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January 24, 2005


Attention, nerdo men who have trouble getting dates: The ladies will go wild when you drive up in this baby.

(Thanks to the man whose name sounds like a Carnak the Magnificent answer, Chris Gottschalk)

(Unless Chris is a woman)


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Can one purchase one that has been "Up Armored"?

Looks like one of the old Darleks from Dr. Who.

How'd they rig the URL so it really looks like it's Amazon?

How'd they rig the URL so it really looks like it's Amazon?

Ok, Dave has challenged the group. We have the answer...What is the question?

Looks like one of the old Darleks from Dr. Who.

Badonkadonk? BADONKADONK??? Is that the name or the sound it makes when you try to turn the engine over?

“400 watt premium sound with PA system, plush interior, and external camera.”

Oh BOY! It has a plush interior AND an external camera!? This ones got to be the XLT/Supercharged/Gold/EddieBauer model!!!

Now Dave, is it really available, or is it just a "concept car"???

Did anybody notice this comment under the comment section?:
"Isn't this what the Jawas drove on Tatooine? I've been looking for something to harvest droids with"


WOW! With a "6hp Tecumseh gasoline engine", that thing must reach top speed (fully-loaded w/ five people) in about two hours and seventeen minutes!

Sure, the chicks will be impressed until the cops take you away!

"Piloted from within the armored shell or from an exposed standing position through the hatch."

"Sir, you're going to have to put some pants on and come with us."
"Why? I'm just driving here. Did I speed?"
"No sir, but you cannot drive all exposed like that."
"But that's what the manual says!"


Didn't they have this vehicle on Lost in Space?

You call driving this thing 'piloting', and it has a 6 hp Tecumseh (Tecumseh!) gasoline engine with a top speed of 40 mph?

It's like a reality TV show played in reverse.


As to your request "flames on the inside and outside" we have addressed the flammable parts and have more confidence in them than Richard Nixon did in H. R. Haldeman.

I saw this recently in an article. As I recall, it has some special significance at "Burning Man".

it looks like the shoe, of 'old woman and the shoe' fame. who the heck would like to own that? did they find it along with the monitor, or merrimack, at the bottom of a lake?


"What acts, looks, smells, and reacts like a
'Robotic Donkey!'

*Badonkadonk! (Hee-Haw! Hee-Haw!!)

"As part of that effort, he said, the Defense Intelligence Agency "has been taking steps to be more focused and task-oriented for the global war on terror." DiRita said"
In keeping with the Defense Departments new Spy Group, The Donald [Rumsfield], today, unveiled the lastest in double naught spy vehicles.
Technical wizard, Jethro Bodine, was heard to say "Our double naught spies will be using the latest stealth technology to sneak up on the bad guys."

Didn't Groucho Marx write a letter to the law firm Badonkadonk, Badonkadonk, Badonkadonk, Badonkadonk, and McCormack?

My hubby was a real bonafied 'nerd' in school. His mother even tried 'bribing' girls to go on dates with him. If he had only had this vehicle, I'm sure that he would have been as popular as a 'hungry goat' in an antique store.

I think I left out a Badonkadonk, and the main one, too. I'll just throw in a windshield wiper instead.

Guin, it really is amazon.com. You can go to amazon and search for 'badonkadonk.'

A simulpost w/ Leetie!!!

*heh! heh!*

It definitely has something to do with the "Star Wars" vehicles.Badonkadonk is Jar Jar Binks-speak for sure.

You can also have it shipped for under $20!

A simulpost w/ cubie?!

That's a twofur!

etc., you're really getting around today :)

You musn't group simulpost. This is a family blog, and you are putting the wrong ideas into our childrens heads.
Plus the risk simulpost transmitted disease increases exponentially with each simulpost

The comment makes perfect sense if you've seen the very first Star Wars movie (1977). Could it be that you've not experienced it?

I feel as if I have been violated.

Okay, really, is there a proportional relationship between the relative coolness of the vehicle you drive and the amount of activity in your (not you're) bedroom? I mean, excluding the smoke-spewing bondo-and-primer jalopies, Yugos and such. Does the guy driving a Corvette get more action than the guy driving the Civic? Really?

You're (not your) damn right, studmuffin.

"The interior is fully carpeted and cozy, with accent lighting and room for up to five people. A 400 watt premium sound system with PA is mounted..."

