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January 29, 2005


These jumbo flying monster mollusks are leaving reel parts all over the freaking deck.

UPDATE: Apparently, this is a registration site. For those of you who do not wish to bother registering: This is a story concerning some jumbo flying monster mollusks that are causing reel parts to be strewn all over the freakling deck. We hope this clears everything up.

UPDATE UPDATE: OK, apparently this is not a registration site. We're going back to bed.


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Well, I did learn something from this article, so that's something.

I always thought "mollusk" referred to all shellfish. I checked the dictionary and discovered it refers to all invertebrates suchj as snails, clams and squid.

I've been awake for an hour and I've already learned something.

It's time for a nap.

What part of the boat is the "freakling deck"? I know the quarter deck, the poop deck, the poker deck, but never heard of this one.

*learning over, time for silliness*


Tonight's special is Calamari Chaos. Our chef "Rockcod" Rick Maxa, at his personal peril, has hooked tonight's selection of a giant flying squid, then prepared it himself. The calamari has been lightly slapped with flour, pan fried in garlic butter and presented on a bed of flash-fried spinach dusted with asiago cheese. It is served with new potatoes in their jackets and toast points."

I didn't have to register.

well, if sly didn't have to register, then I shouldn't have to either, because I emulate sly in all her wonderfulness! So I'll check it out!

This is my newspaper - yay!

This is the first time I've seen our paper on the blog - I feel like the homecoming queen! (Well, sort of)

The recipe on the right of the page is interesting - there's a restaurant here in town that serve "Calamari Relleno", wwhich is what that sounds like - very delicious!

*goes to check horoscope to see if other good things will happen today*

Good morning Dave! We're so glad you're still blogging!!! !! !!

"Yes, Dave, Good Morning! Glad you're (not your) feeling better. Must have been those "Carter's Little Liver Pills" that did the trick! They're good for what ails, ya. If you've had a discouraging 'fishing trip' the night before and your squid wasn't as big as Bubba's 200 pounder, don't be discouraged, just take another "Carter's Little Liver Pill and go back to bed! For heaven's Sake!
Your friend,m

I'm sure the peeps of La Jolla are thrilled to see free appetizers washing up on their beaches... They can tell their chefs to fry'em up for din-din.

And served with a nice 'dipping' sauce. Recipe for cock-tail sauce for seafood.
1 cup tomato catsup
1 tablespoon worchestershire sauce
juice from 1/2 squeezed lemon
1 teaspoon fresh horseraddish(from the refrig.)
shot of Tabasco sauce
Julia 'Childless' Doggette
PS; 'Served with a good bottle of 'chilled' Napa Valley White Wine

1/2 squeezed lemon

Correction, please:
The other half of that lemon is not, repeat, NOT squeezed, but cut in attractive 'slices' and served with the fried Calamari.


For the record, "The Jumbo Flying Monster Mollusks", "Bret The Brit and The Jumbo Squid", and "Rick Max and the Rockcod" WABGNFARB.


"At times, if we get into a wide-open bite like last night, you're all going to be yelling, 'gaff, gaff, gaff' at the same time and sounding like a herd of lambs."

...or a herd of morons.



and Eleanor "Calamari Relleno" is stuffed squid in case you did not know...

76? 76?!
That sounds like approximately the correct number of sliphorns in a marching band, but waaaaayyyy too many fishing lines in one boat, I don't care how large a watercraft it might be ...

A recipe for trouble (with a Capital "T", and that rhymes with "Sea" and that stands for ... ocean?) ...

When one of those $20 lures hooks someone in the eyebones, it'll be a gaffe of a different color ...

Yo hablo poquito espanol, julietine :-)

Como esta???

El piso es mojado - no, es seco!!!

I read the article, waiting with baited (har) breath for the "freaking deck" quote, only to find Dave had made it up and I needn't have followed the link.

I think I also may have wasted the pee.

The day is blown. I'm going to bed.

key quote for me In October, a salmon fisherman off Vancouver Island hooked something that was described as a "purple-bodied cephalopod with two eyes, eight sucker-covered arms and two curly tentacles and was 6 feet long and weighed 44 pounds." That would be a Dosidicus gigas, or jumbo flying squid, a close relative of the neon flying squid but bigger and badder and slightly less tasty.

I I found a "purple-bodied cephalopod with two eyes, eight sucker-covered arms and two curly tentacles and was 6 feet long and weighed 44 pounds", I wouldn't eat it... I would blast it into smithereens (or possibly smaller particles) with the largest machine gun I could find.

But that's just me


I can see that your Spanish is basically "Housekeeper Spanish" not that there's anything wrong with that..or is there?...Just kidding....

julietine - talvez que usted dice es verdad, pero yo fui a la universidad y estudio espanol for tres anos - muchos anos pasado!

El cuarto del bano is muy limpia :-)

I know I've told this story before, but what the heck.

In high school, I used to translate in a hospital where the clientele was mostly Spanish-speaking as part of a volunteer program.

As I found out the hard way, many medical words in Spanish sound like DIFFERENT words in English.

For instance constipado means "Stuffy nose" instead of...well, you can guess.

Let's just say that there was one unfortunate gentleman who almost received a laxative instead of benadryl and that the Spanish speaking nurse I was shadowing laughed so hard she had to leave the room.

What is with Dave & the squid stories? Was he frightened by a Monster Mollusk when he was a child, or what?


What a cool nickname.

I wanna cool nickname like that............

I know....I'll start going by Boulderguppy.........

Sounds cool doesn't it?

Jumbo flying squid? A whole...um, grouping of jumbo flying squid? What do you call a group of flying squid? Are they a school or a flock?

Wasn't this a really bad Japanese horror movie in the 70s?

Elle--My fav is "embarazado" (not quite sure on the spelling any more). It sounds like "embarrassed," but means "pregnant."

Or, there's always "huevos," (pronounced kinda like "way-vohs,") meaning "eggs" which, when misspoken as "guevas" (like "hway-vahs,") can leave a native speaker rolling on the floor in laughter. (It means "balls.") There's one guy from my old high school who will never make that mistake again!

Graz...I mean Boulderguppy...I like it! (frantically searching for a "find your monster mollusk fisherman nickname" website). By frantically searching I mean I thought about searching but decided it was too much trouble.

Elle - you got to watch out for them Spanish-speaking folks.

leche' means milk

bella means beautiful

sierra means mountain.

It's like those Spanish-speaking folks have a different word for everything! (my apologies to Steve Martin).

And certainly, Flying Monster Mollusks wbagnfarb.

Or has mentioning such things fallen out of fashion now that Dave isn't doing any serious writing anymore?

SchadeBoy, since when is the blog not serious writing??

... oh.

[Emily Litella] Never mind. [/Emily Litella]


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