the top. I almost got fired when the boss, Driscoll, came in looking for 1000x closeup of Jack goofing off in the restroom, and I'm reading up on Asian Toilet Fetishes. Close call. Gotta go, President on line 1

"In my life I often have diarrhea and searching Toilet."

I think I'm related to this guy.

I suggest that in Japan toilet etiquette be a mandatory part of the curriculum in elementary education. The burning question is, "If there is no paper, and you wipe with your hand, what do you do with your hand afterwards?"

Make sure you "Click picture to next."

Along with this, someone ought to make a similar "how to use American toilets."

(Warning: Gross)
In the office stalls where I used to work there was frequently...a (forgive me) "splattered mess" on the back of the bowl - clear above waterline! It is not an angle you can reach in any seated position I could fathom. I think the only way for this to happen is to actaully stand up on the toilet seat and squat as described in the link above. I think there is a cultural toilet divide that goes both ways. Can somebody get on that "how to?"

When we went to China (adoption trip for my daughter), my son was seriously shaken by similar toilets. He walked into there, took one look, and decided he could hold it until we got back. I'll never forget the look on his face - dad, am I supposed to use this?

Thankfully, the hotel had normal toilets - although toilet paper seemed to be at a premium. My advice if you're in China - wipe carefully and economically.

Of course, they're still better than the "shelf" toilets they have in Belgium and Netherlands. My netherlands weren't very happy, I'll tell you.

Hey, speaking of fun Chinese toilets - at the top of the Great Wall of China, there is a bathroom that's really sort of a big porta-potty with something like ten urinals. Up above the urinals, they have a sign there in what they apparently think is normal everyday English: "NO SH***ING". If there's one thing in China I should have gotten a picture of, that's it.

I have got "Harsh Sites of the Day". Big honor!

Big honor!

** still giggling hysterically **

There should be a warning on these things...


(face away from the computer if you don't want to spray stuff all over it)

...or something.

I nearly lost it when I read: "If you lost balance you gonna fall down on sh**."

Then, I almost lost it again when I read Christobal's post. "I fell." I'm still laughing hysterically.

at first i thought this really was a japaneese-made thing....but then i remembered that the japaneese are the masters of technology and wouldn't use MS Paint to make a public service announcement.

at first i thought this really was a japaneese-made thing....but then i remembered that the japaneese are the masters of technology and wouldn't use MS Paint to make a public service announcement.

In response to Brainy Jello,

20 years ago you did find instructions on use at Western-style toilets, especially in rural Japan.

Luckily I'd had instruction on Japanese toilet use before my first visit,but that didn't help my bad knees!


The 10 urinal/porta-potty thing is available in the U.S. too. I used to work for a major waste management provider as a Controller (see accounting scandal) and I couldn't figure out what a "Crowd Pleaser" was on the asset list until I actually saw one... not to mention the regular potties were called "Cabanas" which I later figured out, but spent quite a while looking for a place I could go snag a margarita while on break. Do you have any idea how many of those things get burned in a year??? rolled down a hill with a buddy inside??? (lawsuit from the guy that was puking inside and got his head stuck in the bowl... broken clavicle, etc... not funny... but then it was)... blown up with explosives in the holding tank??? Its no wonder that the companies don't take very good care of these things 'cause they don't last all that long. Remember that the next time you use one that has the toilet seat ripped off and peepholes drilled in all four sides.

Whenever I stand over the "bowels", my bowels move. Somewhat of a challenge.


The spammer doesn't even know how to post a link.

*Pauses for a second, realizing that eventually the "free butt sex" crap will be deleted*

Oh, well.

*Realizes that people are going to think I clicked on the link*

Darn it! I did not!

*Knows they'll never believe me*


Really though, just let your mouse hover over the link. It links back to the blog somehow.

*Realizes that no one cares*

Okay, I'll go back to my lonely corner now.

'lota -

Hey, I don't know how to post a link either ... hope that doesn't get ME laffed at ... I'm old, but I'm slow ...

NEway, a friend sent me a cute item (well, I liked it ... and she's an old newspapering buddy, and she's a biker, and blah, blah, blah ...) but I don't know how to do a link,

here's the address, mebbe you can link it to the blog, if you think it's okay


Check the address again, because, according to my browser, that page doesn't exist.

I went to Google and it popped right up, just like the copy she sent me ...

however ...

(this is later now, after our two simulposts, and all the other stuff I was trying to figure out ...)

I tried three times to use the link, and it kicks me out every time ... dunno if it's the server, or what ...

'lota -

and the WHOLE LINK concept worked in an instant, this morning ... despite the porn spammers ...

tnx again 4 the help


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