Wow, sounds like my high school buddy's Gruich's '68 VW Microbus. It has a similar paint job, too. If the ad showed a picture of the 5-man "crew" rolling out of the Badonkadonk amongst a plume of smoke on their way to go commandeer some munchies, I would have a very good idea of what Gruich is up to these days.

I would have paid $19,995.00 but the 95 cents just it it over the top for me!!!!

What would be the point of riding on top of an armored vehicle?

I mean, if you are riding around in an armored vehicle...there's a REASON, right?

To me, when a man drives a Civic, that says, "I have been getting so much action lately that, frankly, I am just exhausted. So I just figured I would drive something sensible while I recuperated for a few hours. Meet me here in one hour and do not wear panties." *slowly but sexily accelerates away*

But a man in a Corvette? That says, "I just got promoted at IBM, so I ran out and traded my JL421 Badonkadonk Land Cruiser/Tank for this C6 Corvette Gottschalk X007. Please let me touch your boobs! Oh f--k! Nevermind, I just came." *speeds away*

I would have paid $19,995.00 but the 95 cents just it it over the top for me!!!!

ouch Tamara, maybe I will stop being so materialistic...that is NOT a very feminist thing to do, now is it?

I would have paid $19,995.00 but the 95 cents just it it over the top for me!!!!


Given the recent discussion about SpongeBob, I found this comment rather amusing:

Best of all - one HP per passenger at max load. It would be a close race between this and Mr Squarepant's pet snail.

(And NO, Gary does not lead an alternate lifestyle. Note that there would not be anything wrong with that, if he did.)

I know my remark was NOT funny or clever enough to post thrice - I don't know how it happened and I'm blaming it on Dave, who I still adore!!

*waits to see what happens with this post*

I know my remark was NOT funny or clever enough to post thrice - I don't know how it happened and I'm blaming it on Dave, who I still adore!!

*waits to see what happens with this post*

Eleanor, interestingly, I saw your three posts before I posted about riding outside of an armored vehicle. Seems the posts are getting out of order again.

And the clock is still wrong.

I think in order to merit a tri-post, a comment must have the following:

1) A llama

2) Naked Chacha's

3) Christobol.

I don't know what the matter is with the site (I know it's not ME) but I'm going away for a while -
*hangs head in shame*

Tamara - please fed-ex 95 cents - thank you -

I called FedEx, and they said that to send 95 cents' worth of nickels, it would cost all 95 cents. Instead, I will send my llama carcass, which you could probably sell on ebay for, like, 7 chickens. Then those 7 chickens--assuming at least one of them arrives still living and in good mental condition--will probably lay a few eggs, which you can sell for 15 cents apiece to starving people. That Badonkadonk is as good as yours already! Of course, you must agree to take me for a ride in it, or the deal is OFF!

The 'Donk's Okay, but I'd rather have a Herkimer Battle Jitney.

Bank robbery anyone?
Meet and noon. I'll be the one diving the armored thingy.

Badonkadonk = "do a dank knob"


Sorry..I am too young to remember Star Wars I...

Dave said: "(Thanks to the man whose name sounds like a Carnak the Magnificent answer, Chris Gottschalk)

(Unless Chris is a woman)"

Please clarify, Dave. When you say "unless Chris is a woman" do you mean:

1. If Chris is a woman, then "no thanks".
2. If Chris is a woman, then her name does not sound like a Carnak the Magnificent answer.
3. If Chris is a woman, you won the bet with Judi and now SHE has to perform the dance of the seven drunken lemurs? (she being chris)
4. Nothing, those are just the keys you happened to hit while trying to swat a bee.

Wow, 59 definitions for badonkadonk, and with accompanying illustrations! Gotta love that urban dictionary!

(confesses he too thought of Star Wars when first viewing the vehicle)

And if you are a Jawa on Tatoonie, this is what's known as a "shaggin' wagon"!

pet snail=alt penis Obviously the stories about Sponge Bob and Michael Jackson are not necessarily untrue.

I'm back from the appointment with the apppraiser for the auto accident I was in last week, which said appointment turned out to be tomorrow - and I made a friend go with me, so I got to be embarassed in front of many people - so you can see that double or triple posting is not my only problem today!

Tamara - it's a done deal, and of coure you can have a ride - but after I earn the 95 cents and am ready to order, will you split the shpping costs?? Just askin' ...:)

dave & christobol,
we have a chain of department stores here in central california called "Gottschalks". so could be a guy or a gal (whatever)

A *VERY* Star Wars looking vehicle; although I was thinking Tatooine sand cruiser as in Return of the Jedi. But the poster on Amazon was right, it is very Jawa.

Which reminds me of another movie:
Dink dink, dink dink dink dink, dink dink...

What happens when this thing comes to a sort-of steep incline? I doens't look like it bends in the middle. About as useful and as terrifying as a Dalek at the bottom of the stairs Dr Who just ran up. Eleanor, I don't think you'll be able to get this thing up up your driveway.

i don't speak 'urban' but is the implication that the Badonkadonk somehow 'bootylicious'?

...is somehow...

*This sentence no verb.*

The driveway still has water running down it and we've had temps in the 70's for a week, so I guess you're right, Peri -

I'm moving over to the "most depressed" thread -

If I interpret the info correctly, they have sold 28 of these (customer/user reviews ... ?) .

That's $560,000 less $1.40, plus shipping and handling.

[Trivia Time: Anyone remember who Tecumseh was? NO FAIR GOOGLING! OR ANY OTHER "FINDER" STUFF. Historical facts from your own inattention in attention inattention in att ... now you've got me doing it, El! From not listening in sophomore history class ...]

"A *VERY* Star Wars looking vehicle; although I was thinking Tatooine sand cruiser as in Return of the Jedi. But the poster on Amazon was right, it is very Jawa."

No, no, I thought of the sand cruiser too. I could almost see a little R2 sitting on top. If I recall correctly, the Jawa cruisers had a wide top and narrow bottom, like a trapezoid.

To quote from a recent Weingarten chat, I guess this makes me Donnie Dorko.

he was an Indian chief, but was he the one defeated at Tippecanoe ?
(I assume 'William T. Sherman's middle name 'doesn't count...)
(and was it Col. Sherman T. Potter's name on MASH? I dunno...)

VERY good, 'niac ... go to the ... um ... front of the classroom ...

Tecumseh was a strong leader (Shawnee) and brought about alliances among the several tribes, to resist the white man's stealing of Indian lands.

He led several battles against the whites, and was killed in 1813 (?) in a fight led by William Henry Harrison (who defeated him at Tippecanoe in 1811, I think, and who later ran for president with John Tyler on the slate as VP.
The battle Harrison directed (the one where Tecumseh died was on the Thames, in Ontario) was referred to as Tippecanoe (for the Creek), hence the campaign slogan "Tippecanoe and Tyler, too" which got them elected.
HOWEVER, supposedly Tecumseh cursed Harrison as he died, and the curse carried on for over 100 years ... if it actually happened.
Harrison died just 31 days after taking office in 1840, and every president elected in a year ending in zero died in office. Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley, Harding, Roosevelt, Kennedy ... and Reagan came inches from death ... some wags might say Clinton did his share of "dying" at his desk (as in le petit mort) ... but I won't.

I dismember the relationship with Sherman's middle name, possibly a sign of respect in naming a son with the middle name of a current icon; to wit: how many kids born in the last 10-20-30 years are named "Elvis" or "Michael" or ...

As to Col. Sherman T. Potter, my M.A.S.H. 4077th trivia is a little rusty. You can use Google for that.

I know I will.

I'm afraid that 'ol ddd just went a little over the top there. That's nut house stuff. If not electric chair stuff.

u.o- I looked on several MASH websites, one said Col. Potter was 'named' for Gen. Sherman, but did not specifcally mention his middle name.

*gay bear... never mind (bleahhh)*

tnx 'niac - I never got to looking ... late nite-early a.m.

Oh, so everyone is aware...I am in fact a man, despite several comments made in high school.
Just wanted to clear up that confusion.

BTW, the question is "What the teacher asks her pet as he's about to answer the problem on the blackboard." :D


[off topic]...gottschalk? i had a tech teacher named gottschalk two years ago, i think he had ason named chris...
or i could just be deluding myself.
either way, its not a common last name and it *is* a small world.[/offtopic]

"gay bear scat?" I don't even want to know how they determine how the bear is gay. Gah, someone wash my brain.

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